A Christmas Story

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Nativity, Christmas, Three Wise Man

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(John and Andrea are in the living Room talking about their Christmas wishes.  There is a Christmas tree with presents under the tree). 



JOHN: Andrea! Christmas is coming! I can’t wait to open my presents!



ANDREA: I know! I hope I get the new iPad! It has so many cool apps!



JOHN: An iPad? Naaah, I want an Xbox, you know…the new one?



ANDREA: Oh, that is a great present!



JOHN AND ANDREA: Oh Please Christmas!!! Don’t be late!!



(Kids enter the stage and dance:  CHRISTMAS DON’T BE LATE.  When they  finish singing they leave the stage. There is a knock at the door.  Andrea and John run and open the door)



JOHN: (hugging grandpa and grandma) Hi, Grandpa! Hi, Grandma!



ANDREA: (hugging grandpa and grandma) Come in, come in! Tell us a story!



GRANDPA: Later my kids, later.  Let’s go inside.(they walk to the living room) Are you ready for Christmas?



ANDREA: Yes! We can’t wait to open the presents!



JOHN: What are you getting for us?



ANDREA: I know, I know! My iPad!



JOHN: Maybe an Xbox for me?



GRANDPA: What do you mean? Is that why you can’t wait for Christmas?


JOHN: Well, we do have fun, but…yes, pretty much.



GRANDMA: Well  kids, actually we were planning on making some cookies and spend some time with you as our present.



ANDREA:  But…that’s not a present.



GRANDPA: Christmas is more than presents my girl.



GRANDMA: You wanted a story right? I think it is time for a special Christmas story, come and listen. (Grandma and Grandpa sit on the sofa.  Andrea and John sit on the floor).   A long time ago, in a small village called Betlehem, the first Noel was born.



 (Kids enter the stage and sing:  THE FIRST NOEL.  When they finish singing they leave the stage)



JOHN: The first Noel? So… what happened? How was he born?



GRANDPA: It was a marvelous thing, the most precious gift.  Just imagine, angels coming from heaven to announce the birth of a King.



ANDREA: Angels?



GRANDMA: That’s right my princess, Angels.


Kids enter the stage and sing and dance:  HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SING.  When they finish singing they leave the stage)



GRANDMA: A special Angel came to let the baby’s mom know that he was coming.



(Kids enter the stage and sing and dance: MARY’S BOY CHILD.  When they finish singing they leave the stage)



GRANDPA: So, the baby was born in a manger, surrounded by cows, donkeys, sheeps and a loving mother and father.



(Kids enter the stage and dance:  BORN IS THE KINGWhen they finish singing they leave the stage)




GRANDMA: They didn’t know that angels had come once again, this time to let a group of sheperds know of the newborn King.



(Kids enter the stage and sing and dance:  GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN.  When they finish singing they leave the stage)



GRANDMA: The shepards were so happy about the news, that they celebratedand prepared with songs and presents to visit the baby in Bethlehem.



JOHN: Presents? Like an Xbox?



GRANDPA: Yes, presents… but not like an Xbox. They brought their hearts, offers of love, songs, and joy.



(Kids enter the stage and sing:  THE DRUMMER BOY.  When they finish singing they leave the stage)



ANDREA: Were those the only gifts for the baby? Not even a rattle? I would have given him my favorite toy!  Who else visited the baby?


GRANDMA: The baby didn’t get a rattle, but he got very special gifts of very wise men.  Gifts like Frankincense, Myrrh, and  Gold.



GRANDPA: Those men, we now know as the Three Wise Men.



(Kids enter the stage and sing: WE THREE KINGS.  When they finish singing they leave the stage)



GRANDPA: And everyone gathered around this newborn baby…Around the King of Kings to welcome him into our world… With joyful hearts and a gift of love.



(Kids enter the stage and sing and dance:  THE WELCOME SONG. When they finish singing they leave the stage)



 GRANDMA:  The newborn King, came to bring Salvation to the World… That is the greatest Christmas gift!   We now celebrate his coming with love, in family, and of course with presents, and a nice Christmas Tree.



(Kids enter the stage and dance: WHAT CHRISTMAS MEANS TO ME.  When they finish singing they leave the stage)



ANDREA: I guess that I already have the greatest presents I could have asked for, I have my family, and their love.



JOHN: And God’s love!



GRANDMA: That’s right, and we can celebrate Him and his Love by loving each other, helping each other and sharing all the blessings that He has given us.



 (Kids enter the stage and dance:  JOY TO THE WORLD. A Christmas Prayer.  When they finish singing they leave the stage) 



(Andrea, John, Grandma, and Grandpa stand in the center of the stage holding hands.  Then all the kids come out and bow to the audience)









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