Little Half Chicken

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time in a ranch in Spain, six chicks were hatched.  The hen mother was surprised when she saw the last one.



MOTHER: Oh, my!.  What’s this?.



NARRATOR: The hen mother took a closer look at the baby chick.



MOTHER: I can’t believe my eyes!.  He’s so different from my five other chicks.  He has only one wing, one leg, one eye, half a head, and half a beak!.



NARRATOR: When all the animals in the ranch knew about the special chick that was born, they came to see him.



DUCK: Quack, quack,  poor little baby, quack, quack!.



TURKEY: He’s so ugly!.



HORSE: He looks funny!.



COW: Moo!. He’s only a half chicken!.  Moo!.



BULL: He doesn’t belong here!.



PIGEON: He’s Half Chicken!. Ha, ha, ha, ha.



NARRATOR: A few weeks later, Half Chicken heard two pigs talking about him.



PIG 1: I don’t think he will remain under his mother’s protection for a long time.



PIG 2: You’re right.  He is not obedient like his brothers.



PIG 1: Maybe it’s because he’s different.  There’s no one else like him!.



NARRATOR: Then Half Chicken thought.



HALF CHICKEN: They are right.  I don’t belong here.  It’s time for me to leave the ranch.



NARRATOR: That same day he talked to his mother.



HALF CHICKEN: Mother, I’m tired of this life in this dull ranch.  I’m off to Madrid to see the King.



MOTHER: To Madrid?.  No, your’re so little, and it’s a long trip.  Stay here with me, and some day, when you are bigger, I will go with you.



HALF CHICKEN: No, mother.  I already packed my things.



MOTHER: Very well, just be sure to treat kindly everyone you meet.



NARRATOR: Half Chicken said good bye to his mother and left the ranch, and he went hoppity-kick,  hoppity-kick, until he found a stream.



STREAM: Oh, Half Chicken, please help me!.  Move the branches and weeds so that my waters can flow freely.



HALF CHICKEN: Sorry, I can’t waste time.  Move them yourself!. I am going to Madrid to see the King.



NARRATOR: Half Chicken went hoppity-kick,  hoppity-kick until he found a small fire that was almost about to extinguish.



FIRE: Oh, Half Chicken, please fan me a little with your wing so that I can live longer.  And put some sticks and dry leaves over me.



HALF CHICKEN: Sorry, I can’t waste time.  Do it yourself!.  I am going to Madrid to see the King.



NARRATOR: And once again he went hoppity-kick,  hoppity-kick,  until he found the wind tangled in the branches of a large oak tree.



WIND: Oh, Half Chicken, please help me to get free of these branches.



HALF CHICKEN: Sorry, I can’t waste time.  Untangle the branches yourself!. I am going to Madrid to see the King.



NARRATOR: And he went hoppity-kick,  hoppity-kick, until he finally reached Madrid.



HALF CHICKEN: What a beautiful city!.  Now I will go straight to the King’s Palace.



NARRATOR: When he reached the gates of the palace, one of the guards standing before the gates, said.



GUARD 1: What do you want?.



HALF CHICKEN: I came to see the King.



GUARD 2: Ha, ha, ha, ha, you must be joking!.



GUARD 1: Let me get the King.



NARRATOR: The guard went inside the palace, but instead of the King, he showed up with the Cook.



HALF CHICKEN: My King, it’s an honor meeting you!.



COOK: The honor is mine.  Come with me.  I have a very special place in the palace I want to show you.  My kitchen!.



NARRATOR: Half Chicken followed the Cook, and as soon as they were in the kitchen.  Suddenly the Cook grabbed him by the neck, and said.



COOK: This is my lucky day!.  You’re just what I needed to make my chicken soup.



NARRATOR: Then he threw Half Chicken into a pot of boiling water.



HALF CHICKEN: WATER, please, don’t drown me!.



WATER: When I was in trouble, you didn’t help me!.



NARRATOR: And the water came higher than ever.



HALF CHICKEN: I’m burning!.  Burning!.  Burning!.  Please FIRE, help me!.



FIRE:  No!.  You didn’t help me when I needed your help.



NARRATOR: And the fire burned hotter than ever.  Then the cook came into the kitchen, he took the cover off the pot and said.



COOK: What is all this mess!.  This chicken is not good, it’s all burned out!.   Get out of my kitchen, you’re nothing but trouble!.



NARRATOR: So the Cook took Half Chicken by the neck, and threw him out the window.



HALF CHICKEN: Oh, WIND, help me, please!.



WIND: When I was in trouble you didn’t help me!.



NARRATOR: And the wind blew stronger and stronger, caught him up, and whirled him through the air and lifted Half Chicken until he landed over the roof of the highest church.



HALF CHICKEN: Oh No! . How am I going to get down from here!.



NARRATOR: And there he is up to this day, perched on only leg, and looking at the people and animals with only one eye, turning slowly down when the wind blows.






Author: Spanish Folktale



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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