The Wolf and the Goats

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Act 1 – At a High Cliff


(Goat 1 and 2 are climbing a cliff)


GOAT 1:  I’m very tired sister.


GOAT 2:  The road has been long and hard, but we’re almost there.


GOAT 1:  I want to eat something. 


GOAT 2:  Me too.  I’m really hungry and thirsty!.  


GOAT 1:  At least we got to the top of the Cliff!.


(Goat 1 and 2 run and start eating)


GOAT 2:  The grass is absolutely delicious!.


GOAT 1:  The tree leaves are crunchy and tasty.


GOAT 2:  Now that I think about it…all this grass is just for the two of us!.


(The Wolf enters the stage and sees the goats)


WOLF:  Mmmm, those goats look so yummy.  I really want them to be my dinner!.  It’s so bad I can’t get to the top of the cliff.  Mi legs hurt and I’m too old to walk great distances.  I’ll try to convince them to come down.


GOAT 1:  (looking at the Wolf)  Did you see who’s down there?


GOAT 2:  Poor wolf, he never gives up.


GOAT 1:  Look at his hungry face!.


GOAT 1 AND 2:  Ha, ha, ha, ha.


WOLF:  Dear friends, you look cheerful up there, aren’t you afraid of falling off the cliff?.  Come down before you injure yourselves!.


GOAT 1 Y 2:  No!.  Don’t worry about us.


WOLF:  Why don’t you come down and eat here with me?.


GOAT 1 Y 2:  No!.  Here we have a lot of food.


WOLF:  The wind is blowing hard over there.  Aren’t you cold?.  You would be warmer eating down here beside me.


GOAT 1 AND 2:  No!.  We’re fine, thanks.


WOLF:  The grass tastes better down here.  Besides, it’s greener and thicker.  Don’t you want to eat here with me so that you’re not all alone?.


GOAT 1:  No!.  Here the grass tastes really good.


GOAT 2:  Dear wolf, are you sure that it’s our dinner you’re worrying about and not your own?.


WOLF:  Bah, forget it!.  I couldn’t trick them.  Those goats are smarter than I thought. 


(The Wolf leaves the stage)




Author: Aesop Fable


Adapted by:  K I D S I N C O


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