Shimmering Corn Kernels

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Image of chickens or hens eating diamonds near a river

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(Thief 1 and 2 enter the stage running.  Thief 1 has a small bag with diamonds.  They sit under a tree)


THIEF 1:  I’m glad we could escape from the police!.


THIEF 2:  I though we were not going to make it!. 


THIEF 1:  We planned this robbery for a long time, and everything went out perfectly!.


THIEF 2:  We are rich!.  Open the bag to see the diamonds.


(Thief 1 opens the bag and puts the diamonds in his hand)


THIEF 1:  Look how they sparkle!


THIEF 2:  (touches the diamonds)  They are so beautiful!.


THIEF 1: (puts the diamonds inside the bag and leaves it on the floor)  With the money we get for the diamonds we will live comfortably for the rest of our lives.


THIEF 2:  What plans do you have?.


THIEF 1: I’ll go live near the beach.  What about you?.


THIEF 2:  I’ll travel around the world.  I’ll buy a mansión, wear designer clothes, and I’ll buy luxury cars.


THIEF 1:  Money won’t last forever, you know.


THIEF 2:  I don’t care.  I’ll enjoy life while it lasts!.


THIEF 1: It’s your money, anyway.  (looks at the river) It’s too hot, let’s go swimming.  


(They stand, walk to the river, and get into the water.  While they are swimming, Rooster 1 and 2, and Hen 1 and 2, enter the stage and start looking for food on the ground)


ROOSTER 1:  Cheer up friends, I know there must be food somewhere.


HEN 1:  I hope so!.


ROOSTER 2:  I don’t know why the farmer doesn’t feed us anymore.


HEN 2:  He doesn’t have any money to buy corn.


ROOSTER 1:  He’s stingy!.


HEN 2:  (approaches the bag with the diamonds) Here’s a bag, maybe it has some food inside.


(Rooster 1 and 2, and Hen 1 approach Hen 2)


ROOSTER 1: Open it.


HEN 2:  I can’t.


ROOSTER 2: Then give it to me.


(Hen 2 gives the bag to Rooster 2.  Rooster 2 tries to open it, but he can’t.  Thief 1 sees that Rooster 2 has the bag of diamonds)


THIEF 1:  (to Thief 2) Look, they have our diamonds!.


THIEF 2:  Let’s get out of the water!.  (to the Hens and Roosters)  Leave that bag on the ground!.  It’s ours!.


ROOSTER 1:  (to Rooster 2, and HEN 1 and 2) Let’s get out of here!.


HEN 1:  Run!. Run!.


HEN 2:  Oh my goodness!.


ROOSTER 2:  They are not going to get us!.


ROOSTER 1:  Come this way!.


(Rooster 1 and 2, and Hen 1 and 2 hide behind a tree.  Thief 1 and 2 stand near the tree)


THIEF 1:  They ran away!.


THIEF 2:  And they took our treasure!.


THIEF 1:  And our dreams!.


THIEF 2:  What are we going to do now?.


THIEF 1:   Let’s go get them!.


(Thief 1 and 2 leave the stage.  Rooster 1 and 2,and Hen 1 and 2 get out from behind the tree. Rooster 2 has the bag of diamonds)


ROOSTER 1:  I’m happy they left!.


HEN 2:  (to Rooster 2)  Open the bag.


(Rooster 2 leaves the bag on the floor and opens it with his beak)


ROOSTER 1:  Be careful!.  Something is coming out of it.


(Rooster 1, and Hens 1 and 2 approach Rooster 2 and see the diamonds on the floor)


HEN 1:  They are corn kernels!.


HEN 2: They have a strange color.


HEN 1:  They are so shining.  


ROOSTER 2:  Let’s eat them!.


(Rooster 1 and 2, and Hen 1 and 2 take a diamond)


ROOSTER 1:  It’s so hard!.


(The Farmer enters the stage)


FARMER:  What are you doing here?.  You found something to eat, right?.  (he approaches the Roosters and the Hens).  Go away!.  (he bends over and takes a diamond) What’s this?.  This are real diamonds and they are all mine!.  (he raises his arms and runs through the stage).  Ha, ha, ha, ha, I’m rich, I’m rich!. 


ROOSTER 2:  He said they were diamonds.


HEN 1:  What’s that?.


ROOSTER 1:  Stones.


HEN 1:  Then…it’s not corn?.


HEN 2: No!.


HEN 1:  We can not eat stones!.


HEN 2:  What are we going to do now?.


ROOSTER 1:  Let’s throw them to the river.


(Rooster 1 and 2, and HEN 1 and 2 take the diamonds.  They go to the river and throw them to the water.  The Farmer approaches them)


GRANJERO:  (yelling) No!.  What have you done?.   (crying he watches as the stones fall to the water)  Why?.  Why?. ( he sits on the floor and keeps crying)


ROOSTER 1: Let’s get out of here.


HEN 1:  The stones were very beautiful.


ROOSTER 2:  But we prefer corn.


HEN 2:  The stones were his treasure, but they are worthless to us.


(They leave)




Author: K I D S I N C O


Moral:  Something that one person considers worthless, may be considered valuable by someone else.


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