Bremen Town Musicians

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time in a village there was a small farmhouse.  In the stable there lived a Donkey who worked very hard for many years.



DONKEY: I am too old to carry loads.  I am tired, and I feel weak.  My master wants to kill me, so before he does I must say good-bye to the old farm.  I am going to Bremen-town to sing and play.



NARRATOR: Donkey walked along the road for more than an hour. Suddenly, he stepped right on the paws of a Dog.



DOG: Oh, please, please, don´t step on me!.  I am too old, I can not hunt, and I can not run.



DONKEY: You´re not old!.  You look fine to me, so come along with me to Bremen-town to sing.



DOG: Really?.  Can I go with you?.



DONKEY: Sure!.  Let´s go.



NARRATOR: And off they went to Bremen.  Later, they found a Cat sitting in the road.



DONKEY: Now, what´t the matter with you?.



CAT: Meow, Meow!.  I am an old cat.  I am too old to catch a mouse.  I am not even welcome in my own house! I don´t know what to do.  Where will I go?.



DONKEY: Come with us to Bremen, come on, and join our show!.  We will become town musicians.



CAT: That’s  a good idea.  I will go with you.  Let´s go to play and sing in Bremen-Town!.



NARRATOR: After that, the three travelers passed by a yard.  They saw a Rooster.



DONKEY: What is that sound?.



CAT: It´s the rooster.  He tells the time throughout the year.



DONKEY: You soud as if you are in danger.  Tell us what is wrong.  Please, tell us.



ROOSTER: I am in trouble!.  I will soon be rooster soup, so I have to run away from here.  Where are you going in such a hurry?.



DOG: We are going to to Bremen-Town.  Come with us!.  Leave this place and join our band.



ROOSTER: Sure, I will join you.  Let´s go to play and sing in Bremen-Town.



NARRATOR: The rooster told them that Bremen was still very far off and that they should find a place to sleep. So the donkey and the dog slept under a large tree.  The cat got up among the branches, and the rooster flew up to the top.  Then he said.



ROOSTER: Oh, look over there my friends!. I see a light!. There´s a house where we can spend the night!.



DONKEY: Let´s go over there.



NARRATOR: When they approached the house, they looked through the window.  The house was full of robbers.



DOG: Hey, I can´t see!.  Tell me, what do you see.



DONKEY: What do I see?.  The house is full of robbers.



ROOSTER: We should be the ones sitting in that nice table with all that food!.  That should be our house!.



DONKEY: Yes, indeed, I wish we were there. Let´s make a plan to get those robbers out of the house.  Let´s scare them.  We´ll sing, and sing, and sing our song so loud until we break the windows .  Let´s make them know that we are here.



NARRATOR: Then, they started singing that indeed they broke the windows.



DONKEY, DOG, CAT, ROOSTER: And Yahoo!. Yahoo!.  Zan, zun, zin, rim, ram, ren, big honey hen!.  Chiquiti boom, chiquiti bam, hobbleham!



ROBBER 1: What´s that terrible sound.



ROBBER 2: Gobblins, ghouilies, ghosts!.



ROBBER 1: They are attacking us!.  We have to escape, run, run for your life!.



NARRATOR: The robbers ran out yelling at the dreadful sound. They thought they were ghosts, and away they went into the woods until they could no longer be seen.



CAT: Hooray, we did it!.  They have gone away!.  Now we can sit down at the table and eat and sing, and dance and play!.



ROOSTER: Why sure!. Let´s stay, let´s play and sing.  We are home at last!.



NARRATOR: And they ate until they were full and fell asleep.  And the four Bremen town musicians liked the little house so much, that they stayed there to live forever.






Author:  Grimm Brothers



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


Moral Value:  Respect.  Teamwork



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