The Boy in Black

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(There’s a storm and thunder.  Kathy and Liz are watching T.V. in the living room.  Rex is sleeping on the sofa)


KATHY: I’m scared.


LIZ: Me too.  I don’t like storms.


KATHY: Why did mom and dad have to go to that dinner party?.


LIZ: I hope they come home soon. (There’s lightning.  She looks out the window) I have the feeling that someone is watching us.


KATHY: Come on Liz, don’t try to scare me.


LIZ: I’m not trying to scare you.  I can feel it.  (There is lightning.  She sees the Boys’s face through the window) Look over there outside the window, there’s a boy looking at us!.


KATY: A boy?.  In this weather!.


LIZ: You have to believe me!.  He was wearing a black suit!.


KATHY: Maybe it’s our neighbor, remember that his son died last week.  I’ll go open  the door.


LIZ: No, don’t open the door!.  It wasn’t our neighbor.  It was someone else. (Lightning strikes.  She sees the boy’s face once again. She points at the window) There he is!.   I saw him again and I don’t know who he is…or maybe…


KATHY:  Maybe what?.


LIZ: I think he reminds me of someone.


KATHY: (stands and goes to the window) Well I don’t see anybody.


(There’s lightning)


LIZ: Kathy.


KATHY: What, now!.


LIZ: He’s here!.


KATHY: What do you mean he’s here?.


LIZ: Here… with us.


KATHY: Where?.


(Kathy and Liz see the boy inside the room.  They scream)


KATHY AND LIZ: Ahhhhhhh!.  It’s our neighbor’s son!



KATHY:  And he’s dead!.


(Rex jumps from the sofa barking at the boy. Lightning strikes.  The phone rings.  Kathy answers)


KATHY: Help!.  Help us please!.


LIZ: Who is it?.   Give me the phone!.


KATHY: They hung up. (she hangs up the phone.  She and Liz look at the boy, but he is not in the room) Where is he?.  A minute ago he was over there!.


LIZ: I think it was only our imagination.


KATHY: Maybe you’re right.


(Kathy and Liz look at the dog.  The dog has the boy’s hand in his mouth)


KATHY AND LIZ:  (screaming) Ahhhhh!.


LIZ: Rex!.


KATHY: It wasn’t our imagination after all.  (screaming and running) Let’s get out of here!.



(They leave the stage yelling.  The dog follows them holding the boy’s hand in his mouth)




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