The Butterfly and the Grasshopper

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(In the garden.  The Butterfly enters. The Grasshopper is singing.  The Butterfly approaches the Grasshopper)


BUTTERFLY: I’m such a beautiful butterfly!.


GRASSHOPPER:  I may not be beautiful, but I am very happy.


BUTTERFLY:  Poor you.  All you can do is jump and sing.  Your life must be very boring!.


(The Butterfly moves throughout the stage.  The Grasshopper keeps singing.  Robert and Hellen enter the stage.  Robert has a butterfly net, and Hellen has a ball.  Robert leaves the net on the floor and they start playing with the ball. They see the butterfly and leave the ball on the floor.  Robert takes the butterfly net.  The Grasshopper stops singing)  


ROBERT:  Hellen, look at that beautiful butterfly.  Do you like it?.


HELLEN:  Yes, I like it a lot, and I want it.  Please, catch it and give it to me!.


(Robert and Hellen chase the Butterfly. The Butterfly tries to get away)


BUTTERFLY:  Leave me alone!.  Stay away from me.

HELLEN:   Don’t let it get away, Robert.  Look at her wonderful colors!.


ROBERT:  I’ll catch it, don’t worry!.


(Robert catches the Butterfly.  The Butterfly tries to escape, but she can’t and falls down)




ROBERT:  Too bad.  She’s dead!.


HELLEN:  Oh, well…we’ll find another one.  Let’s keep playing with the ball.


(Robert leaves the butterfly net on the floor. Hellen takes the ball and they start playing.  The  Grasshopper looks at the Butterfly)


GRASSHOPPER:  I fell sorry for you!.  I’m very glad to be a grasshopper.   I am the happiest animal in the whole world!.




Autor:  Tarahumara Legend


Adapted by:  K I D S I N C O


Moral Value:  Respect.



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