The Fortune Teller

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Act I – At a Public Square


(The Fortune Teller is sitting behind a table covered with a red cloth.  Under the table there’s a box with a small bottle of water.  There are some Tarot cards laid out on the table. There  are two empty chairs on the other side of the table. Girl 1 and 2 enter the stage and walk near the Fortune Teller)


FORTUNE TELLER:  (To Girl 1 and 2)  Do you want to know what your future holds?.


(Girl 1 and 2 stop walking)


GIRL 1:  Can you really predict our future?.


FORTUNE TELLER:  Of course, I was born with that gift.  I can see your future just by looking at your energy fields, but if you prefer, you can learn your destiny with my tarot reading.


GIRL 1(to Girl 2)  What do you think?.


GIRL 2:  I’d like to know if I’m going to get married… (with a sad voice) since I don’t even have a boyfriend.


FORTUNE TELLER:  Sit down and listen to what I have to say (Girl 1 and 2 sit. He takes the cards from the table, shuffles them, lays them out on the table, then he looks at Girl 2)  The cards tell me that you’re living an extremely distressful situation.


(The Woman enters the stage, and stands behind Girl 1 and 2)


GIRL 2:  It’s true!. How did you know?.


FORTUNE TELLER:  Cards never lie.  You are really worried, and you think that nobody is there for you, which makes you feel lonely. But that is not true!.


GIRL 1:  That’s what I always tell her.  I am her best friend, and I am with her through thick and  thin. (to Girl 2) Isn’t that right?.


GIRL 2:  Yeah.


FORTUNE TELLER: (to Girl 2) How are you feeling today?.  Do you feel any different?.  Do you feel positive energy coming your way?. 


GIRL 2:  Yes!.  Today I woke up really happy.


FORTUNE TELLER:  That’s perfect!.  Because this is a process you have to go through.


GIRL 1:  A process for what?.


FORTUNE TELLER:  To receive with open arms that special person you have been waiting for.


GIRL 2:  Do you mean that soon I’ll be getting married?.


FORTUNE TELLER:  Yes!.  The cards tell me that soon you will be standing at the altar in your white dress.


GIRL 1:  (hugs Girl 2)  I’m very happy for you!.


FORTUNE TELLER: But before anything happens, she needs a little extra help.


GIRL 2:  Whar kind of help?.


(The Fortune Teller takes out from the box a small bottle of water and shows it to Girl 2)


FORTUNE TELLER: I’m going to give you this bottle of water.  During seven consecutive nights you should spray a little over your pillow before going to sleep.


GIRL 1:  What for?.


FORTUNE TELLER:  This water has magical properties that expels negative energy and evil spirits.  This is a miraculous water!.


GIRL 2:  That’s wonderful!.


FORTUNE TELLER: I’m going to spray some of the water to remove any evil spell or curse that may have been cast upon you (he opens the bottle, takes some water and sprays it over her face). You will feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.


WOMAN:  And from your wallet.


GIRL 2:  You’re right…I feel more relaxed!.


FORTUNE TELLER:  You even look better.  Now you have a rosy glow on your face, and that means that bad energies are leaving your body.


(The Man enters the stage running and approaches the Fortune Teller)


MAN: (yelling)  My friend!.  Someone stole your car, went into your house and took everything away!.


FORTUNE TELLER:  (stands yelling)  What?.


MAN:  You have been robbed and the thieves left your house empty!.


FORTUNE TELLER:  Oh my goodness…I can´t believe it!. Come on, let’s go!.


(Girl 2 takes the bottle of water, opens it, and sprays some over the Fortune teller´s face)


GIRL 2: This water will remove any evil spell or curse that may have been cast upon you!.


GIRL 1:  Poor man, he’s been the victim of the spirit world.


(The Fortune Teller and the Man walk toward the stage exit door)


WOMAN:  (To the Fortune Teller)  How can you predict other people’s future, and you could not see what was in store for you?.  


FORTUNE TELLER:  Because a fortune tellers who reads for himself, has a fool for a client.




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