The Silly Crown

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(Princess Sunlight is crying desperately.  She is with Maiden 1 and 2)



MAIDEN 1:  Princess Sunlight, please don’t be so sad.



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT:  I can’t help it.  I’m sad everyday.  There’s nothing in this world that can make me feel joyful.



MAIDEN 2:  If you keep feeling bad, the King will think it’s our fault.



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT:  As a matter of fact, it is!.   You should give me everything that makes me happy.



MAIDEN 1:  If you don’t even know what makes you happy, then how can we help you.



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT:  You know my father.



MAIDEN 2:  Yes, we know he has a violent temper.



MAIDEN 1:  Princess, please, if he comes and sees you crying he will make us responsible for your suffering. 



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT:  Oh, I’m so sad!.  Have you seen it hasn’t stopped raining?.   I have spent many days listening to the frightening thunder and the noise of the heavy rain when it falls down on the ground.   I feel like I can’t take it anymore!.



MAIDEN 2:  They say rivers have overflowed their banks and have caused great damage.  The forests are flooded, and many people have lost their homes.   



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT:  Mmm…the rain and this boredom have given me a great idea.  


MAIDEN 1:  Are you thinking of a way to help those poor and devastated families?.



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT:  Not exactly, but you’ll see what I have in mind!.



(The King enters and approaches the princess)



KING:  My dear daughter.  Princess and Queen of my heart.  What is wrong with you?.  Why are those tears running through your face?.  Who’s making you suffer?.



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT:  Oh dear father.  How did you know I was suffering so much?.



KING:  I know you my sweet Darling.  Tell me, what can I do to make you happy again so you can lighten my soul with your smile?.



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT:  Well, there ‘s something that can give me eternal happiness.



KING:  Tell me what you want, and I will gladly give it to you.



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT:  I want to wear over my head a crown made of rain drops.  



KING:  What?.  Don’t you like the diamond and ruby crown that belonged to your mother?. 



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT:  Yes, I love it!.  But I would like to have a very special and unique crown, that no other princess or queen in the world  have worn before.



KING:  I live to please you, and you shall have your crown.



KING:  (yelling) Guards!. (Guard 1 and 2  enter and stand before the King)  I order you to go to town, and bring me all the jewelers you can find.  I need to talk to them!. 



GUARD 1: Your majesty, all the roads are closed.  There is no way we can get to town!. 



KING:  Well find a way!.  Do you understand?.



GUARD 1 AND 2:  Yes, your majesty.



(Guards 1 and 2 leave)



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT: (Hugs the King)  Thank you!.



KING:  Let’s wait for them at the Throne Room.



(The King, Princess Sunlight, and Maiden 1 and 2 leave)






(The King is in his throne.  Princess Sunlight is seated to the right side of the King.  Guards 1 and 2 enter with Jeweler 1 and 2)



JEWELER 1:  What can I do for you, your Majesty?. 



KING:  I want you to do a crown made of raindrops for mi daughter, Princess Sunlight.



JEWELER 1:  With all due respect, your majesty, but that is nonsense.  It’s impossible to do a crown made of raindrops.



KING:  Then people lied to me when they told me that you were the best jeweler in town.  If you don’t do the crown, then I’ll lock you up forever in the palace dungeon.



JOYERA:  No, please, don’t do it!.  I have a wife and kids to feed.  How are they going to survive if I am not by their side?.



KING:  I don’t care! (to Guard 1)  Take him away and keep him locked up in that dark room, forever!.



GUARD 1:  Yes, your majesty!.  (Leaves with Jeweler 1)



KING:  (To  Jeweler 2)  Can you do the crown?. Or do I also have to lock you up for the rest of your life?.



JEWELER 2:  Your majesty, I can do a crown of gold and silver; emeralds and sapphires; even of sea shells and freshwater stones, but never of raindrops.



KING:  You disappoint me.   Now I see there’s no one with talent in town.  (To Guard 2)  Take him away and lock him up until he dies!.  



JEWELER 2:  No, please your majesty!.  My elderly and sick mother is living with me.  If you lock me up she will be all alone, and I’m his only son.   She depends on me!.



KING:  That is not my problem.  If my daughter can’t have her crown, then you can’t have your freedom.  One thing for another.  What do you have to say about that?.  



JEWELER 2:  I must say that your wish is impossible to achieve.



KING: Then, get out of my sight!.



(Guard 2 and Jeweler 2 leave)



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT:  (Stands and hugs the King)  Thank you for giving me  everything I want. But I feel a terrible pain since I can not have a few tears that are falling down from the sky.   



KING:  I just want you to be happy.



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT:  Don’t just want it.  Make it happen!.



(Guard 1 enters)



GUARD 1:  Your majesty, a peasant wants to see you.  He says he can do the crown for the princess.



KING:  Bring him in immediately!.  (Princess Sunlight sits. Guard 1 leaves). It seems that news fly quite rapidily in my kingdom!. Everybody knows the jewelers are my prisoners.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, I just hope this man knows what he’s doing, otherwise, he and his family will suffer the consequences.



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT:  Yes father, have no mercy, they don’t deserve it.  Everybody should kneel before you and obey your orders!. 



(Guard 1 enters with the Peasant.  The Peasant stands before the King)



PEASANT:  Your majesty, Princess Sunlight, will have her crown.



KING:  You are not a jeweler.  How do you dare to come to my palace and tell me you can do it?.



PEASANT:  Trust me.  I will do the crown with one condition.  



KING:  What is it that you want?.



PEASANT:  I want you to release the jewelers you have kept prisoners.   You have been an injust King.  Let them go back to their families and their jobs.



KING:  Nobody has talked to me like that.  I love my daughter very much, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy.  I’m ready to make any sacrifice for her, so I will set them free, and you will do the crown.  (To Guard 1).  Release the prisoners!.



GUARD 1:  Yes, your majesty.



(Guard 1 leaves)



KING:  Start doing the crown.



PEASANT:  Before I start, I need you to do me a favor, and you have to give me your word that you will do it.



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT:  Say yes, father.  Do it for me, so my heart pounds with joy once again. 



KING:  (to Peasant) Fine.  I give you my word.  What do you want me to do?.  



PEASANT:  I need you to go out, and bring me some raindrops so I can do her glorious crown.



KING:  What?.  (to Princess Sunlight)   Look what you have done!.  This man is making a fool of me!.  He has humiliated me!.  It is true that I can not take in my hands some raindrops.  Raindrops are impossible to hold!.



PRINCESS SUNLIGHT:  (crying) But you said that…



KING:  You’re a conceited, proud, and naughty princess.  Get out of here, and find something good and useful to do.  You can’t have everything in life!. (Princess Sunlight leaves crying).  (To Peasant)
You may leave, we have finished with this story of a silly crown.    



PEASANT:  (bows smiling) As you wish, your majesty.



(The Peasant leaves)






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