Ant and the Grasshopper

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The following script was adapted from our script – “The Ant and the Gasshopper” – by Lisanty Lestari, English teacher in Jakarta, Indonesia.




Narrator: Once upon a time in a field on a summer day, there was a happy Grasshopper who liked to play, sing, and dance all day.



Grasshopper: What a splendid day!…. la,la,la,la,la. I have nothing to do, but sing and play… la, la, la, la,la…



Narrator: As she was singing, an ant was passing by.



Ant: Don’t you ever get tired of playing?



Grasshopper: Who, me? … of course not!



Ant: Don’t you ever work?



Grasshopper: Who, me? … of course not!… Do you want to play with me?



Ant: No, I have work to do.



Grasshopper: Come on, let’s sing together.



Ant: No, I’m very busy right now.



Grasshopper: Work, work, work!  … That’s all you do… You don’t have time to play or sing with me.



Ant: No, I don’t.


Grasshopper: Why are you in such a hurry?



Ant: I have to take home this kernel of corn.



Grasshopper: What for?



Ant: I have to store food for the winter.



Grasshopper: How can you think about winter on such a fine day?



Ant: Because the winter will be here soon, and food will be too hard to find… and you should do the same.



Grasshopper: I don’t want to worry about winter right now!  You just go ahead and work, work, work… and I will just play, sing, and dance.



Ant: Soon, you will not have enough food to eat.



Grasshopper: I have plenty of food right now.



Ant: And what about tomorrow?



Grasshopper: I don’t worry about tomorrow.



Ant: Well, I am also not worried about tomorrow, but it is wise to be prepared, remember this. Good-bye.



Narrator: So the Ant went on its way and continued its work.  The weather soon turned cold, and all the food lying in the field was covered with a thick white blanket of snow.



Grasshopper: I should have listened to the ant!   It’s so cold that I can’t even play, or sing songs any more… and I don’t have food to eat.  I am sure the ant will help me!



Narrator: The grasshopper went to the ant’s hill.



Grasshopper: Please, ant give me something to eat…  I am cold and hungry.



Ant: Why should I help you?  What did you do all summer?



Grasshopper: I played, sang, and danced.



Ant: And I worked, worked, worked… so go and play, sing, and dance.



Grasshopper: Please, ant, have mercy on me. I am really cold and hungry. I will die soon enough. Please have mercy on me. I promise you I will work after the winter and be prepared. Now I learn my lesson well, as you said, it’s wise to be prepared for tomorrow.



Ant: oh…well….I do pity you…and I want to help you. But can you promise me that you will work?



Grasshopper: Yes, I promise…I will work.



Ant: Come in then…



Grasshopper: Thank you, ant! You’re so merciful!



Narrator: And so after the winter is over, the grasshopper fulfilled his promise. He worked in the summer to store food for the winter. Indeed, he learned his lesson well!  Through this story, we learn that although we shall not worry about tomorrow (as tomorrow has its own worries), we must not be lazy. We have to be wise in spending our time, there’s a time to work, there’s a time to play. As they say, work hard play hard!



The End



Edited by:  Lisanty Lestari 

Convention Coordinator/ Grade 9 Head Supervisor

Jakarta Utara


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