The Stolen Suitcase

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   MAN 1

   MAN 2


   ACT 1


   (Man 1 walks in the middle of a road carrying a suitcase)



MAN 1:  It’s so hot!.  I’ll sit just for a while under one of those trees before I continue my journey to the next village.


(He sits under a tree, and leaves the suitcase on the floor.  Man 2 enters the stage, sees Man 1 and approaches him)


MAN 2:  Good afternoon!.


MAN 1:  Hello.


MAN 2:  May I sit for a moment?. I’m really tired!.


MAN 1:  Of course.


MAN 2:  Thank you (sits). Where are you heading?.


MAN 1:  To the next village to look for a job.


MAN 2:  These are hard times!.


MAN 1:  I know.  I worked on a farm for many years, but the owner told me I was too old, and he fired me.


MAN 2:  I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you find a job soon. (Looks at the suitcase) What do you have in that suitcase?.


MAN 1: Everything I own in this wide world is inside this miserable, old, wretched suitcase


MAN 2:  Too bad!.  (Stands rapidly, takes the suitcase and leaves the stage running)


MAN 1: (Stands) What are you doing?.  Wait!.  (Sits and cries) Why is this happening to me?.  He took everything I had.  Now I’m poorer that ever!  (Stands and leaves the stage).





(Man 2 enters the stage carrying the suitcase.  He leaves it in the middle of the road, then he hides behind a tree.  Man 1 enters the stage walking slowly, and he sees the suitcase)



MAN 1:  (Shouting) My suitcase!.  My suitcase!  (takes the suitcase and hugs it). I thought I’d lost you!.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.  I’m so happy to have you back!.  


MAN 2:  (Gets out from behind the tree) Well, that’s one way to make someone happy!.


MAN 1:  (Hugs Man 2) Thank you!.  I’ve learned to appreciate and be grateful for what I have.


MAN 2:  Then stop counting your losses and start counting your blessings.  Now, let’s go to the village. I’m sure your luck will change and you’ll find a good job!.


(They leave the stage)




AUTHOR: A Sufi Story from the Middle East






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