The Dusty Maid

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Korean Showtime

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©The Dusty Maid



An original script by the English Program of Sarakham Pittayakhom – Thailand

Based loosely on the tale of Cinderella. 

Written by Mr. Cliff Sloane



FOON (Dusty)

VANESSA (older sister)

LYNN (younger sister)

MAMA MANN (mother)







(opening scene. Mama Mann is lying on a couch watching TV while Foon is scrubbing the floor)


MAMA MANN: Dusty, I hear someone coming. Go see who it is.


FOON: Yes, ma’am.


(Foon gets up and we see that she has a bad leg, and walks with a limp. She opens the door and the sisters come in, chattering away)


LYNN: Dusty, carry my makeup case for me.


FOON:  Yes, Miss Lynn.


VANESSA: Mama, we bought you a gift.


MAMA MANN: Oh, did you?


LYNN:  Yes, Mama, a bag of nice Autumn Sonata candies.



(Lynn hands a bag of candies to Mama)


MAMA MANN: Oh, thank you, Lynn. But I just ate. One candy is enough for me.  (She takes one candy, unwraps it and eats it).  (to Vanessa)  Here, Vanessa, you can have the rest.


(She gives the bag to Vanessa. At the same time, Foon is trying to get a good look at the bag of candy)


LYNN:  Hey, Vanessa, check it out! Little Dusty here can’t stop looking at that candy.


(Foon starts to look shy. Vanessa looks at her cruelly)


VANESSA: Oh, would you like a piece of candy, Dusty?


FOON:  (very shyly) Yes, ma’am, if it’s all right with you.


VANESSA: (quickly closing the bag and putting it in her handbag) Sorry. They’re all gone.


LYNN:  (laughing out loud) Oh, Vanessa, you are just TOO MUCH! (She sits in a chair near Mama)


MAMA MANN: Vanessa, Lynn is right. Give the kid a piece of candy.


(Vanessa looks at Mama a bit angrily. Mama stands up, then Vanessa opens the bag and takes out a candy)


VANESSA: Here you are, little Dusty. (she tosses the candy to Foon, who misses and has to bend down to get it)


LYNN:  Oh, Mama, what about the audition? Did you get us a place?



(Foon sits on a stool and eats the candy, smiling)


VANESSA: That’s right, I almost forgot. It’s tomorrow, right? (She sits in another chair near Lynn)


MAMA MANN: I’m still waiting for a phone call. I have a good friend who worked for the same Korean television station. He said he could get us in for the audition, but he has not called yet.


VANESSA: Dusty, don’t you have something to do?


FOON:  Ma’am?


VANESSA: Are you finished with all your cleaning? Is the floor done yet?


FOON:  (shyly) Not yet, ma’am. (She gets up and resumes scrubbing where she was)


LYNN:  Do we know what time we have to be there, Mama?


MAMA MANN: Mister Kim will let me know tonight.


VANESSA: How should we dress, mama?


MAMA MANN: Oh, you have to look very professional! The winner will be a star on Korean TV!


LYNN:  Hear that, Vanessa? For once, you have to look beautiful. Can you handle it?


VANESSA: Oh, I can handle it just fine, Lynn. What will YOU do when they ask you to read? Do you remember how to read? Or did you forget it all at the beauty parlor?


MAMA MANN: Girls, girls! Stop behaving like children. Both of you, just do the best you can. It will be up to them (phone rings) after that. (answers mobile phone. The two sisters stare at her). Good evening…….Yes, speaking…Oh, yes, Mister Kim said you would be calling. (Both sisters get really excited) So it’s all set? (sisters jump up and high five) OK, where do we go? (Foon starts to listen very carefully) Yes, and what time?  Fine. Will you be there, too? Great, we’ll see you there! Good evening. (hangs up)


LYNN AND VANESSA: Yay! Great! Wow!


MAMA MANN: So get everything ready, girls. We have to leave right away in the morning.


FOON:  Ma’am, can I come along too? I have never seen a TV studio before.


MAMA MANN: (turns around slowly) Dusty, were you invited to come?


FOON:  No, ma’am, I was just hoping that…


MAMA MANN: (Walks over to her) Dusty, you are a maid, Get it?


FOON:  Yes, Ma’am.


MAMA MANN: If you don’t like being a maid, I can always send you back to your small Cambodian village in Surin. Would you want that?


FOON:  No, ma’am. I love being here with you, Ma’am, and with Miss Lynn and Miss Vanessa, too.




LYNN:  (quiet chuckling) Silly orphan girl


MAMA MANN: Then good night, Dusty. You can sleep in the kitchen.



(Mama and sisters walk off, Foon lies down at the front of the stage. She sits up and starts to cry quietly. Fairy Godmother walks onstage, comes up behind her and puts hands on her shoulders)


FAIRY GODMOTHER:  Oh, my sad child, what is it that brings these tears?


FOON:  Oh! Who are you? How did you get inside?


FAIRY GODMOTHER:  My dear, I have been watching over you since you were a baby. I knew your unhappy parents, and I knew about their terrible accident. I have been worried about you for a long time, my child.


FOON:  (crying a little louder) Then you know? You know about my loneliness? You know how much I suffer?


FAIRY GODMOTHER:  Yes, and I am here tonight to help you. My child, you have been so kind all your life, it is time for you to receive some kindness. How can I help you?


FOON:  (Thinks for a few seconds, then her face gets brighter) Do you know about that audition for the Korean television program?


FAIRY GODMOTHER:  Of course I do. I love Korean TV! I think Kim Hyun Joong is SOOO CUTE!


FOON: (puts her hands together) Oh, yeah!


FAIRY GODMOTHER: And did you watch Four Seasons last week?


FOON: (puts her hands on her cheeks) Oh, I cried so much!


FAIRY GODMOTHER:   Me, too! (They hug each other and cry loudly)



(Fairy Godmother steps back, brushes her clothes and clears her throat)


FAIRY GODMOTHER:   Ok, ok, enough crying. How can I help you?


FOON:  Then let me go top the audition! I want to go there, too!


FAIRY GODMOTHER:  Wait, wait. Not so fast. Can you speak Korean?


FOON:  uh, … No, I can’t.


FAIRY GODMOTHER:  OK, no problem. (sound of magic) There you go.


FOON:  OH! Kamsa hamnida! (hands on mouth). Oops, sorry, sorry. Thank you!


FAIRY GODMOTHER:  I’ll come back in the morning and take you there. But now, time for you to get some sleep! (Walks off)


FOON:  Goodnight, Fairy Godmother. (lies down)


(Mama and two sisters come onstage chatting away noisily. Vanessa is drinking from a paper cup and straw, mama has a coffee cup and Lynn is brushing her hair)


VANESSA: Oh, look at our Princess Lynn here. Are you ready, Princess?


LYNN:  Ha! At least I look beautiful, not like you!


VANESSA: At least I am not stupid!


MAMA MANN: Vanessa, enough! Both of you, behave yourselves! Act like young ladies, not angry dogs! Dusty, do you know what to do today?


FOON:  Yes, ma’am.


VANESSA: Did you finish cleaning the floor, kid?


FOON:  Yes, ma’am, last night.


VANESSA: (pours some of her drink on the floor) I think you missed a spot here.


MAMA MANN: (pushing them off stage) Don’t you have enough to do? Come on, let’s get going.


FAIRY GODMOTHER:  (from the opposite side) Yes, let’s get going!



(Foon runs offstage in the opposite direction)


BACKSTAGE VOICE: Welcome to the studios of SBS News TV. If you are here for an audition, please sit and your name will be called.


(Vanessa and Lynn sit in chairs and chat quietly. Foon walks onstage near them looking confused)


VANESSA: Oh, My God, do you see who just came in?


LYNN:  (gets phone and makes a call) Mama, we have a problem here. Guess who just walked in? (Television Secretary comes on holding a clipboard)Yes, it’s her. I think you should come here soon!


VANESSA: Dusty, what on earth are YOU doing here?


LYNN:  Dusty, shouldn’t you be at home cleaning? And how did you get here, anyway?


FOON:  Oh, I have my ways. Ha ha, ha ha.



(all during this time, sisters gossip quietly)


TELEVISION SECRETARY:  Excuse me, are you Miss Foon?


FOON:  Yes, I am.


TELEVISION SECRETARY:  But why are these ladies calling you Dusty?


FOON:  My real name is Foon. But in their language, it means dust. So they like to call me Dusty.


TELEVISION SECRETARY:  Well, Miss Foon, my name is Kolleen Park. (extends her hand to shake). I am pleased to meet you.


FOON:  (shaking her hand) Pleased to meet you too, Ms. Park.


TELEVISION SECRETARY:  You can follow me into the audition room. Ummm, you DO speak Korean, right?


FOON:  Annyong hashim nika (bowing slightly)


TELEVISION SECRETARY:  (smiling very happily) Oh, annyong ha seo.


VANESSA:  (quietly) Oh My God (then pulls Lynn’s arm, and they start walking. Television Secretary notices Foon’s bad leg)


TELEVISION SECRETARY:  Ummm, can you tell me about your leg?



(Lynn starts to laugh out loud)


FOON:  It happened when I was a child in our village. Is that a problem, Miss Park?


TELEVISION SECRETARY:  Oh, No, not at all! Our show is in a hospital, and we need people who underSTAND about suffering.



(They walk offstage. Lynn and Vanessa look seriously at each other. Mama comes on)


MAMA MANN: What’s going on? (Looking around) Where is she?


VANESSA: She went into the audition. Mama, did you know she speaks Korean?


MAMA MANN: Our Cambodian servant girl? No Way!


LYNN:  It’s true Mama. I heard it too.


VANESSA: Mama, what are we going to do? (Mama crosses her arms angrily)



(Foon comes out, walking happily and with a smile. She sees mama and waves)


FOON:  Good morning, Ma’am. And how are you this wonderful morning?


VANESSA: Dusty, you are in big trouble now!


FOON:  (laughs a little) Trouble, ma’am? I don’t think so.


BACKSTAGE VOICE: Miss Foon? Miss Foon, please have a seat in the waiting room.



(Foon sits down. Television Secretary comes out slowly)


LYNN:  Miss Foon? Miss Foon? Oh, come on, Dusty, when did YOU become a Miss?


TELEVISION SECRETARY:  (comes right to Foon) Miss Foon? (Foon stands up) Miss Foon, congratulations. You have won the audition.  Can you come with me? We have some contracts to sign.


LYNN:  (standing up) What? Dusty?


VANESSA: There must be a mistake. (stands up) You can’t be serious, Ma’am.


MAMA MANN: (walks up to Television Secretary) Miss, do you know who I am?


TELEVISION SECRETARY:  Yes, of course, Mrs. Mann. Everyone in this country knows about THE MANN family.


MAMA MANN: Then you will correct this mistake NOW! (Stomps her foot on the last word)


TELEVISION SECRETARY:  Ma’am, it was no mistake. Thank you for coming.


VANESSA: Did you hear my mother talking to you? Do you know what we can do?


TELEVISION SECRETARY:  Young lady, we had an open audition. Open and fair. The judges were clear. Miss Foon here was the best. It was no mistake.


VANESSA: I said, do you know…


TELEVISION SECRETARY: (quickly gets out phone) Mike? We have a problem here in the audition room. Can you send some men over?


MAMA MANN: OK, OK, we’ll go. But you will hear from us! Girls, let’s go home.



(They leave, looking behind VERY angrily)


FOON: Miss Park, thank you. You were very kind to me. And so brave with them!


TELEVISION SECRETARY: Hah! In this business, it is not unusual at all!


FOON: (looking out at the audience) Sometimes, just sometimes, kindness does get rewarded. Thank you, fairy Godmother, for showing me the way to kindness and fairness.


(Everyone comes out to take a bow)




 Author:  © English Program of Sarakham Pittayakhom – Thailand  


 Written by Mr. Cliff Sloane


Moral Value:  Respect


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