Learning about the importance of Trusting other people and ourselves

– We trust people when we feel safe, taken care of, and loved.

– Our parents are the first people we learn to trust because they love us and take care of us.

– We also trust our relatives, our friends, brothers and sisters, and our teachers.

– We become independent persons and grow up when we trust ourselves.

– Trust gives us security to do any activity.

– When we trust we learn to take decisions and solve problems.

– We feel safe and trust a person that loves us and respects us.

– We trust some people more than others.

– When we trust somebody we can tell him or her our secrets.

– It is important to learn how to trust others.

– To know if you can trust somebody you need to know her or him and know how he or she behaves.

– Our friends trust us as we trust them. A good friend will never let down our trust.

– Trust in yourself, in what you think and do.

– Trust your parents, your friends, and your teachers.

– Keep your promises so that other people can trust you.

Trust is to believe, believe in love, respect and by living our values we can have a fulfilling life.