The Seed

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a king, who had only one daughter. One day he said.



KING: When are you going to get married?.



PRINCESS: I don`t know father.



KING: Is there someone special you like?.



PRINCESS: No, father. But I really would like to marry someone kind and honest.



KING: Leave that to me.



PRINCESS: Do you have something in mind?.



KING: Yes, you just wait.



PRINCESS: Very well, father.



NARRATOR: Next day the king decided to hold a competition between every young man in the kingdom. Messengers were sent out to all the far reaches of the kingdom proclaiming the news. Finally, one day they were all gathered in the palace.



KING: In my hand I hold a bag of beautiful flower seeds. I will give one of these seeds to each one of you. Once you have one of these seeds you must take it away and care for it for the next six months. Then you should bring the full grown flower back to me.



YOUNG MAN 1: What for?.



YOUNG MAN 2: What will we get?.



KING: The person that brings to me the most beautiful flower, will marry my precious daughter.






YOUNG MAN 4: You can count on me!.



YOUNG MAN 5: I will bring the most beautiful flower you have ever seen!.



YOUNG MAN 6: Don`t be so sure of that!.



KING: Silence!. Just remember, I`ll be here in six months. You can go now.



NARRATOR: They all went home. During the next six months the princess waited patiently for that day to come. Finally the palace gates were opened, and the young men entered to see the king. Each one of them was carrying a flower in a pot.



KING: Please, get in line, and I will take a look at your pot.



NARRATOR: The king took a look at each pot.



YOUNG MAN 1: Look your majesty!. Mine is the most beautiful!.



KING: Sure, it is.



YOUNG MAN 2: Please, smell this flower!.



KING: It surely smells nice.



YOUNG MAN 3: Watch mine.  Isn`t it exotic?.



KING: If you say so.



NARRATOR: Suddenly the king noticed a young man who was carrying an empty pot. He approached him and put his hand on the young man`s shoulder.



KING: What is your name, young man?.



DANIEL: My name is Daniel, your majesty.



KING: Why do you look so sad?.  Aren`t you happy to be here, just like the others?.



DANIEL: Oh, yes I am, your majest.  It’s just that the seed you gave me didn`t grow.



YOUNG MEN: Ha, ha, ha, ha.



YOUNG MAN 4: Ha, ha, ha, ha.  He brought an empty pot!.



KING: Don`t feel ashamed, please, Daniel.



DANIEL: I really took good care of the seed you gave me, your majesty. I did everything I could.  More sun, less sun, more water, letting the pot dry out. Nothing worked!. I am sorry, but I have nothing to show you, but a pot full of dirt.  I have no hope of marrying the princess.



KING: Look!. My daughter is here.



PRINCESS: Father, have you reached a decision?.



KING: Yes. Everybody listen!. This man you see here by my side, will marry my daughter.



YOUNG MAN 4: But look at his pot!. There is nothing there!.



KING: I don’t know where you got the flowers from, but it wasn’t from me!.



YOUNG MAN 5: What do you mean?.



KING: I mean that those seeds were dead!. I gave all of you boiled seeds that would not grow. All of you, except Daniel, have brought beautiful flowers. When you found out that the seed would not grow, all of you substituted another seed for the one I gave you. Daniel was the only one with the courage and honesty to bring me a pot with my seed in it. Therefore, he will marry my daughter!



PRINCESS: Daniel, you are sincere and honest, and those are the qualities my husband and a good king should have. I will be happy to marry you.






Author: Popular Folktale



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



Moral: If you plant honesty, you will reap trust.



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