Beauty and The Beast

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a merchant named Albert, who had three daughters.  The oldest daughter was named Monna, the Middle daughter was named Bell, and the youngest daughter was named Beauty.  One day he thought.



ALBERT: My business is not going very well. I almost have no money.  How are we going to survive?.  And the girls don’t even know that our situation is getting worse every day!.  I have no other choice but to do what Joseph said.  I definitely have to go on that business trip.  It’s my only hope.  Oh, well I have to tell the girls about my decision, I just hope they understand.



NARRATOR: Next day he talked to his daughters about his trip.



ALBERT: I am leaving tomorrow.



MONNA: Will you bring me something?.



ALBERT: What would you like?.



MONNA: I have always wanted a brocade dress.  I know I would look so beautiful in it!.



ALBERT: I´ll bring it to you.  What about you, Bell?.



BELL: I want a genuine pearl necklace, please, father!.



ALBERT: Very well, and you, Beauty?.



BEAUTY: I don´t want anything, father.  I just don´t want you to leave. I will miss you.



ALBERT: Com on, Beauty,you know I have to go.  We may loose everything we have.



BEAUTY: You know that I don´t care about money.



ALBERT: I know that, but it´s my responsibility to take care of you.  I promise it to your mother before she died.  Now tell me, what would you like me to bring you?.



BEAUTY: Just bring me a rose.



ALBERT: A rose?.






BEAUTY: Yes, a simple rose.  Just pick the most beautiful rose you see.



ALBERT: It will be a very special rose, just for you, my sweet daughter.  It´s late, I´ll see you in the morning.



MONNA, BELL, AND BEAUTY: Good night, father.



NARRATOR: Next day, early in the morning, Albert was ready to leave. He and Beauty were outside their home loading the horse.



BEAUTY: I will miss you, father.



ALBERT: I will miss you too, Beauty.  Where are your sisters?.



BEAUTY: They are still sleeping.



ALBERT: Mmm, well, I can´t wait for them to wake up.



BEAUTY: When do you think you´ll be back?.



ALBERT: I am not sure, but I´ll return as I soon as I finished my business.



BEAUTY: Good-bye, father, and be careful.



ALBERT: I will.  Good-bye.



NARRATOR: Albert got on his horse and rode away.  A few days after, he finished his business, so he set off for home.  When he was riding through the woods, a sudden storm blew up.



ALBERT: Oh no!.  I have to find a safe place to stay, or the horse and I could die!.



NARRATOR: The he noticed a bright light shining in the middle of the forest.



ALBERT: I see a light! I have to go there!.



NARRATOR: He rode his horse as fast as he could, and when he drew near, he saw that it was a castle.



ALBERT: I hope I’ll find shelter there for the night.



NARRATOR: When he reached the door, he saw it was open.



ALBERT: Hello, hello!.  I need help, is anyone here?.



NARRATOR: He decided to enter.  He saw a table in the main hall, and a splendid dinner lay already served.



ALBERT: Oh, I´m starving.  I´ll sit down and eat this delicious meal.



NARRATOR: When he finished eating he decided to go upstairs, and he said.



ALBERT: Hello!.  Hello!.



NARRATOR: But no one answered.



ALBERT: This is strange.   There’s nobody here!.  Oh, what magnificent rooms and halls!.  And that bed looks inviting. I’ll just rest for a little while.



NARRATOR: And he fell fast asleep. When he woke next morning, an unknown hand had placed a mug of steaming coffee and some fruit by his bedside.



ALBERT: Who might have done this?.  It looks delicious!.



NARRATOR: He had breakfast, then he went downstairs hoping to thank his host, but there was nobody in sight.



ALBERT: It is so strange, there´s nobody here.



NARRATOR: He went towards the garden where he had left his horse, tethered to a tree, when suddenly he saw a large rose bush.



ALBERT: Those roses are so beautiful.  They remind me of my daughter Beauty.  I´ll pick one for her.



NARRATOR: But when bent down to pick a rose. Instantly, out of the rose garden, sprang a horrible beast, wearing splendid clothes. Two bloodshot eyes, gleaming angrily, glared at him and a deep, terrifying voice growled.



BEAST: Ungrateful man!. I gave you shelter, you ate at my table and slept in my own bed, but now all the thanks I get is the theft of my favorite flowers!.  You deserve to die!.



NARRATOR: Trembling with fear, Albert fell on his knees, and said.



ALBERT: Forgive me, forgive me!. Don’t kill me. I’ll do anything you say. The rose wasn’t for me, it was for my daughter Beauty. I promised to bring her back a rose from my journey.



BEAST: I´ll forgive you, but on one condition.



ALBERT: What condition?.



BEAST: That you bring me your daughter!.



ALBERT: My daughter? No, not her!.



BEAST: Yes!.  Promise that you will bring her, or would you rather to die?.



ALBERT: No.  I’ll bring you my daughter, I promise.



BEAST: Very well, leave now.  I don’t want to see you anymore!.



NARRATOR: Albert left the castle, and when he reached home in tears, his three daughters ran to greet him. After he had told them of his dreadful adventure, Beauty said.



BEAUTY: Dear father, I’d do anything for you.  Don’t worry, you’ll be able to keep your promise and save your life. Take me to the castle. I’ll stay there in your place.



ALBERT: Oh, beauty,I am so sorry. Thank you for saving my life.



BEAUTY: I’ll pack my things right away.



NARRATOR: That night Beauty’s father took her to the castle.  Once again the door was already open.  The Beast was waiting for them.



BEAST: Good evening.  I see that you kept your promise.



ALBERT: I told you I would.



BEAST: Is she your daughter?.  The one that asked you for a rose?.



ALBERT: Yes, she is.



BEAST: Welcome to my castle, Beauty.



BEAUTY: How do you know my name?.



BEAST: You father told me your name.



NARRATOR: As soon as she met the Beast, she noticed that he was surprisingly pleasant, and she thought.



BEAUTY: I´m so afraid  of the Beast, I have to stay away from him, even though he is being nice to me.



NARRATOR: Then the Beast told Albert.



BEAST: It’s time for you to go.






BEAST: I said go!.



NARRATOR: Albert kissed her daughter and left.  Then the Beast said.



BEAST: Don`t be afraid, Beauty, you will be very comfortable here.  I have assigned you the finest room.  Please, follow me.



NARRATOR: The Beast took Beauty to her room, and she said.



BEAUTY: Thank you, it’s magnificent, but if you don’t mind, I would like to be alone.



BEAST: Sure, you need some rest.  Good night.



BEAUTY: Good night.



NARRATOR: Next day and the following days, they hardly spoke to each other.  Beauty only sat for hours, embroidering in front of the fire. And the Beast would sit, for hours silently looking at her. The days passed, and Beauty and the Beast became good friends. Then one day, the Beast said.



BEAST: We have spent so many days together, and have had  wonderful conversations, I enjoy being with you.  Now, it is time for me to ask you to marry me.



NARRATOR: Taken by surprise, Beauty did not know what to say.



BEAUTY: This is a surprise for me, I really don´t know what to say.



NARRATOR: But beauty didn´t want to marry such an ugly monster. She would rather die. But she did not want to  hurt the feelings of one who, after all, had been kind to her. And she remembered too that she owed it her own life as well as her father’s.



BEAUTY: I am sorry, but I can’t say yes. I´d  like to but…



BEAST: I quite understand.  And I’m not offended by your refusal.



NARRATOR: Life went on as usual.  Then one day, the Beast gave Beauty a magic mirror.



BEAUTY: Oh, thank you for this present.  When I look in the mirror I can see my family, far away.



BEAST: You won’t feel so lonely now.



NARRATOR: Beauty stared for hours at her distant family. Then she began to feel worried. One day, the Beast found her crying beside the magic mirror.



BEAST: What’s wrong?.



BEAUTY: My father is very sick.  Oh, how I wish I could see him again, before it’s too late.



BEAST: No, You will never leave this castle!.



BEAUTY: Oh, please.  I need to see him!.



BEAST: Well, If you promise that you will return here in seven days time, I’ll let you go and visit your father.



BEAUTY:  I swear I will.  You are so  kind.  I am so happy!.



BEAST: The carriage is ready, you can leave right away.



BEAUTY: I will be back in seven days.



BEAST: And I will be waiting for you.



NARRATOR: Beauty left the castle immediately.  As soon as her father saw her, he recovered.  Then he said.



ALBERT: Oh Beauty, I have missed you so much.



BEAUTY: Me too, father.



ALBERT: It’s all my fault.



BEAUTY: No, don’t say that.  My life is not that terrible.  I spend many wonderful hours with the beast.  He treats me so kind.  He´s good to me.



ALBERT: You make me feel much better now.  I felt so guilty for what I did to you, leaving you there in that castle with that horrible beast!.



BEAUTY: I am here with you now, and I’ll take care of you until you get well.



ALBERT: I love you.



BEAUTY: I love you too, father.   Now try to rest.



NARRATOR: Beauty stayed there for a few days, until his father was able to leave his bed.  But she didn’t notice that seven days had gone by. Then one night she woke from a terrible nightmare.



BEAUTY: Oh,  I had this terrible nightmare.  I dreamt that the Beast was dying and he was calling me.  Come back!. Come back to me!.  I have to go back immediately!.



NARRATOR: She packed her clothes, and said good-bye to his father.



BEAUTY: Hurry, hurry, good horse!.



NARRATOR: She  hurried up towards the castle.



BEAUTY: I hope I am not too late!.



NARRATOR: When she arrived to the castle, she rushed up the stairs, calling, but there was no reply.  Then she went to the garden, where she found the beast lying on the ground, with his eyes closed.



BEAUTY: Don’t die!. Don’t die!. I’ll marry you!.



NARRATOR: At these words, a miracle took place. The Beast’s ugly face turned magically into the face of a handsome young man.



BEAST: How I’ve been longing for this moment!.   I was suffering in silence, and couldn’t tell my frightful secret. An evil witch turned me into a monster and only the love of a maiden willing to accept me as I was, could transform me back into my real self. My dearest!. I’ll be so happy if you’ll marry me.



BEAUTY: Yes!  I’ll marry you!.



NARRATOR: The wedding took place shortly after and, from that day on, the young Prince would have nothing but roses in his gardens. And that’s why, to this day, the castle is known as the Castle of the Rose.






Author:  Popular European Folktale



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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