The Butterfly and the Lion

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(The Lion enters stage yawning and stretching his arms.  The Squirrel and the Rabbit are standing near a tree.  The Squirrel is eating a nut)  



LION: I ate so much, that I’m getting sleepy.  



SQUIRREL:  Instead of going to sleep, you should guard the jungle.



RABBIT:  (shaking) Shhh, don’t say anything.



LION:  (takes a stone from the floor and throws it at the Squirrel)  Go away dumb squirrel!.



SQUIRREL:  Ouch!.  You take advantage of me because I’m small and helpless.



RABBIT:  I told you to be quiet.



LION: You should follow your friend’s advice.



SQUIRREL:  I’m not afraid.



LION:  You should be, because one of this days I’m going to eat you.



SQUIRREL:  You’re so mean!.



LION:  (roaring) Yes, I’m a bad lion.  Everybody is afraid of me!.  That’s why they call me the King of the Jungle.



SQUIRREL:  Where’s your crown, King?.



RABBIT:  Oh no, not again.



LION:  (roaring)  Go away from here! (the Squirrel throws the nut to the floor and leaves the stage running.  The Rabbit hides behind the tree.  The Lion lies down under the tree and closes his eyes). At last I can go to sleep.  I’m so tired!.



(The Butterfly enters stage.  She flies around the Lion moving her wings.  With one of her wings she touches the Lion’s head, then she moves away from the Lion)  


RABBIT:  Do you feel proud of your audacity?.



(The Butterfly approaches the Lion and with one of her wings she touches his cheek.  Then she moves away from the Lion)



BUTTERFLY: Yes, I am attracted to danger.



RABBIT: Today he’s not in a good move.  So, don’t provoke him.  



(The Butterfly approaches the Lion. With one of her wings she touches the Lion’s forehead, then she quickly moves away from the Lion.  The Lion opens his eyes and roars)



LION: Here in the jungle, everybody respects me.  And you, a fool butterfly, is making fun of me?.



BUTTERFLY:  I saw you sound asleep, so I thought you wouldn’t notice.



LION:  I am aware of everything. Even if I’m sleeping, I know what is going on around me.  So, you better leave before I turn you to dust with my breath.



BUTTERFLY:  You’re so arrogant, and that’s not good.  One day you might need my help!.



LION: Ha, ha, ha, ha, don’t make me laugh.  ¿I will need your help?.  I don’t need anybody!.  I am the most powerful animal in the jungle.  All the animals tremble when they see me, the tigers,  gorillas, elephants, giraffes.



BUTTERFLY: I don’t care!.  All I’m saying is that one day you might need my help.



LION: So, you think that I’m going to ask you to fight beside me, or to fight for me?.



(The Hunter enters.  He has a bow and an arrow)



BUTTERFLY:  I think so.  Right now I’m looking at a hunter.  He’s coming this way and he’s armed!.



LION (standing up)  What are you saying?.



(the Butterfly approaches the Hunter and moves around him.  The Hunter is about to throw an arrow at  the Lion)



HUNTER:  (to  the Butterfly) Get out of here, you’re distracting me!. (he throws an arrow and it hits the tree.  The Lion hides behind the tree) Today you were licky, but next time I’ll bring more arrows!.  



(The Hunter leaves.  The Lion gets out from behind the tree and the Butterfly approaches him)



BUTTERFLY:  Imagine, oh powerful master, what would have happened if I hadn’t help you.



LION: Today I learned what humility is. When one of the smallest creatures living here, was able to help the one who thought was the best and most powerful. From now on, I will listen to the advice of all the inhabitants of this jungle.  Each one of them is necessary to live in peace, harmony, and secure by protecting one another.






Author:  Chinese Legend



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O




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