Sixty Thousand Calls Later

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RAFAEL –  Jessica’s Brother

SANDY –  Rafael’s Girlfriend





Act I –  In the Living Room



(Jessica enters.  She’s desperately crying and yelling)



JESSICA:  Mom!.  Dad!.



(Mother enters)



MOTHER:   What’s the matter?.  What’s all the yelling about?.  You’re going to wake up your father!.



JESSICA:  I’m in a big trouble!.



MOTHER:  (preoccupied)  What did you do now?.



JESSICA:  Oh, mom, if you only knew!.



MOTHER:  You got into a fight with Henry?.  Again?



JESSICA:  (crying)  Sort of.  The thing is, that he doesn’t want me anymore!.



MOTHER:  I’ll get you a glass of water to calm you down.



(Mother leaves.  Father enters)



FATHER:  What part of when I’m sleeping don’t wake me up don’t you understand?.  (he sits on the couch)



JESSICA:  I’m sorry dad, but this is an emergency.  And I mean, a REAL emergency!.



(Mother enters with the glass of water)



MOTHER:  (to Father) Oh, you’re awake.



FATHER:  Yes, I couldn’t sleep with the noise.



MOTHER: (gives Jessica the glass of water) Drink some water, and tell us what happened. 



(Rafael and Sandy enter)



RAFAEL:  Hi, mom.  Hi, dad.



SANDY:  Good afternoon.  (kisses Mother on the cheek)



MOTHER :  How are you, Sandy?.



SANDY:  Fine, thanks. 



(Rafael and  Sandy sit on the couch)



RAFAEL:  What’s wrong?.  Why the long faces?.



JESSICA:  I’m glad everyone’s here, because I have something to tell you.



RAFAEL:  You’re getting married!.



JESSICA:  No, it’s worse than that!.  Please, don’t get angry at me.



FATHER:  What did you do?.



JESSICA:  The police is coming to get me.



MOTHER:  What?.



FATHER:  (angry)   Tell us what happened, for God’s sake!. 



JESSICA:  It’s Henry’s fault. 



SANDY:  Your boyfriend?.



JESSICA: Ex-boyfriend. 



RAFAEL:  (stands up)  What did he do to you?.  I’ll go find him!.



JESSICA:  Sit down, you’re not going anywhere!.  Besides,  he didn’t do anything, it was me.  I called him many times to his cell phone and he got really angry, so he filed a complaint against me, and the police is looking for me!. 



FATHER:  The police can not come into my house without an arrest and a search warrant!.



JESSICA:  Trust me, dad, they’ll come and get me!. 



MOTHER:  Why the fuss?.  He’s so ugly that he should be grateful for having someone in his life that loves him. 



JESSICA:  That’s not  all.  I also sent him e-mails,  messages over Whatsapp, and text messages. 



RAFAEL:  Wow!.  What a lucky guy!.  Sandy never calls me cause she doesn’t want to exceed her monthly limit.  



SANDY:  (to Rafael) That’s not true!.



FATHER:  So, what is the problem?.  That’s not a good reason to have you arrested.



JESSICA:  I called him many times, dad!.



MOTHER:  How many?.



JESSICA:  Please, please, don’t get mad!.  I called him about sixty thousand times.  



FATHER:  Are you insane!.  How could you do that?.



MOTHER:  You’re exaggerating, Jessica.



JESSICA:  No mom, it’s the truth. I called him sixty thousand times in a week. 



RAFAEL:  Poor Sis, he’s got you crazy.



FATHER:  You have nothing to do?.  At what time did you sleep?.



MOTHER:  No wonder he’s so upset!.  But still, he should’t have called the police. 



JESSICA:  I also sent him about five hundred e-mails, and three hundred text messages.



RAFAEL:  They should add you to the Guiness Book of World Records.   



MOTHER:  Don’t make fun of your sister.  



SANDY:  You’re really in love with him!.



RAFAEL:  (to Sandy)  Then you don’t love me!.



SANDY:  Yes, I do!.



RAFAEL:  Well you should do the same!.



SANDY:  (to Jessica)  You’re  too intense…and persistent!. 



FATHER:  Do you have any idea of how many calls per minute you did?.



JESSICA:  Many, dad.  But please, stay calm!.



FATHER:  Don’t tell me to stay calm!.  If you were texting and calling him, then I don’t know at what time you went to bed, or what time you ate, and even at what time did you go to the bathroom!.



JESSICA:  I found the time, dad.



MOTHER:  Unbelievable!.  You should be ashamed of yourself!.



RAFAEL:  You deserve a job at one of those call centers.  You would be very productive, and they would raise your salary on the first week!. 



SANDY:  I think he was a fool for not answering your phone calls.  He didn’t appreciate you!. 



JESSICA:  Yeah, you’re right!.  He broke my heart.



SANDY:  Forget about him.  Don’t make him feel special.  Just ignore him!. 



JESSICA:  It’s too late for that.



MOTHER:  Why are they going to arrest you?.



JESSiCA:  He said I was stalking him.



FATHER:  Of course you were!.  Sixty thousand calls in a week implies eight thousand, five hundred seventy one calls a day, which means three hundred fifty seven calls per hour, and about five calls in a minute.  Are you nuts!.



JESSICA:  Dad, please, try to understand!.  I feel so insecure and lonely without him.



FATHER:  Well, I DON’T understand!.  Even I would send you to jail!.  I hope you learn a lesson. 



JESSICA:  He’s the one who should be arrested for ignoring my calls!.



RAFAEL:  I’m scared of you, sis.  You’re a psycho!.  Maybe that’s why he broke up with you.



MOTHER:  Why was it so important to call him ?.  



JESSICA:  I wanted to get him back.



RAFAEL:  You ruined it!.



JESSICA:  I know.



SANDY:  He doesn’t deserve all your efforts, and I don’t blame you cause I know you were suffering.  He’s heartless.



JESSICA: (to Sandy) I’m glad you understand.  (sad)  I just wanted to talk to him so bad!. 



MOTHER:  You’re not in love, you’re obsessed with him!.  



(There’s a knock at the door)



JESSICA:  It’s them!.   They are going to take me in.



(Father stands, and opens the door. Policeman 1 and 2 are standing at the door)



POLICEMAN 1:  Good afternoon, sir.  We’re looking for Miss Jessica Taylor.



POLICEMAN 2:  (holding some papers)  We have an arrest and a search warrant.



FATHER:  I’m Jessica’s father, and I need to read those papers.  (Policemen 2 hands him the papers.  He reads them)  Here it says that you need to take her computer and cellular phone.  (to Jessica)  Please, give them your computer and your cell phone. 



JESSICA:  Yes, dad.



(Jessica leaves.  A few minutes later she enters with her laptop and her cellular phone.  He hands them to Policeman 2)  



POLICEMAN 1:  (handcuffing Jessica)  You’re under arrest for stalking Mr. Henry Moore.   You’re coming with us to the Police Station.



JESSICA:  Aren’t you going to read my rights?. 



POLICEMAN 1:  You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you do not have an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?.



JESSICA:  Yes, but you didn’t tell me I have a right to one phone call… and I want to call my ex – boyfriend!.



RAFAEL:  Yeah, don’t miss the opportunity to call him one more time!.



FATHER: (to Policeman 1)  Please, take her away!  (the policemen and Jessica leave).   She needs therapy, rather than being sent to prison.






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