The Wishing Flower

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 Queen Rose is in the flower garden

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YELLOW FLOWER:  What a beautiful day!.  The sky is blue and the sun shines brightly.   The birds sing in the trees , and I want  to sing and dance all day long. Oh, how I wish this day would last forever.




GARDENIA:  Are you in love?.




YELLOW FLOWER:  Yes, I love life!.




GARDENIA:  And you love the sun, too.




YELLOW FLOWER: (sad)  He’s so far away from me.  He doesn’t even know I exist, but I can feel his warmth.  Please, don’t tell anybody. 




GARDENIA: No, I won’t.




DAHLIA:  (clapping to get their attention)  Dear sisters, come here, I want to tell you something really important.




TULIP AND DAISY:  What is it?. 




DALHIA:  I’ve been thinking  that it’s time we have our queen.  The queen of all the fowers!.




VIOLET:  Yes!.  The ants have their queen.




TULIP:  The bees also have their queen!.




DAISY:  If they have their queen, we should have ours.




ORCHID:  Even the lion is the king of the jungle!.




VIOLET:   But…why would we want a queen, Dahlia?.




DAHLIA:  Have you noticed that among us there is the most beautiful, kind, and sweet flower, and the only one who can grant wishes?.








GARDENIA:  You’re talking about Red Rose!.




YELLOW FLOWER:  She is very nice.  Oh, I would be very happy is she could grant me a wish!.




VIOLET:  She is so soft and her petals are so delicate.




RED ROSE:  Sisters, please, you make me blush with all your wonderful compliments.




DALHIA:  They are not compliments, we’re telling you the truth.




DAISY:  (to Red Rose)  Do you want to be our queen?.




RED ROSE: Yes, I do, if that’s what you wish.




DAHLIA:  (hugging Red Rose) Thank you!. 




ORCHID:  We have to prepare the coronation party.  Let’s get out of here!.




(All the flowers leave the stage)








(Red Rose is in the center of the stage sitting on her throne.  She is wearing a crown, and has a wand in her right hand.  All the flowers are seated in front of her)




RED ROSE:  Each one of you come and tell me you wish, and I will grant it for you.




(Dahlia stands in front of the Red Rose)




DAHLIA: Your majesty, I want to be a very elegant and classy flower.




RED ROSE:  (touching Dalia’s head with her wand) With love, I grant you your wish.




(Dahlia bows and goes back to her seat.  Tulip stands in front of the Red Rose)




TULIP:  My queen, I want to be of a very bright color.




RED ROSE:  (touching Tulip’s head with her wand) Of a very bright color you will be.




(Tulip bows and goes back to her seat.  Daisy stands in front of the Red Rose)




DAISY:  Oh, queen of the flowers, I want to be very pretty.  




RED ROSE:  (touching Daisy’s head with her wand) Your beauty is unique.




(Daisy bows and goes back to her seat.  Violet stands in front of the Red Rose)




VIOLET:  Beautiful queen, I want everybody to fall in love with me.




RED ROSE:  (touching Violet’s head with her wand) Everybody will be crazy about you.




(Violet bows and goes back to her seat.  Orchid stands in front of the Red Rose)




ORCHID:  Your majesty, I want to be always happy.




RED ROSE:  (touching Orchid’s head with her wand) Your happines will last forever.




(Orchid bows and goes back to her seat.  Gardenia stands in front of the Red Rose)




GARDENIA:  My sweet lady, I want to have a beautiful, heavenly smell, like a bright spring day.




RED ROSE:  (touching Gardenia’s head with her wand) From now on, you’ll smell divine.




(Gardenia bows and goes back to her seat.  Yellow Flower stands in front of the Red Rose)




YELLOW FLOWER: Dear Red Rose, I want to be a very, very, tall flower.




RED ROSE:  (touching Yellow Flower’s head with her wand) Your wish is my command.




(Yellow Flower bows and goes back to her seat.  All the flower stand)




ALL THE FLOWERS:  Thank you!.  You are the kindest, dearest queen in the entire world!.




RED ROSE:  And now let’s get dancing!.  We have a lot to be happy and grateful for!.




ALL THE FLOWERS:  Hail to the queen!.




(All the flowers sing and dance)








(Yellow Flower is in the center of the stage)




YELLOW FLOWER:  I feel so sad.




SUN:  Why?.




YELLOW FLOWER:  (looks around) Who’s talking to me?.




SUN:  It’s me, the sun.  Tell me why you are sad.




YELLOW FLOWER: (looking up) I have grown so much that I can’t keep myself straight, and that makes me feel tired.  Can you help me stand straight?. 




SUN:  How come you can’t stand straight?.




YELLOW FLOWER:  One day our queen granted me a wish.  I asked her to be the tallest flower, but I never thought I could not stand straight just like the other flowers. 




SUN: I think you learned your lesson. Sometimes we ask for wishes without thinking of the consequences. The only thing that I can do, is make you strong when I shine high in the sky. My sunshine will keep you straight.




YELLOW FLOWER:  Oh, thank you dear Sun!.  I will always follow you. Wherever you go, I will go.




SUN:  And everybody will call you Sunflower!.








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