Prince William

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(The King and his son William take a  walk in the palace garden.  They sit in a bench near a fountain)



WILLIAM: Father is it true that there are three witches living here in the palace?.



KING: Who told you that?.



WILLIAM: There is a rumour in the village.



KING: Well, that is not true. (He sees a rose in the fountain and picks it up) What a beautiful rose!.  I’ll give it to your mother.



WILLIAM: She will love it.



(The Queen approaches)



QUEEN: Oh, what a beautiful rose you have!.



KING: It’s for you.



(The King gives the rose to the Queen)



QUEEN: Thank you, darling.  I’ll keep it in my wooden chest.



KING: I’m glad you liked it.



QUEEN: Father, it’s time to go haunting.



KING: I totally forgot about it!.  Let’s go.



(The King, the Queen and William leave)






(It’s midnight.  The King and the Queen sleep in their bedroom.  The King hears a voice)



WITCH 1: King, take me out of here!.



(The King opens his eyes)



KING: (to the Queen) Did you say something?.



(The Queen opens her eyes)






KING: I’m sure I heard your voice.



QUEEN: It was all a dream.  Try to sleep,  good night.



KING: Hmmm.



WITCH 1: King, take me out of here!.



KING: It wasn’t a dream.  I have to see where’s that voice coming from.



(The King gets out of bed and walks around the room)



WITCH 1: King, take me out of here!.



KING: The voice is coming out from the wooden chest!. (He opens the wooden chest and the Witch 1 comes out from the box.  She looks like a beautiful princess).



KING: Oh, you’re so beautiful!.



WITCH 1: I want you to get rid of the queen and marry me.



KING:  I can’t do that!.  She’s my wife, and I love her deeply.



WITCH 1: You have to, or you will die in an hour!.  Now, you know what to do!.



(The King wakes up the Queen.  She looks surprised.  He takes her out of the bedroom and  walk to the basement).



QUEEN: What’s wrong with you?  Where are you taking me?



KING: I’m going to lock you in the basement.



QUEEN: No!  Are you crazy! (They get to the basement.  He locks her inside) Don’t leave me here!. Open the door!.



(The King leaves)






(William enters the bedroom and sees the Witch 1 looking at herself in the mirror)



WILLIAM: You’re not my mother!.  (shouting) Mother, mother,  where are you?.



WITCH 1: Shut up or you will die!.



(William runs out of the room)



WILLIAM: Mother!.   Mother!.  (He hears her mother’s voice coming out from the basement) Mother, is that you?.



(He gets to the basement door)



QUEEN: William, your father locked me in here, try to find the key!.



WILLIAM: I will mother.  I’ll come and get you.



(Witch 1 approaches)



WITCH 1: William!.



WILLIAM: Get away from me!.



WITCH 1: Go to the garden and bring me some lemons from the lemon tree, and if you don’t, you will never see your mother again!.



(William leaves)






(William walks to the lemon tree.  The Old Man approaches him)



WILLIAM: Who are you?.



OLD MAN: Never mind and listen to me.  Take the lemons and if you hear someone calling you, don’t look back.



(The Old Man leaves.  William cuts the lemons from the tree. He hears voices of two women.  He doesn’t look back.  Witch 1 approaches)



WITCH 1: I don’t want lemons, I want oranges.  Since you can’t obey me, get out of the palace now, and forget about your mother!.



WILLIAM: You will not get rid of me that easily, I’ll be back.



WITCH 1: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.



(William walks away.  When he is about to leave the palace the Old Man approaches him)



OLD MAN: I will help you get back into the palace.



WILLIAM: But how?.



(The Old Man whispers a spell)



WILLIAM: What was that for?.



OLD MAN: Now we are going back to the palace.  They won’t recognize you, because even if it’s you, they will see someone else.  As soon as we enter, two witches will be by the door.  They will tell me to leave you there because they will show you the palace.



WILLIAM: You said two witches, who are they?



OLD MAN: Do you remember the story the villagers said?.  Well, it is true!.  There are three witches living in the palace, and you have only met the first one.



WILLIAM: Oh, I see.  Then what should I do?.



OLD MAN: As soon as they tell me to leave you there, you will say:  Please, father, leave me here,  and I will leave the palace.  They will show you the palace, except for one room.  You will ask them to open the door, and as soon as you enter, you should do whatever you think is right to do.



WILLIAM: Thank you old man, lets go.



(They arrive to the palace.  Witches 2 and 3 are waiting.  The Old Man leaves.  The witches show William the palace.  They stand  outside a locked room)



WILLIAM: I want to see what’s inside this room.



WITCH 2: There’s nothing there.



WITCH 3: Besides, it’s too late and we are expecting someone.



WILLIAM: I must insist. I want to see what’s inside the room.



WITCH 2: (to witch 3) Should I open the door?.



WITCH 3: Mmm, only for a minute.



(Witch 2 opens the door.  The room is dark.  There is a table in the middle of the room with three big lit candles)



WILLIAM: What are those candles doing here?.



WITCH 2: (takes one candle) This candle represents my life.



WITCH 3: (takes one candle) This one represents my life.



WILLIAM: What about the third one?.



WITCH 2 AND 3: That one represents our sister’s life.  She is now the queen!.



WITCH 2: If the candles aren’t lit, we will die!.



WILLIAM: Then die!.



(William blows off the two candles.  The two witches fall down.  William takes the third candle and runs looking for his father.  His father is in the bedroom)



KING: Oh, Son!.



WILLIAM: Father, we don’t have a lot of time!.  You have to blow off this candle!.



(Witch 1 enters)



WITCH 1: Don’t listen to him!.



WILLIAM: Father, quick, blow it off!.



WITCH 1: No!.  No!. Don’t do it!



(The King blows off the candle.  Witch 1 falls down to the floor)



KING: Thank you son, you saved your mother and me!.



(They both hug)






Author:  Folktale from Spain



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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