The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz, El Mago de Oz, Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man

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Act I – At the Farm


-Lights on-


(Dorothy’s uncle and aunt are inside the house.  Dorothy is outside playing with Toto.  Uncle Henry and Aunt Em go outside) 


UNCLE HENRY:  (yelling to Dorothy) A tornado is coming!.


AUNT EM:  (looking up to the sky) Dorothy!.  Come inside and go to the basement!.


(They all go inside the house. Toto hides under the bed.  Aunt Em and Uncle Henry open the basement door and go inside.  Dorothy tries to get Toto out from under the bed)  


DOROTHY: Toto, Toto come here!.


(There is a loud noise and the house starts to shake.  Dorothy falls to the floor unconscious, while Toto approaches her.  After a few minues, there is another loud noise, Dorothy opens her eyes and stands).


DOROTHY: What happened?.  The house is not moving anymore.  Come Toto, let’s go outside.


-Lights off-


Act II – At The World of Oz


-Lights on-


(Dorothy and Toto are outside the house)


DOROTHY: Oh, this place is so beautiful!


(The Good Witch of the North, Woman 1 and 2, and Man 1 and 2 approach Dorothy)


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: Welcome to our country.  We want to thank you for destroying the Wicked Witch.


DOROTHY: I haven’t destroyed anybody.


WOMAN 1: Well, your house did.  Look over there!


(Under Dorothy’s house there are a pair of legs with pair of ruby shoes)


DOROTHY: Oh no!   What can we do?


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: There’s nothing we can do.


DOROTHY: But… who was she?


MAN 1: She was the Wicked Witch of the East.  She kept prisoners the people from this city.  They were her slaves day and night, and now they are free.


DOROTHY: And who are you?.


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: I am the North Witch.


DOROTHY: Are you a real witch?.


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: Of course.  But I am a good witch, but I am not as powerful as the Evil Witch was.


WOMAN 2:  (pointing to the Wicked Witch of the East) Look over there!.


MAN 2: Her feet are gone!


WOMAN 1: She left only her ruby shoes.


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: She was so old that her feet dried with the sun. (takes the ruby shoes and gives them to Dorothy) The shoes are yours…you can use them.


(Dorothy puts on the shoes)


DOROTHY: I want to go home.  Can you show me the way to Kansas?


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: To the East and to the South there are great deserts and nobody dares to cross them.


MAN 1: And to the West there´s an evil witch.   If you go there, you would be her slave.


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: I live North, where there’s  a great desert.  So, we can’t help you.


(Dorothy starts to cry)


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: But.. what is your name, dear?


DOROTHY: My name is Dorothy, and this is Toto.


(The Wicked Witch of the West enters mounted on a broomstick)


WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST:  (to Dorothy) What have you done!.  You killed my sister!.


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: Get away from her!.  You can´t harm her!.


WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST: I want my sister’s shoes! . (to Dorothy)  Give them to me!.


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: Now they belong to her!.  Go away!.


WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST: I will leave… but I’ll find you later… I promise!  Ha, ha, ha, ha.


(The Wicked Witch of the West leaves)


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: (to Dorothy) You must go to Emerald City.  The Wizard of Oz might help you.


DOROTHY: Where is that city?.


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: It’s in the middle of the country.  The Wizard of Oz rules the city.


DOROTHY: Is he a good man?.


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: He’s a good wizard, but I have never seen him.


DOROTHY: How can I get to that city?


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: Just follow the yellow brick road.


WOMAN 1: Follow the yellow brick road.


WOMAN 2: Follow the yellow brick road.


MAN 1: Follow the yellow brick road.


MAN 2: Follow the yellow brick road.


DOROTHY: Are you coming with me?.


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: No, I can’t. When you get to Oz, tell him your story and ask for help. And remember, don’t take off your shoes!.


(The Good Witch of the North leaves)


DOROTHY: Oh, she’s gone. Toto, we have to go.


(Dorothy and Toto start to walk through the yellow brick road.  After a while they hear someone talking).


SCARECROW: I need a brain!.  I need a brain!.


DOROTHY:  Who said that?.


SCARECROW: It´s me.  Look this way.


(Dorothy turns and sees a big corn field, where there is a Scarecrow)


DOROTHY: Did you say that you need a brain?.


SCARECROW: Yes, I only have straw.


DOROTHY: And, how can you talk?.


SCARECROW: I don’t know.


DOROTHY: Well, I cannot get you a brain, but if you come with me to visit the Wizard of Oz, I am sure he will give you a brain.


SCARECROW: Yes!.  I’ll go with you.


(Dorothy, Toto, and the Scarecrow start to walk.  After a  while they see a Tin Man beside the road)


TIN MAN: Oil can!  oil can!


DOROTHY: Oil can?.


SCARECROW: I think he´s trying to say that he wants some oil.


DOROTHY: Look, there´s an oil can in the floor. (takes the oil can) Maybe that’s what he wants.


SCARECROW: Where do you want me to put the oil?.


TIN MAN: In my chin!.  in my chin!.


SCARECROW: (puts some oil on the chin) Here.. I´ll put some drops in your chin.


TIN MAN: Oh now I can talk again!  But I need some in my arms, too.


SCARECROW: (puts some oil in his arms) Let me put some in your arms.


TIN MAN: I also need oil in my legs and in my feet.


(the Scarecrow gives Dorothy the oil can)


DOROTHY:  (puts some oil in his legs and feet) Let me put some, too.


TIN MAN: Perfect!  Now I can talk and move again.  Now my problem is that I don’t have a heart.


DOROTHY: You don’t have a heart?.


TIN MAN: No, I want a heart.  I want to feel emotions… I want to know what love is.


DOROTHY: Well, come with us then.  We are going to see the Wizard of Oz, he will help us!


(Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man start to walk.  Toto starts to bark)


DOROTHY: Toto, stop barking!


TOTO: Arf!  Arf!  Arf!


(Dorothy sees a scared Lion hiding behind the bushes beside the road)


DOROTHY: Come here Lion.  Toto will not harm you.


(The Lion approaches them.  He is crying)


DOROTHY:  Why are you crying?.


LION: I am crying because I wished that I had courage.  I was scared with your little dog. I’m a coward!.


DOROTHY:  You shouldn’t be afraid.  You’re the king of the jungle!.


LION: I know.


TIN MAN: Why don’t you come with us to visit the Wizard of Oz.  Maybe he can also help you, and you might stop being a coward!.


LION: Yes, I need courage, and I want to get it.  Let´s go!


(They start walking, and leave stage)


-Lights off-


Act III – At the Wizard of Oz Palace


-Lights on-


(Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion are standing in front of the Palace gates)


GUARD: What do you want?  Go away, no one is allowed to get even near the palace.


DOROTHY: Oh, please open the door.  We have come to look for the Wizard of Oz.  He´s the only one who can help us.


GUARD: Who sent you here?.


DOROTHY, SCARECROW, TIN MAN, LION: The Good Witch of the North.  Look at her shoes!.


(The Guard looks at Dorothy’s shoes)


GUARD: Let me see what I can do.  Wait here!.


(The guard leaves.  After a few minutes he comes back and opens the door)


GUARD:  You may come in.  Go straight through the hall, then turn to the right.  You will find a red door, open it, and there you will find the Wizard.


DOROTHY: Oh, thank you.


(They enter the palace, and walk through the long hall, then they get to the red door; they open it,  and see the Wizard behind a big mirror that is in the wall)


WIZARD OF OZ: What do you want!  How do you dare to come to my palace and bother me!.  I hope it is important what you have to say, otherwise you will regret it.


DOROTHY: Oh, no..


LION: Please, Wizard…


SCARECROW: What we have to say..


TIN MAN: Is really important!.


WIZARD OF OZ: Talk to me, then.  I am wasting my time!.


(In a low voice and using hand gestures they talk to the Wizard.  The audience can’t hear them)


WIZARD OF OZ: Very well.  I will help you, but with one condition.  First you have to destroy the most cruel witch in the country… the Wicked Witch of the West.  Then your problems will be solved!.




WIZARD OF OZ:  When you destroy the witch…(to the Scarecrow) You will get your brain… (to the Lion) and you will get courage… (to the Tin Man) and you will have your heart!


DOROTHY: What about me?.


WIZARD OF OZ:  (to Dorothy) Then, and only then,  the Good Witch of the North will tell you how you can go home.  Now… go!


(They leave the palace, and start walking.  Then they get to a beautiful garden).


DOROTHY: Oh, this garden is so beautiful, and those flowers are so pretty!.  The smell is so fragrant, that I really want to sleep. (falls to the ground asleep)


LION: Me too!.  I feel so relaxed.   (falls to the ground asleep)


TIN MAN: Oh, I don’t even feel my arms!.  I’m so sleepy. (falls to the ground asleep)


SCARECROW: No!.  You can´t go to sleep now.  We have things to do!.   (falls to the ground asleep)


(Four Flying Monkeys enter and take them off stage) 


 -Lights off-


Act IV – At the Wicked Witch of the West Palace


-Lights on-


(Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion are on the floor.  They stand up, and see the Wicked Witch of the West standing before them.  The Flying Monkeys are by her side). 




WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST:  You are in my palace!  (to Dorothy) And now… take off my sister’s shoes!


DOROTHY: No!  I will not give them to you!.


WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST: I am warning you! …If you don’t give me the shoes you will never  see the light of day again!.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.


SCARECROW: Let’s get her, that’s what we are here for!.


WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST:  (to the Scarecrow) Ha, ha, ha, you will be easily destroyed!.  I cast a spell on you!.  Tricky tash, tricky mash, turn this piece of straw into ash!.  BURN!.


DOROTHY: Stop it!.  Don’t do it, please!.


(The Scarecrow starts yelling in pain.  Dorothy sees a bucket full of water, she takes it and throws it at the Scarecrow.  Some water spills the wicked witch)


WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST:  (falls to the ground) No!  No! What have you done, I am melting… melting… mel…. Oh, oh, oh.


(The four Flying Monkeys leave the stage)


TIN MAN: Dorothy, you destroyed her!.


DOROTHY:  Now that we have destroyed the evil witch, we will have what we need.  Scarecrow will get his brain!.


SCARECROW: And the Tin Man will get his heart!.


TIN MAN: And the Lion will have courage!.


DOROTHY: And me?  How can I go home?.


(The Good Witch of the North enters)


DOROTHY: Oh, Good Witch, please help me!.  Now everybody has what they wished for, except me.  Help me go home, please.


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: Oh Dorothy, if you only knew!  The power is inside you.  It has been inside you all along.  The shoes that you are wearing can take you anywhere you wish to go.


DOROTHY: But… how can my shoes take me home?.


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: All you have to do is tap your heels together three times, and say to yourself, “There’s no place like home”.  “There’s no place like home”.   ”There’s no place like home”.


DOROTHY: Oh, but first I have to say goodbye to my friends.  (to the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion) Oh, my good friends I will miss you so much!.


SCARECROW: I will miss you too!.  Thanks to you, my brain will help me think of you, and I will never forget you.


TIN MAN:  I will keep you always in my heart!.


LION: And I will always have courage to fight in your name.


GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: Are you ready?.




GOOD WITCH OF THE NORTH: Now close your eyes and do as I told you.


DOROTHY: There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.


-Lights off-


Act V – At the Farm


-Lights on-


(Dorothy lies in her bed.  Her aunt and uncle are by her side.  She opens her eyes)


DOROTHY: Where am I?.


UNCLE HENRY: You’re home!.


DOROTHY: I am home.  It was all a dream!.  Oh, dear uncle and aunt, I love you so much!.   I thought I would never see you again.


UNCLE HENRY AND AUNT EM: (hugging Dorothy)  We love you too!.


-Lights off-


The End


Author:  L. Frank Baum


Adapted by K I D S I N C O


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