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(Mrs. Carter is lying on the sofa.  Sandy enters the stage holding a cup of tea)


SANDY: I brought you a cup of tea, mom.  I hope it helps you to calm down.


MRS. CARTER: (sits)  Thank you, dear.


SANDY:  How are you feeling?.


MRS. CARTER:  Much better.


SANDY:  You need to control yourself.  You are always stressed…or depressed.  You have to do something with your life!


MRS. CARTER:  I worked for many years, and I’m tired.


SANDY:  You need to find something that keeps you busy.  Go to the gym, take cooking lessons, do Yoga, go jogging, or ride a bicycle.


MRS. CARTER:  Yeah, sure, especially bike riding!. Remember I have osteoporosis.  If I ever fall down from the bicycle and break a leg, would you take care of me?. 


SANDY: Come on mom, don’t be so dramatic.  You don’t even have a bike and you already broke a leg.  I think that you need to do something useful, you’re spending a lot of time just thinking and thinking and that is making you sick.  Let me go to my bedroom to get a book that I want you to read.  Meanwhile, drink your tea.   


MRS. CARTER:  Wait!.  You know I can’t see very well, that’s why I never read books.


SANDY:  Then put on your glasses!. 


MRS. CARTER: Everything is so easy for you.   


SANDY:  You’re so complicated!.  If you can’t read, then listen to an audiobook in your computer.


MRS. CARTER:  I can’t do that, either.  If I spend too many hours sitting down, I get swollen feet, and then I can’t walk.


SANDY:  How about if you use your cell phone?.


MRS. CARTER:  No way!.  There have been investigations stating we should reduce exposure to cell phone radiation because it can cause brain cancer.


SANDY:  (sits)  Fine, drink your tea.


(There’s a knock at the door.  Sandy stands and opens the door.  Mrs. Carter leaves the tea in the side table and lies down).


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE:  Good morning, young lady.


SANDY: Good morning.  What can I do for you?.


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE:  I would like to show you some marvelous beauty products.


SANDY:  Thank you, but we’re not interested.


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE: Just give me a chance to show you what they can do for your skin.  It won’t take more than 10 minutes.


MRS. CARTER: (yelling)  Who is it?.


SANDY:  It’s a beauty representative, mom.


MRS. CARTER:  That’s all I needed!.


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE:  I’m sorry.  If I’m bothering you, then I’ll leave immediately.  (Sees Mrs. Carter lying down)  What’s wrong with your mother?  Is she sick?.


SANDY:  Just a little.


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE: May I come in?  Maybe I can help her.


SANDY:  I doubt it.  Come in, but just for a few minutes!.


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE: I promise.  (approaches Mrs. Carter.  Sandy closes the door)  What’s wrong with you?  You look a little tense. Let me show you some beauty products that can make wonders in your skin.   


MRS. CARTER: I don’t need beauty products.  I already have my own face creams.


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE: I know you do, but I want you to try these.  I am sure you will love them!.  


MRS. CARTER: Alright.  But make it quick…I have a lot of things to think about.  


SANDY:  Oh, mom.


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE:  First, I’ll put some clarifying lotion over your skin (takes out a small liquid bottle from her purse, pours some liquid on a cotton pad, and dabs it on Mrs. Carter’s face. Then takes out a small bottle of cream)  Now, I’ll put some of this cream gently massaging your skin, and you will feel better.  What’s your name?.




BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE: Well Gaby,  this cream has many benefits.  It will even your skin tone, help you to relax, and will also reduce fine lines.  Don’t move, please.  (keeps massaging Mrs. Carter face) How do you feel?.


MRS. CARTER:  You’re right.  I feel better!. 


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE:  Now, I will put on your skin a repair serum that will help your skin retain moisture and prevent aging (takes out a small bottle from her purse, and applies some serum over Mrs. Carter’s face).  How do you feel your skin?.


MRS. CARTER:  Hydrated and softer.


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE:  Finally, I will apply sunscreen over your face.  Did you know that you need to use sunscreen everyday to protect your skin and to avoid premature aging?.


MRS. CARTER:  I didn’t know.


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE:  Your should use it in cold and hot weather…and even if it’s cloudy!.


MRS. CARTER:  I’ll do that.


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE:  We’ve finished.  And as you can see, we did all this process in just ten minutes.  Are you feeling better now?.


MRS. CARTER: (sits) I feel wonderful!. 


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE:  This beauty treatement consists of four easy steps.  Cleansing, correction, moisturizing, and protection.  The four products that we used!.  Would you like to buy the kit?.


MRS. CARTER:  Sure!.  How much does it cost?.


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE:  Five hundred dollars.


SANDY:  How much did you say?.


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE:  Five hundred dollars.


SANDY:  That’s a lot of money!.


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE:  Beauty and health have no price.  Your mom feels wonderful.


MRS. CARTER:  (To SANDY) That’s true. Give me my purse, it’s over there.  I want the kit!.


SANDY: But mom, I can’t believe you’re going to pay that huge amount of money for some unbranded creams that we don’t even know if they really work. (Gives the purse to her mother).  


MRS. CARTER:  I don’t care.  I feel so good!.  (Takes out the money from her purse and gives it to the Beauty Representative.  The Beauty Representative takes out four creams from her bag and gives them to Mrs. Carter)


BEAUTY REPRESENTATIVE: Thank you very much, and have a nice day. (Leaves the stage)  


MRS. CARTER: Could you bring me another cup of tea to calm down after all the money I’ve spent?.  Please…dear?.


SANDY: No mom, I have to go to work.  Put on your miracle creams once again… I’m sure they will make you feel better.


MRS. CARTER:  Don’t you see I’m stressed out!.  Why did you let me spend all that money?.


SANDY:  I told you they were very expensive, but you didn’t listen.  Don’t blame me!.


MRS. CARTER: Now, what am I going to do?.


SANDY:  It’s getting late.  See you later, mom.  (leaves the stage) 



MRS. CARTER:  I feel even worse than before.  An hour ago I was all stressed out…and now I’m still all stressed out and with no money!.






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