Parts of a Story

Fairy Tales

A story is a short or long narration where there are characters who carry out actions in a certain place or time.Stories are told by a narrator who talks about thing that happen to the characters or to himself/herself.Every story must have a beginning, a middle and an end.

A story is made up of three things:




The Characters are the people, animals or imaginary creatures in a story.Cinderella, the Wicked Stepmother, a Dragon, the Witch.There are two types of characters in a story:The Hero and the Villain.The Hero or Protagonist is often the good character in a story.The Villain or Antagonist is often the bad character in a story.Some stories have more than one hero, and more than one villain.

Hero:  Cinderella, Three Little Pigs, Peter Pan

Villain: Stepmother, Wolf, Captain Hook

The Setting is when and where a story happens or takes place. It is the time, place, and even the weather in which a story occurs.Place: In a little house, in the forest, in the Palace, A faraway kingdomTime:Many years ago, A long time ago.In the Past, In the Present, In the Future,

The Plotis the series of events or actions in a story.It tells what happens. The plot states the problem the characters have to resolve. The problem or conflict is the most important thing that happens in a story.In most stories the problem or conflict is solved at the end of the story, this is called the Climax.The Climax in the Three Little Pigs is when the wolf gets burned with boiling water and runs away.The Resolution is the end of the story,it tells how the Conflict is resolved.In the Three Little Pigs, they lived happy after the wolf leaves them alone.

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