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(Mother is washing the dishes.  Robo-t-ta enters)


ROBO-T-TA:  I’m so hungry!.


MOTHER:  (stops washing the dishes and approaches Robo-t-ta) But we’ve just finished eating!.  How can you be hungry so soon?.


ROBO-T-TA:  I don’t remember eating anything.


MOTHER:  Yes, you did!.  You left the kitchen ten minutes ago.  You ate a lot!.  


ROBO-T-TA:  Are you sure?.


MOTHER:  I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but I’m getting worried.  Go to you room, and take a nap.


ROBO-T-TA:  I will, mom.



(Robo-t-ta leaves. Mother keeps washing the dishes, then she sweeps the floor.  Robo-t-ta enters)


MOTHER:  Did you forget something?.


ROBO-T-TA:  No.  Why are you asking?.


MOTHER:  Well, about five minutes ago you went to your room, so I thought maybe you forgot something here.


ROBO-T-TA:  (surprised) Mom, what’s the matter?.  I wasn’t here!.  All this time I’ve been in my room getting ready.  How do I look?.


MOTHER:  (worried)  Mmm…you always look beautiful.  Where are you going?.  


ROBO-T-TA:  Oh, come on!.  Don’t tell me you forgot that today is Alicia’s birthday party.


MOTHER:  What?.  Your cousin’s party is going to be next Saturday.


ROBO-T-TA:  Today is Saturday!.


MOTHER:  Please, sit down.  (Robo-t-ta sits) Now listen to me carefully.  Today is Thursday.


ROBO-T-TA:  Thursday?.  That’s impossible!.  Today I didn’t go to school, so it is Saturday.


MOTHER:  Yes, you did!.  I’m concerned because it seems that you’re forgetting things.


ROBO-T-TA:  I can’t forget anything!.  I have a lot of work to do in school, and many things to remember.  What am I going to do?.


MOTHER:  (Hugs Robo-t-ta) We’ll go to the doctor.


ROBO-T-TA:  No!.  It will hurt!.


MOTHER: It won’t hurt, I promise. I’ll get my purse, while you put on your coat.


ROBO-T-TA:  OK, mom.


(Robo-t-ta and Mother leave)


ACT II – At the Doctor’s office



(The doctor is checking Robo-t-ta using a stethoscope)


DOCTOR:  (sitting at his desk)  I think I know what the problem is.  I’ll have to run some tests to  see if the computer in her head is working properly.  Maybe all she needs is a new memory card, and if that’s the case, I can fix it in a minute.  (opens a drawer from his desk and takes out some cables and a device with many buttons on it.  Then, he approaches Robo-t-ta, places the cables on her head, and pushes some buttons on the device)  Don’t move and don’t talk.  This will last only a few minutes.


MOTHER:  Oh, doctor, I hope it isn’t something serious.


DOCTOR:  (removes the cables from Robo-t-ta) Very well, we’re finished.


ROBO-T-TA:  It didn’t hurt!.


MOTHER:  How is she doctor?.


DOCTOR:  (to Robo-t-ta)  That was the problem!.  You have been studying so hard, that you used all your memory.


MOTHER:  Then…will you give her a new memory card?.


DOCTOR: That’s right.


ROBO-T-TA:  (hugs the doctor)  Thank you so much, doctor.  I will never forget what you’ve done for me!.


DOCTOR:  That’s the point…that you never forget anything!.




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