Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a king who had a daughter with very black hair. She was sweet and pretty, and everybody loved her. She was called Snow White.The mother of the sweet little princess died and her father got married again.The new queen was very beautiful but proud. In her room she had a magic mirror that could speak, and every day she would ask:


QUEEN: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in this kingdom is the most beautiful?.


MIRROR: You my queen, are the most beautiful in the country.


NARRATOR: Meanwhile Snow White kept growing up and becoming more beautiful. One day the queen asked her magic mirror.


QUEEN: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in this kingdom is the most beautiful?.


MIRROR: You my queen are very beautiful, but princess Snow White is a thousand times more beautiful than you.


NARRATOR: Then the queen who was proud and cruel, felt jealous of Snow White, and one day he called a huntsman and told him.


QUEEN: Take Snow White to the forest, and kill her!. And as a proof, bring me her heart!.


HUNTSMAN: I will do as you say, my queen.


NARRATOR: The huntsman took the poor girl to the forest. And when they were in the deep woods the huntsman took out his sword.


SNOW WHITE: Oh, no!. Please Sir, I haven`t done anything wrong.


NARRATOR: The huntsman felt sorry for Snow White, and he let her go. Then he killed a wild deer, took out his heart, and took it to the evil queen. Meanwhile, Snow White ran scared through the forest.


SNOWWHITE: Oh, I see a light over there… it must be a little house.


NARRATOR: She arrived to an old little house that was in the middle of the woods. She opened the door, and went inside.


SNOW WHITE: Oh, what a beautiful house.


NARRATOR:  It was the house of the seven dwarfs, who during the day worked in a mine in the mountains. The small table was set with seven little plates, seven little cups, seven little spoons,and seven little chairs.


SNOW WHITE: Everything is so beautiful!. Oh, and there are also seven little beds.


NARRATOR:  Snow White ate a little from each little plate, and drank a little from each little cup, then she went to sleep in one of the little beds. The seven dwarfs came back from the mountains, and when they entered the house, they said.


DWARF 1: Oh, who has been sitting in my chair?.


DWARF 2: Who has been eating from my plate?.


DWARF 3: Who has been eating my bread?.


DWARF 4: Who has been eating my soup?.


DWARF 5: Who has been drinking from my cup?.


DWARF 6: Oh look over there… in my little bed.


DWARF 7: Oh, a little girl!.


DWARF 1: She`s so beautiful.


DWARF 2: She has a sweet smile


DWARF 3: How pretty she is!.


DWARF 4: How did she get in here?.


DWARF 5: Sssh don`t wake her up.


DWARF 6: She will tell us tomorrow.


DWARF 7: Be quiet… don`t be noisy.


NARRATOR: Then in silence they had dinner and went to bed. But one of them had to spend the night with one of his brothers because Snow White was in his bed. Next day they said.


DWARF 1: We are the seven dwarfs from the forest, beautiful girl.


DWARF 2: You are in our little house.


DWARF 3: And we are happy to have you here with us.


DWARF 4: What is your name?.


SNOW WHITE: I am Snow White… and I..


DWARF 5: Welcome to our little house, Snow White.


SNOW WHITE:  But, good dwarfs, my stepmother…


DWARF 6: Don`t tell us anything.


DWARF 7: Snow White…


DWARF 1: Do you…


DWARF 2: want to stay…


DWARF 3: To live…


DWARF 4: With us.


SNOW WHITE: Oh, Yes I do!.


DWARF 5: You will cook for us. You will make the beds, and you will take care of our little house.


DWARF 6: Would…


DWARF 7: You…


DWARF 1: Do it…


DWARF 2: Snow White?.


SNOW WHITE: Oh, yes I would!.


NARRATOR: And that is how princess Snow White stayed in the little house of the forest. Meanwhile at the palace, the queen asked his magic mirror.


QUEEN: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in this kingdom is the most beautiful?.


MIRROR: You are very beautiful, my queen, but Snow White with the little dwarfs of the forest, is a thousand times more beautiful than you.


QUEEN: Isn`t she dead?.  Oh, the huntsman deceived me!. But now Snow White will die, and I will be the most beautiful in the kingdom!.


MIRROR: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!.


QUEEN: Now you will learn not to laugh at me!.


NARRATOR: And the queen as furious as she was, she broke the magic mirror. Since she was a witch, she made a poison apple. She disguised herself as an old lady and went straight to the house of the little dwarfs.


QUEEN: I am selling apples.


SNOW WHITE: Excuse me?.


QUEEN: Oh, who`s there in the little house?.


SNOW WHITE: I`m here by the window, old lady.


QUEEN: Oh, you`re over there. Come down, and you will see what I have in my basket.


SNOW WHITE: I can`t, good old lady.The little dwarfs don`t let me open the door to anybody.


QUEEN: Come down. They will not know… besides I will give you an apple.


SNOW WHITE: I can`t.


QUEEN: Come on, little girl, you don`t trust an old lady?.


SNOW WHITE: I´ll go down right away.


NARRATOR: When Snow White was with the old lady, she said.


QUEEN: Look at this beautiful apple, little girl. Wouldn`t you like to taste it?.


SNOW WHITE: Yes, old lady… but.


QUEEN: Come on, take it, I give it to you. Look how nice it is.


SNOW WHITE: Thank you, old lady.


NARRATOR: Snow White didn`t recognized that the old lady was in fact her step-mother, and she bit the apple. Suddenly she fell to the floor dead.


QUEEN: Ha, ha, ha, ha.  At last Snow White is dead, and I am the most beautiful in the kingdom!. Ha, ha, ha, ha.


NARRATOR: That afternoon when the seven dwarfs came home from work, they found Snow White lying on the floor.


DWARF 1: Snow White!.


DWARF 2: She`s not beathing!.


DWARF 3: She`s dead!.


DWARF 4: Oh, the little princess!.


DWARF 5: Poor…


DWARF 6: Little…


DWARF 7: Girl.


NARRATOR: The seven dwarfs were very sad. They tried different thing to bring her to life, but nothing worked. Then crying, they put her carefully inside a transparent coffin, and took her to the top of the mountain. And all the animals of the forest knew that the little princess was dead. Then someone came.


PRINCE: Dear dwarfs, what is happening here?. Why are you so sad?.


DWARF 1: Oh, prince!.


DWARF 2: This sweet girl died in our house.


DWARF 3: We loved her very much.


DWARF 4: Oh, the little princess, Snow White!.


PRINCE: Oh, she is so beautiful. She seems like she`s having a sweet dream. Can I take her with me?She will be in my palace, and will mourn her forever.


DWARF 5: Oh prince!.


DWARF 6: We also want to mourn her forever.


PRINCE: You can all come with me. We will always be by her side.


NARRATOR:  But when they were traveling, one of the guards that was carrying the transparent coffin, stumbled and she threw out the piece of apple that was stuck to her throat.


SNOW WHITE: Oh, was has happened?.


PRINCE: Nothing, sweet little princess Snow White. You were having a bad dream. Now tell me… do you want to come to my palace and marry me?.


NARRATOR: Then the seven dwarfs started singing and dancing around the young couple. The wedding celebration was marvelous, and the step-mother who was invited to church, as soon as she recognized Snow White, she escaped running to the forest where she died, forgotten by everybody.  Meanwhile at the wedding…


DWARF 1: Look…


DWARF 2: Princess…


DWARF 3: Snow White…


DWARF 4: Is here…


DWARF 5: With her…


DWARF 6: Wedding gown…


DWARF 7: She looks so happy!.


NARRATOR: And they lived happily forever.




Author:  Brothers Grimm


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



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