Larry and the Trees

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Larry – (little boy)




Big Tree 1

Big Tree 2

Big Tree 3

Small Tree 1

Small Tree 2

Small Tree 3







(Setting:  In the kitchen in a hut in the forest.  Mother is cooking.  Grandmother is setting the table.  Aunt is washing the dishes.  Larry enters)


Larry: Mother, please tell me a story!


Mother: No, I’m busy… don’t you see that I’m cooking!


Larry: Grandma, please tell me a story!


Grandmother: No, I’m busy… don’t you see that I’m setting the table!


Larry: Auntie, please tell me a story!


Aunt: No, I’m busy… don’t you see that I’m washing the dishes?!


(Larry cries)


Larry: Oh, I’m sad… you don’t love me.


(Larry leaves.  He goes to the forest.  He sees three small trees with a few leaves)


Larry: Poor, little trees.


Small Trees 1, 2, 3: Who are you?


Larry: I’m Larry…why are you so dry?


Small Tree 1: Because our brothers won’t let us see the sunlight.


Larry: Your brothers?  Where are they?


Small Tree 2: Over there… just behind us.


(Larry looks at the three big trees standing behind the tree small trees.  The sun is behind the three big trees)


Larry: Are those big trees… your brothers?


Small Tree 3: Yes, they are.


Larry: Tell me your story… I want to hear it!


Small Tree 3: We are the youngest trees in the forest.  We heard that the sun was beautiful, but our big brothers are so tall… that we can not see it.


Larry: You don’t know how the sun looks like?


Small Trees 1, 2, 3: No, we don’t.   Do you?


Larry: Yes, of course.


Small Tree 1: Tell us about it.


Small Tree 2: Yes, please.


Small Tree 3: Do you see it every day?


Larry: Yes!  The sun is bright and warm.


Small Tree 1, 2, 3: We want to see the sun!


Big Trees 1, 2, 3: Forget it…the sun is ours.  We are bigger and prettier than you.  You should be ashamed of yourselves… you should be hiding!


Small Tree 1: Let us see the sun!


Small Tree 2: We don’t have leaves!


Small Tree 3: We will not survive!


Larry: Is this a fairy tale, or a real story?


Big Trees 1, 2, 3: This is real, little boy!


(A few leaves from the small trees fall to the ground)


Larry: Please, don’t cry.


Small Tree 1: What can you do to help us?


(Larry thinks)


Larry: I have an idea!  I know what to do!


(Larry kneels down, digs a hole, takes out each tree, and places them behind the three big trees)


Small Trees 1, 2, 3: Now what?


Sun: Oh, poor little trees… you’re so dry…  but don’t worry, I will make you beautiful!


Small Tree 2: We are so thirsty… we also need some water.


Cloud: I will help you… my waterdrops will refresh you.


(The moon enters.  He stands in the middle of the room)


Moon: It’s time to go to sleep.


Larry: Oh, I have to go home… it’s getting dark!


Small Trees 1, 2, 3: Thank you, Larry!


Larry: Good-bye, and thank you for telling me your story.

(Larry leaves )


The End


Author:  Folktale from Switzerland


Adapted by K I D S I N C O


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