The Scarecrow

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(Lights Off – There’s the sound of a rooster crowing – Lights On.  The Scarecrow is standing in the center of stage with his arms opened, and surrounded by corn cobs and squashes.  The Worm is hiding behind a squash.  The Scarecrow has his eyes closed).  


SCARECROW:  (opens his eyes and stretches) What a beautiful morning!  (breathes deeply)  All those wild flowers look so radiant… I can almost smell their wonderful perfume.  Today will be a perfect day!.


(The Ant enters)


ANT:  For me too, if you let me eat that delicious squash!.


SCARECROW:  You can eat all you want.


ANT:  Really?.  You won’t get angry if I do it?


SCARECROW:  No,  I’m here to keep the birds away from the field.


ANT:  Thank you so much!.


SCARECROW:  You can also take some food and share it with your sisters.


ANT:  Sure, I will do just that.  They will get very happy!. (she gets near a squash and sees the worm



WORM:  (to the Ant)  Shhhh, don’t say anything.


ANT:  (to the Worm in a low voice)  What are you doing here?.


WORM:  (to the Ant)  I’m eating!.  


ANT:  (to the Worm) Well, I can see that!.  Why are you hiding?.


WORM:  (to the Ant) Don’t you know that we hide all the time?. 


ANT: (to the Worm) That’s true!.  I have seen worms in some apples, and corn cobs.


SCARECROW:  (to the Ant)  Is everything okay?.


ANT:  (approaches the Scarecrow)  Yes, everything’s fine.  I have to go, but I’ll be back later to get some more of that delicious squash.  Thank you!. 


SCARECROW: See you later!. 


(The Ant leaves)



SCARECROW:  If I could walk, I would go to that peaceful river flowing downhill.  I would climb that mountain over there and reach the clouds. 


(Bird 1 enters and starts biting a corn cob)



BIRD 1: Stop dreaming!.


SCARECROW:  Oh no, it’s you again.  I was just having a wonderful day.


BIRD 1: (eating the corn cob) You need to stay grouded in reality.


SCARECROW:  How come you’re always bothering me?.  Don’t you have something better to do somewhere else?. 


BIRD 1:  No, I don’t have a job.  But you do!.  (The Scarecrow moves and tries to walk but he can’t).  Why don’t you scare me?.  Look at me, I’m eating this tasty corn cob.  (The Scarecrow sticks out his tongue to scare him) Is that the best you can do?. Ha, ha, ha, ha.  (he keeps eating the corn cob.  The Scarecrow tries to scare him moving his arms)



SCARECROW:  Go away!.


(Bird 1 takes the corn cob, runs and stands on the other side of the stage looking at the scarecrow)



BIRD 1:  And now, what are you going to?.  Get over it, you can’t move!.


SCARECROW:  I want you to fly far, far away, and get lost in the horizon!.  (Birds 2 and 3 enter and stand behind Bird 1)  Oh no!. Not only one, but three of you!.


BIRD 1:  One for all!.


BIRDS 2 AND 3:  All for one!.


(The birds start hitting and biting the scarecrow until he falls to the ground.  Each bird takes a corn cob)


BIRD 2:  Thanks buddy!.


BIRD 3: We’ll come back tomorrow.


BIRD 1:  To get all the squashes!.


BIRD 1, 2, AND 3:  Ha, ha, ha, ha.


SCARECROW:  NO, don’t come back!.  I don’t want to see you again!.   (The Birds leave the stage).  (sad)  I’m a loser.   I can’t do anything right. 


(Bee 1 enters)



BEE 1:  (flying through stage) It’s so hot!.  (looking up) And there isn’t a single cloud covering the sun.  (looks at the Scarecrow lying on the floor and approaches him) What happened to you?.  You’re all beaten up!.  You’re even missing some straw.  Who did this to you?.  Oh, I get it!.  It was those ugly and disgusting birds, right?.


SCARECROW:  (sad) They are just hungry birds.  


BEE: Stand up before the farmer gets here.  


SCARECROW: Leave me alone!.  I want him to see me like this… here… lying in the middle of the field eating the dirt.   I am of no use here, he should destroy me.


BEE 1:  Don’t be so dramatic!.  (tries to lift him up)  You’re so heavy!.  I can’t lift you up.


SCARECROW:  (sad) I want to stay here.


BEE 1:  No.  You have to stand up.  (thinking)  But how?.  I have an idea!  (he snaps his fingers and whistles and Bees 2 and 3 enter). 



BEE 2:  What’s the matter sister?.


BEE 3:  How can we help?.


BEE 1: Help me get him straight.


BEE 2:  (looking at the scarecrow)  What happened?.  


(The Bee 1, 2, and 3 lift up the the Scarecrow)  


BEE 3:  (shaking the dust off his pants) Look at you?.  You’re all dirty!. 


(The Scarecrow stands up, and the Bees help him stand in the middle of the stage with his arms wide open.  He stands with his head down) 


BEE 1:  Raise your head. 


SCARECROW:  What for?.  To see how the birds come to the field?.  Oh,  if they only knew why I try to scare them away.


BEE 2:  Why’s that?.


BEE 3:  Why do you think so?. Can’t you see he’s a scarecrow?.  (yelling) His name says it all, he SCARES THE BIRDS.  Do you get it now?. 


BEE 2:  Yes, but you don’t have to yell at me!. 


BEE 1:  He wants to scare them away so they won’t eat the corn.


SCARECROW:  You’re making a lot of fuss, it will be better it you leave.  I want to be here all by myself.


BEE 2: If that’s what you want, then we’ll leave you alone.


BEE 3:  Call us if you need us.


BEE 2:  And we’ll get here flying!.


BEE 1:  Oh, sister!.   How else can we get here?.


BEE 3:  Crawling like a snake?.  How could you even think of saying that?.


BEE 2:  I’m getting tired of you!.  You’re just insulting my intelligence.


SCARECROW:  Stop arguing, you’re giving me a headache!.  Good-bye and thanks for helping me. 


BEE 1, 2, AND 3:  So long.


BEE 2:  We’ll be back!. 


(The Bees leave). 



SCARECROW:  (looking up) Where are you dear cloud?. Where is your shadow that protects me from the scorching sun?.  Why did the gusty wind took you away from me?  Many days and nights have passed, and I have nobody to talk to.  I need your company, your support, and your compassion.


(The Cloud enters)



CLOUD:  You know that when the wind blows I can’t stop moving.


SCARECROW:  (smiling) You came back!.


CLOUD:  How have you been?.


SCARECROW: Waiting for you…all alone in this open field, and very tired of watching over the crops.


CLOUD:  Do the birds keep coming?.


SCARECROW:  Yes, they do!.  The more I try to scare them, the more they return.  They even make fun of me!. (Bird 1 enters and hides behind a squash)  I wish I could walk, but my legs won’t respond.  I am stuck here forever!.


CLOUD:  Why do you want  to walk?.


SCARECROW:  To run after them as the mean and despicable scarecrow I’M SUPPOSED to be, so they won’t come back to eat and steal the crop I’M SUPPOSED to be protecting.


(Bird 2 enters and stands beside Bird 1)


CLOUD:  You need to tell them the truth.  We have talked about this many times. 


SCARECROW: Yes, I will.  But tell me…can you see it from over there?.  Tell me if it’s in the same place.


(Bird 3 enters and stands beside Bird 1 and 2)


CLOUD:  Yes, it is.  The shotgun is still inside the trench ready to be fired.


(Bird 1, 2, and 3 look at each other)



SCARECROW:  The farmer wants to kill the birds when they come to the field.  I have really tried to discourage them from feeding on the growing crops, but I haven’t had any luck.  I just wish I could save their lives.  (Bird 1, 2, and 3 stand in front of the Scarecrow)  What are you doing here?  (He sticks out his tongue and moves his arms trying to catch them).  Get away from MY corn field!.   



BIRD 1: We’ve heard everything, so don’t try to scare us away.  Please, forgive us for everything we did to you.   


BIRD 2: We didn’t know you were trying to save us.  You’re very kind!.  


BIRD 3:  We’ll go away forever, and never come back.


CLOUD:  Hurry up before the farmer arrives.


BIRD 1:  (to the scarecrow) We’ll miss you.              


BIRD 1, 2, AND 3:  (to the scarecrow) Good-bye dear friend!.


(Bird 1, 2, and 3 leave)



CLOUD:  They are gonne!.


SCARECROW:  (sadly lowers his head)  And I’ll stay here with a broken heart what’s left of Autumn, Spring, and even until Summer.


CLOUD: How can you be sad, if you saved their lives. Right now they’re flying to make their nests somewhere else, and you should be happy!.


SCARECROW:  (raises his head and smiles) You’re right, because now, while I protect the birds, I also take care of the crops.  Nevertheless, I feel lonely, I will have nobody to talk to, or get angry at.


(Bees 1, 2,  and 3 enter)



 BEE 1:  Don’t worry about that. My sisters and I will keep you busy all summer.


BEE 2:  If you want… you can get angry with us!. 


CLOUD: You can also talk to me!.


SCARECROW:  Thanks everybody!.  I’m not as lonely as I thought.  You are my best friends!.


BEES 1, 2, AND 3:  Best friends forever!. Ha, ha, ha, ha.


(The Worm gets out from behind the squash)



WORM:  Can I also be your friend?.


SCARECROW:  So you’re the one that’s been eating the squashes!.


WORM:  (lowering his head) I’m sorry.  


SCARECROW:  Come here.  (the Worm hugs the Scarecrow) Sure you can be my friend!.


WORM:  I’ve always been here, with you, scarecrow.


CLOUD:  You have never been alone.


(The Ant enters)



ANT:  What about me?.


SCARECROW:  Ha, ha, ha, ha  I totally forgot about you, little ant. Thank you all for being here and for listening  to me. (They hug the Scarecrow)  And for loving me just the way I am…made of straw!.


CLOUD:  But with a big heart.


EVERYBODY:  (Yelling)  Yesssss!.




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