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NARRATOR:  It was a hot day in Baghdad.  Some slaves, after a hard day work, were resting under a tree.  Sinbad, the carrier, who was very poor, was not happy with his lifestyle.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  Oh Allah,  creator of all things on this earth, I feel sorry for myself!.  I suffer a lot.  I work too much and I can hardly support my family, while in those palaces people throw money away.  They spend it on elegant clothes and fancy food.  Oh Allah, I am so miserable!.



NARRATOR:  The owner of one of the palaces heard his complains, so he called one of his servants.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  Do you see that man sitting under the tree?.



SERVANT:  Yes, master.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  Tell him that I want to talk to him.



SERVANT:  Yes, master.



NARRATOR:  The servant went to where Sinbad The Carrier was and said.



SERVANT:  Come with me.  My master, Sinbad The Sailor, wants to talk to you.



SYNBAD THE CARRIER:  Did you say Sinbad?.  My name is Synbad!.



SERVANT:  Strange coincidence.  But, come with me, he´s waiting for you.



SYNBAD THE CARRIER:  Let´s not making him wait, then.



NARRATOR:  Both went to the palace.  When he entered,  Synbad  The Sailor said.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  Come in, come in.  Don´t be afraid.  What were you saying a few minutes ago?.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  Oh I am sorry, good man, if I have offended you.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:   Don´t worry, but what you said is not exactly true.  I worked hard to get  everything you see in this room!.  I have  made a lot of mistakes.  My life hasn´t been easy, as you might think!.  I am going to tell you one of my adventures, then you will understand and appreciate how much peace is worth in your condition.  Sit down, please.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  Very well, tell me your story.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  I traveled a lot, but today I am going to tell you my adventures at sea.  There was a great storm, and the captain and the sailors couldn´t do anything with the ship, the wind was terrible, and the waves looked like huge mountains.  The sea looked furious!.  Only Allah could save us.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  What did you do?.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  I can still hear the words of those sailors saying… to the boats!.  To the boats!.  We are sinking!.



SINBAD THE CARRIER: Oh!.  And what happened to the ship?.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  The boat sank, and I remained all alone in the middle of the sea, attached to a tree log.  I thought I was going to die, when suddenly I saw land.






SINBAD THE SAILOR:   Yes land!.  It was an island full of enormous palm trees.  The sea waves took me to the island, until I finally touched the white sand.  I was so tired that I fell asleep.  Then someone woke me up.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  So you were not alone in the Island.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  No, there was an old man who woke me up.  I thought I was dreaming.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  And what did the old man say?.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  He was a sailor, and his boat was leaving the island. So I went into the ship again.  But a few days later there was a terrible storm, the ship was destroyed, and once again I found myself in the middle of the ocean.  Then I saw a huge rock, and I can`t remember how many hours I stayed there, and when I thought I was going to die, a huge eagle came down from the sky, he picked me up, and we flew for hours and hours.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  Oh!. I can`t believe it!.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  Then the eagle let me down.  I fell over some straw!.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  How lucky you were!.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  I saw a big treasure chest full of gold and diamonds.  I walked for a while, and then I found an abandoned boat.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  And what did you do with the treasure?.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  I put the treasure chest in the boat, and started rowing.  I was not only alive, but I was extremely rich!.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  Where did you go from there?.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  I arrived to Baghdad.  I bought beautiful clothes, jewelry, and the best food.  I had everything!.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  You even had soup everyday?.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  Ha, ha, ha, ha I had everything!.  Everything except a way for not getting bored.  That`s why one day I went into another adventure at sea.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  What is an adventure?.



SINBAD THE SAILOR: It`s hard to explain, but one night when there was no moon and no stars, in total darkness, a dragon appeared!.  And when everything was on fire, I threw myself to the water. Luckily there was a storm, thunder scared the dragon, and rain turned off the fire



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  And what happened next?.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  I don`t know exactly what happened next, but I ended up in an island surrounded by people carrying spears and knives.  They took me to a forest where there was a huge giant with only one eye.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  Was he going to eat you?.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  I thought he was!.  But when he opened his mouth to gobble me, he sneezed so hard, that we all flew through the air.  Then I fell into a river.  I swam for miles and miles, then I got to a beach and I fell asleep.  When I woke up…



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  What happened when you woke up?.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  I was captured by pirates, and then I was sold as a slave to an African merchant.






SINBAD THE SAILOR:  His passion was hunting elephants.  One day he sent me to hunt elephants.  So I climbed on a tree, but when an elephant saw me he began to uproot the tree on which I was sitting.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  What did you do?.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  I fell to the ground, and the elephant quickly picked me up and seated me on his back.  After many hours of traveling we reached to a place where there was the most beautiful ivory.






SINBAD THE SAILOR:  Then I returned to my master and told him of my discovery.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  Was he grateful?.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  Oh yes, he was!.  He collected the treasure, and in gratitude he set me free and sent me home with many valuable gifts.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  Did you go into another adventure?.



SINBAD THE SAILOR: Oh no!  I stayed here in Baghdad.  As you can see I have gone through many adventures.  I am rich,  but I also have suffered.  Now tell me, Sinbad The Carrier, would you like to stay here with me.



SINBAD THE CARRIER:  I would be happy to live here in your palace.



SINBAD THE SAILOR:  Now, you will never have to carry heavy loads.






Author:  Traditional Arabic Story



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



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