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ACT 1 – In the Living Room


(George, Melissa, and Martha are in the Living Room)


GEORGE:  Did you have fun tonight?.


MELISSA:  Yeah, the party was fantastic!.


MARTHA: (To George)  It was a great idea to celebrate Henry’s birthday here at your parents’ cabin.


GEORGE:  Now that everybody left, how about if we play chess?. 


MELISSA:  I’m really tired.  We better go home.


MARTHA:  It’s too late, and it’s not safe to drive at this hour.


GEORGE:  We can stay here tonight, and we’ll leave in the morning.


MARTHA:  That’s a good idea!.


MELISSA:  Where’s Henry?. 


GEORGE:  I don’t know.


MELISSA:  Oh, I forgot to tell you that he went for a walk.


(Henry enters the stage walking rapidly)


MARTHA:  What’s wrong? .


MELISSA:  You look pale!.  It seems like you saw a ghost!.


GEORGE, MELISSA, MARTHA: Ha, ha, ha, ha.


HENRY:  I have to go!.  I’m sorry but I need to take the car and get home before nightfall.


GEORGE:  (Stands)  Calm down, and tell us what’s wrong!.


HENRY:  Please…I need to get away from this place!.


MELISSA:  (Stands) Look Henry, it’s too late and it’s ten miles to your house.  We’ll all leave tomorrow morning.  But for now, we need to rest.  Okay?.


HENRY:  You don’t understand!.


MARTHA:  Then enlighten us!.


HENRY:  You’re not going to believe what happened to me while I was outside. 


GEORGE:  We are your friends, you can trust us.


HENRY:  Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you… I saw Death in the garden!. 


MELISSA:  What are you talking about?


MARTHA:  You’re scaring me!.


HENRY:  I’m telling you the truth!.  I saw Death!.  And now I’m sure he came for me, that’s why I can’t stay here anymore.  I have to escape!. 


MELISSA:  Oh, Henry, no one can see Death!.


HENRY:  I knew you wouldn’t believe me!.


MARTHA:  Honestly…we don’t. 


HENRY:  It doesn’t matter!.  Good-bye!.  (Leaves the stage walking rapidly)


GEORGE:  Henry, wait, don’t go!.  (Follows Henry, and both leave the stage.  A few minutes later he enters the stage)


MELISSA: What happened?.


GEORGE:  I couldn’t stop him, and he left!. 


MARTHA:  This is insane!.


GEORGE: Stay here.  I’ll go to the garden, I think Henry saw some kind of weird animal out there.


MELISSA:  Aren’t you scared?.


GEORGE:  Ha, ha, ha.  Of course not!.  (Leaves the stage)




(George enters the stage walking slowly.  Death is standing near a tree)


GEORGE:  (scared) For God’s sake!.  Who are you?.


DEATH:  Don’t you recognize me?.  I’m Death!.


GEORGE: No!.   This can’t be!. So Henry was right after all!.   Did you come for me?.


DEATH:  Not yet. Tonight I’m supposed to claim the life of a friend of yours whom I just saw here in the garden. But I’m supposed to claim him at his house which is ten miles from here!. Unless he had a fast car which could take him there by nightfall.


GEORGE:  What?.  My friend saw you!.   He thought you were going to take him, and he went home running away from you!.


DEATH:  Well, as you can see, no one can escape his destiny… right?.  See you later, George. I have something to do!.


(Death leaves the stage)




AUTHOR: K I D S I N C O, based on a Hebrew Folktale


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