Why The Sun And The Moon Live In The Sky

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(The Sun sits beside the riverbank)


WATER: Today is a wonderful day!.


SUN: Oh, yes, it is!.  I’ll feed the birds, and you’ll  give them water to drink.


(The Sun gives sunflower seeds to the birds, and the water gives them water to drink)


WATER: Hey, why don’t you come tomorrow to my house?.  I’ll bake a delicious seaweed pie.  I know how much you like it!.


SUN: Sure, why not?.


WATER: Great!.


SUN: Instead of me coming to your house, why don’t you come to mine?.  My wife, the moon, will bake the cake!.


WATER: Well, I have a lot of things to do in the morning,  and then in the afternoon I…


(The Sun interrupts the water)


SUN: You never come to my house.   You always have an excuse for not coming.  I really want to know why you never visit me.


WATER: It’s not that I don’t want to come to your house, it’s because as I told you before, I have things to do, and it’s easier for me to…



(The Sun interrupts the water)


SUN: Excuses!.


WATER: OK.  Do you really want to know the truth?.


SUN: Yes!.


WATER: It’s because your house is too small, well, I mean it is not big enough.


SUN: It’s only you, my wife, and I.  Come on, three people can fit perfectly in my house.


WATER: Try to understand.  All my people are coming with me,  then we will drive you out of your home.  So, for the last time; if you want me to come to your house, then you will have to build a larger house.


SUN: How big?.


WATER: Big enough.  My people are numerous and they need a lot of room.


SUN: Very well. I’ll build a very large house.


WATER: Are you sure you want to do this?.


SUN: Yes, I do.  I promise that I will build a larger house so that you and all your people can come visit me.


WATER: Great!.


SUN: What time is it?.


WATER: It’s almost six.


SUN: Almost six!.  Oh no, my wife must be waiting for me!.   I have to go.  See you.



(The Sun leaves the stage)




(The Sun enters his house.  The Moon is waiting for him)


SUN: Sorry I’m late.


MOON: How was your day at the river?.


SUN: Just fine.  Listen, the water and all his people are coming to our house.


MOON: Really?.  When?.


SUN: As soon as I build a larger house.


MOON: What?.  We don’t need a larger house.  This house is fine for the two of us.


SUN: I know sweety, but I promised it to the water.  Besides, one day or another I would have to build a larger house, so the sooner, the better.


MOON: Whatever you say.


SUN: I knew you would understand, so I’ll start tomorrow morning.


MOON: Fine.  Would you like to come with me to the supermarket?.


SUN: Sure, let’s go.


(The Moon and the Sun leave the stage)




(At the riverbank.  The Sun calls Water on the phone)


WATER: Hello.


SUN: Water, I have wonderful news.  Our house is ready, you can come anytime, and don’t forget to bring your people.


WATER: Good, we will be there this afternoon.


SUN: I’ll be waiting for you.  Bye.


WATER: See you.




(Water arrives at the Sun’s house)


SUN: Welcome!.


WATER: Do you think it would be safe for me to come in?.


SUN: Yes, my friend, come in!.


(Water begins to flow followed by fish,whales and sharks..  The house is flooded in Water)


WATER: Do you think it is still safe for me and my people to keep coming into your house?.


SUN: Yes.


(More Water, dolphins, jellyfish and octopus flow into the house.  The Water is at the level of a man’s head)


WATER: Do you want more of my people to come?.




(More Water, crabs, turtles, and shrimps come in)


MOON: Water is now on top of the roof!.  Do something, Sun!.


SUN: We have no other place, but the sky.  Give me your hand!.


(The Moon gives her hand to the Sun and they go up to the sky.  Water looks sad)


WATER: I’m sorry my friends.  I didn’t mean to send you up  to the sky.


MOON: We’re sorry too.  We lost our home.


SUN: Don’t worry Water, we will always watch over you.


WATER: And I will always see you in the sky.




Author:  Unknown Folktale


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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