The Doves and the Hunter

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© Illustration by:  RUBEN HEREDIA – 20 year old Art Teacher, and currently studying a Bachelor’s in Education Degree.
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(Doves fly over an open field)



COLUMBA:  I’m glad we decided to look for food.



PEACE:  We have flown over many cities and villages, and we haven’t found anything to eat.



QUEEN DOVE:  Let’s keep flying a little bit more, I’m sure soon we’ll find something.  



COLUMBINE: (looking down)  Look over there!. There are some grains scattered on that green field.   



JEMIMA:  I’m so hungry and tired of flying.  We’ve better stop searching and let’s go down to eat!. (flying near the ground).  



QUEEN DOVE:  Wait!.  This could be a trap!.



RITA:  You’re right.  Why are there rice grains in such an isolated area?.



AGNES:  We should be cautious.



PEACE: But what if someone dropped the grains by accident?.



COLUMBA:  We shouldn’t waste any more time.  I’m also very hungry!.



QUEEN DOVE:  Alright!  If you’re so hungry, that you don’t mind risking your own life, then let’s go down to eat!.



(All the doves go down to the ground and start eating).



PEACE:  After this long trip, these grains taste delicious!.



(The hunter enters and drops a huge net over the doves)



HUNTER: Well, well, well!.  I didn’t expect to catch so many doves!.  Today is my lucky day!



ALL THE DOVES:  (except Queen Dove, move their wings desperately and try to escape) It’s a trap!.  Somebody help us!.



QUEEN DOVE:  I told you we should be careful.



AGNES: (to Jemima)  It’s all your fault Jemima!.



RITA:  We’re going to die!.



COLUMBINE:  What are we going to do now?.



QUEEN DOVE:  Calm down.  We can get out of here, but we have to stick together.



JEMIMA:  But how?. 



ALL THE DOVES:  (except Queen Dove, start yelling and jumping desperately)  Tell us what to do!.



QUEEN DOVE:  Let me think for just a minute…I have an idea!  We should act all at once.  We have to fly together and take the net with us.  Remember, we should stick together!.



RITA:  What do we do?.



QUEEN DOVE:  We should all fly up together clutching the net in our beaks. There is strength in unity. We will decide our next course of action later. Now, come on and let’s fly.



(Each dove picks up a portion of the huge net and they fly up together, carrying the net with them)



HUNTER:  I can’t believe it!.  (running after the doves)  I must catch them again!.



QUEEN DOVE:  Keep flying, and don’t give up!.



(The hunter watches the doves fly away)



HUNTER:  Never mind!.  It’s useless, I’ll trap some more later!.  (he leaves)



COLUMBA:  Where are we going?.



QUEEN DOVE:  My friend, the mouse lives on the nearby hill. We’ll ask him for help.



PEACE: But I’m very tired!.  I can’t fly anymore!. 



QUEEN DOVE:  Don’t worry, I’ll help you.  Those who are strong, should help  those who are weak.  Soon, I will be old and weak, while you’ll grow up to be strong.  Then you will help me because I’ll depend on your strength.  Come here near me, I’ll help you fly.  (Peace dove gets near Queen Dove and they fly together.  They go down to the ground) Mouse!  Mouse!  Please come, we need you!. 



(Mouse enters)



MOUSE:  Oh, deer queen…Who did this to you?. 



QUEEN DOVE: Dear mouse, we are trapped in here because of an evil hunter.  Only you can set us free. 



MOUSE:  Tell me what to do?.



QUEEN DOVE:  Nibble at the net so we can escape.



MOUSE:  (starts nibbling at the net next to the queen).  I’ll do it right away!.



QUEEN DOVE:  No, don’t set me free first.  I can not let others suffer, while I enjoy freedom.  (looks at Peace).  She is young and weak, and she’s very tired, set her free first.  Then, set the others free, and I’ll be the last one.  I am the queen, and I should take care of each one of them. 



MOUSE:  I understand, you’re very kind. (starts nibbling the portion of the net and one by one all the doves are set free including the queen dove)



QUEEN DOVE:  Thank you very much for your great effort, dear friend.  Now we must fly back home.  It has been a long day for all of us. 



MOUSE:  Have a good trip!.



ALL THE DOVES:  Good-bye!.



(All the doves start flying)



COLUMBA:  Our queen is older than us, but she is wiser.  Her wisdom has saved us. 



QUEEN DOVE:  No, my little one.  Unity has given us strength to save ourselves.  Working together makes us strong.  And now, let’s fly home, our families are waiting for us.



(They leave)






AUTHOR:  Panchatantra Story






Moral: Unity is strength,



Moral Value:  Teamwork




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