The Hens

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a farm full of hens.  Some were fat, and some were skinny.  The fat hens were always making fun of the skinny hens.



FAT HEN 1: Cluck, cluck … Ha, ha, ha, ha … look at those skinny hens!. Cluck, cluck .



FAT HEN 2: They don’t have food to eat!.  Cluck, cluck Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.  They look sick and so pale!.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, cluck, cluck.



FAT HEN 1: I’m giving a party tonight in my hen house, and you are invited!.



FAT HEN 2: Just don’t invite those skinny, little, ugly hens!.



FAT HEN 1: Of course not!.  I’m not inviting them.  The party is just for us, fine and healthy hens!.



FAT HEN 1 AND 2: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, cluck, cluck.



NARRATOR: But the Cooks of the farm had another plan.



COOK 1: How many hens do you have for the soup?.



COOK 2: How many do you need?.



COOK 1: I need only two.  But I need them FAT!



COOK 2: Let me get them.



COOK 1: Hurry up!.   The water is boiling already.



NARRATOR: The cook left the kitchen and went looking for the hens to the hen house.



SKINNY HEN 1: What are you going to do tonight?.



SKINNY HEN 2: Nothing.   Did you know that there’s a party going on right now and we were not invited?.



SKINNY HEN 1: Why do you think so?.



SKINNY HEN 2: Maybe it’s because of the way we look, you know, skinny.



NARRATOR:  Meanwhile, at the party, the two fat hens were having a lot of fun.



FAT HEN 1: La, la, la, la, tra, la, tra, la, tra, la, cluck, cluck.



FAT HEN 2: I love that song!.



NARRATOR: Suddenly the cook entered, and pointed at the two hens.



COOK: You and you beautiful hens, come over here!.



FAT HEN 1 AND 2: Oh, no!.



FAT HEN 1: I wish I were skinny!.



FAT HEN 2: Me too!.






 Author:  Aesop Fable



 Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



 Moral:  Don’t despise the weak and insignificant, maybe they are luckier than us. Don’t tease anyone.


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