Trapped Liar

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 Bola de cristtal

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Props:  A table with a red tablecloth, black cushion, two chairs, a crystal ball, a black cloth, three white candles, some matches.



(There is a table and two chairs in the center of the room/stage.  The table has a red tablecloth.  The crystal ball is on a black cushion and covered with a black cloth. Madame Alexandra is sitting in front of her crystal ball.  Miss Clark enters)






MISS CLARK:  Good afternoon.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  It’s been some time since we’d seen each other.



MISS CLARK:   I know Madame Alexandra, it’s just that I’ve been really busy.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:   I had the feeling that you’d come to see me soon.  Please, have a seat.  (Miss Clark sits)  So tell me, what brings you here today?. 



MISS CLARK:  I’m going to buy a new car, and I haven’t decided if I should buy it red or white.  Soooo, I would like to know what car color do you see me driving in the future.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  Are you ready to enter into a world that will awaken your mind’s eye?.



MISS CLARK:  (shy)  Yes.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  Don’t be afraid.  Would you like something to drink?.  Water, maybe?.



MISS CLARK:  No, thank you.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  Are you sure?.  Nothing at all?.



MISS CLARK:  No, really.  I don’t want anything to drink.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  I sensed you’d say no, but I had to ask you anyway, you know, courtesy.   Very well (takes off the black cloth from the crystal ball)  Let me see what images I can see in my crystal ball.  She will help me guide you.  (she moves her hands around the crystal ball).  Get near the ball, and tell me if you see something.



(Miss Clark tries to see something inside the crystal ball)



MISS CLARK:  No.  I don’t see anything.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  Me neither.  (Miss Clark puts her hand over the crystal ball)  Noooo!.  Don’t touch it!.   Your  energy and subconscious thoughts will pass onto it and contaminate my ball, causing  an inaccurate reading.



MISS CLARK:  Sorry!.  Well, do you see something now?.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  I don’t see any images, and my subconscious mind is telling me that you’re not concentrated, that’s why there’s not enough energy in the room.   



MISS CLARK:   What should I do?.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  You must take a deep breath, so that you can be in a relaxed state of mind.  Breath in…breath out. …breath in…breath out.  (Miss Clark closes her eyes and inhales and exhales three times).  Good, now I’m going to lit some candles.  This will help you concentrate and I will be able to foretell your future.  (lights the first candle)  The first candle represents your past.  (lights the second candle) The second candle represents your present.  (lights the third candle)  The third candle represents your future. (closes her eyes and moves her hands around the crystal ball)  Now, I can sense the energy filling the room.  I can feel we’re having contact with interdimensional forces, which will allow me to feel your inner spirit.  (she starts to shake)  It’s done!.  The crystal ball will reveal to me what you want to know. 



MISS CLARK:  ¿Is it red or white?.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  Don’t be so impatient.  (staring at the crystal ball)  I’m starting to see something, but it’s too foggy.  Do you see it?.  



MISS CLARK:  You’re the witch!.  You’re the one who is supposed to see things, not me.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  Excuse me, young lady, but I am not a witch.  This is an art!.



MISS CLARK:  Whatever!. (staring at the crystal ball and rolling her eyes) Yes, they look like clouds in the sky.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  (staring at the crystal ball) There it is!.   Yes!.  No!.



MISS CLARK:  What do you see?. 



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  (staring at the crystal ball)  That’s not possible!.  I see a woman dressed in white.  She has something in her hands.  They look like keys.



MISS CLARK:   Are they my new car keys?.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  Don’t talk!.  I believe this woman is a spiritual guide.  Yes, she’s an entity.  she’s not a real person.  Oh, no she faded away, and now the ball is filled with mist once again.



MISS CLARK:  But she didn’t say anything!.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  I’ll try again.  (moves her hands around the crystal ball).  I see an ocean, but it’s an ocean of fire, and far away I see the woman in white rowing a boat.  That’s weird!.  Oh, no, she faded away once again.  



MISS CLARK:  What does it mean?.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  Fire is RED, and the woman was dressed in WHITE.  There you have your two colors!.     



MISS CLARK:  I know that!.   Which should I choose?.    



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  Well, red represents courage, and white represents safety.  Which color do you like the most? .



MISS CLARK:  I don’t know!.  That’s why I’m here for!.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  Are you cold?.



MISS CLARK:  Yes, just a little.



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  When the woman faded away, she left an energy tail.  Yes, it’s a physical manifestation of a psychic energy connecting the physical world.  (staring at the crystal ball)  When you feel this energy tail, the answers to your question appear.  Yes!.  I see you driving a RED car.  Yes, it’s a red car!.   



MISS CLARK:  Thank you!  (closing her eyes)  I can see myself driving a red car.  (opens her eyes) But, now I have another question. 



MADAME ALEXANDRA:  What else do you want to know?.



MISS CLARK:   Can you ask the crystal ball how am I going to pay for the car, since I don’t have any money.  Yes?.  Please?.  I’ll pay you more!.



The End



Author:  K I D S I N C O



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