The Spirit in the Tree

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Spirit in the Tree. Enchanted Forest

© Illustration by:  RUBEN HEREDIA – 20 year old Art Teacher, and currently studying a Bachelor’s in Education Degree.
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Setting:  In the forest



Props:  Pieces of wood, wood table, hammer, nails, chair,  knitting needles, a sweater, an ax in the corner of the room, a child with a tree costume.



(The carpenter is in a hut in the forest making a wood table.  His wife is sitting on a chair knitting)



CARPENTER:  (stops hammering) It seems I will need more wood to finish this table.  I will get paid really well, and I want to finish it as soon as possible.



WIFE:  (stops knitting) Well, hurry up then, and go to the forest to get some wood.



CARPENTER:  Don’t you think is a little late for that?. 



WIFE:  No, I don’t think so.  Or, are you afraid of something?.



CARPENTER: No!.  I know this forest as the palm of my hand.



WIFE:  Then what are you waiting for?.  Go, and don’t forget your ax!.



(The carpenter takes the ax and leaves.  He walks through the forest, finds a tree, and stands in front of it).



CARPENTER:  This is a very big tree.  If I cut it down, I’ll have enough wood to finish the table. (he raises his ax to cut down the tree, then he hears a voice from inside the tree).



SPIRIT IN THE TREE:  Please don’t cut it down!  This is my home.  I like to live here and listen to the birds singing every morning.



CARPENTER:  What should I do?  If I don’t find a good tree, my family will die of hunger.  You have to move to another tree.  I’m going to cut it down anyway!



SPIRIT IN THE TREE:  I can’t move to another tree…this is my home.  If you cut it down, I will die. Listen, I am at your service. Ask whatever you would like, but save this tree!.



CARPENTER:   Really?  Will you give me anything I want?.



SPIRIT IN THE TREE:  Yes, whatever you wish for.  



CARPENTER:  (lifting his ax) Fine.  I want my ax to be forever sharp.  I want it to cut at the first stroke, and also I want to be able to listen to all the spirits in the trees so that I won’t harm them. 



SPIRIT IN THE TREE:  Your wish has been granted!  But you should be careful.






SPIRIT IN THE TREE:  If you harm the trees even knowing they are sacred, your ax will loose all power, and you and your family will starve to death.  Also, you will not be able to use another ax, because it will never cut.  



CARPENTER:   How will I know which tree to cut?.



SPIRIT IN THE TREE:  If you get your ax near a sacred tree, then the spirit will talk to you.  If it doesn’t, then you can cut it down.  Now, go, and look in the forest what you need, but please be kind to the creatures of the earth, sky, and water.  Everything here is sacred and should be treated as such.



CARPENTER: Thanks for making my wish come true.  I will use your gift wisely. 



(The Carpenter leaves)



The End



Author:  K I D S I N C O




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