The Whole Truth

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© Illustration by:  RUBEN HEREDIA – 21 year old Art Teacher, and currently studying a Bachelor’s in Education Degree.

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(Martha and Lucille are in a coffee shop.  James and Lewis are seated in a nearby table)


MARTHA:  Do you think is true what they say about Theresa?.


LUCILLE:  What are they saying?.


MARTHA:  That she never lies.  Can you believe it?.


LUCILLE:  I don’t think so.  We all lie.


MARTHA:  I know, but I would really like to to prove it.


LUCILLE:  What are you planning to do?.


MARTHA:  Mmmm I don’t know.  I’ll think of something.


LUCILLE:  You better think fast, because Theresa is coming soon.


MARTHA:  (thoughtful)  How can I make her lie?.  I mean, everybody respect her because she never lies.


LUCILLE:  Why don’t you leave her alone?.  In fact, that’s none of our business.


MARTHA:  No!.  I’m going to show them they’re wrong.  She’s not a saint.


LUCILLE:  She’s your best friend!.  I wouldn’t want you as an enemy.


MARTHA:  Oh, come on, she’s not my best friend, she’s just like any other friend, that’s all.


LUCILLE:  That’s what you think of me, right?.


MARTHA:  Don’t be so dramatic.  I’ve known you since we were kids.  I know you, and you know me.  With her…it’s different.


LUCILLE:  How come?.


MARTHA:  Her dad is my dad’s boss, so my mom wanted me to be her friend, because it’s convenient for us.  Then my mom is now her mom’s friend, and they want us to hang out together.  But the truth is, that I can’t stand her.  She’s so cocky!.


LUCILLE:  You envy her!.


MARTHA:  I DO NOT!.  She’s nobody.


LUCILLE:  Well, if what they say is true, how come you’ve never noticed.


MARTHA:  I know, and I don’t know why.


(Theresa enters, kisses them on the cheek, and sits)






THERESA:  How long have you been waiting for me?.


LUCILLE:  About ten minutes.


THERESA:  Oh, okay…sorry.


MARTHA:  But don’t worry, we were just talking.


THERESA:  About what?.


LUCILLE:  Nothing important…tests, school… you know. 


THERESA:  Yeah, I know.


MARTHA:  (looks at James and Lewis)  I think I know those guys over there.


LUCILLE:  (looks to both sides)  Which ones?.


MARTHA:  Those sitting at that table.  But don’t look at them, or they will see you.


LUCILLE:  I don’t care if they see me.  Besides, they are really cute.


MARTHA:  If you say so!.


THERESA:  (looks at James and Lewis)  It’s James and Lewis!  (waves her hand)  Hi!. 


(James and Lewis wave their hands) 


MARTHA:  (surprised)  Do you know them?.


THERESA:  Yes, they’re my brother’s friends.  Sometimes they come home to play basketball, but I haven’t see them lately.


MARTHA:  Wow, I didn’t know.  Hey, Theresa, I want to ask you a question.


THERESA:  Yeah, sure.


MARTHA:  They say you have never lied.  Is that true?.


THERESA:  Yes, that’s true.  But I don’t know why it’s such a big deal.


MARTHA:  Well, it’s weird, but…you will never lie in your life?.


THERESA:  Yes, I’m pretty sure of that. 


MARTHA:  It’s fine to tell the truth, but be careful, innocent and cunning lies get on your tongue easily. 


LUCILLE:  (to Martha) Please, don’t start!.


THERESA: (to Martha)  Why do you say that?.


MARTHA: (to Theresa) Forget it, it’s nothing.  Why don’t you tell your friends that I will see them tonight at eight at Starbucks on Veterans Blvd., and that you’re also going to be there.  Would you tell them, pleeeaaaase?.


THERESA:  Yeah, why not.


(Theresa stands and walks to her friend’s table)


MARTHA:  (to Lucille)  I am not going to Starbucks tonight or any other night, and Theresa would have lied to them.  Ha, ha, ha, tomorrow I’ll make fun of her!.  You’ll see what I just have planned to do!.


(Martha and Lucille keeping drinking their sodas. Lewis and James stand up and kiss Theresa on her cheek, then they sit)


LEWIS:  (to Theresa)  Long time no see!.  What have you been doing?.


THERESA:  Just studying.


JAMES:  How’s your brother?.


THERESA:  He’s fine, thanks. Hey, guys, I came to tell you that my friend Martha said that MAYBE she will see you tonight at eight at Starbucks on Veterans Blvd., or MAYBE NOT.


JAMES:  What?.  I don’t get it.  Is she going or not?.   


THERESA:  And MAYBLE I’ll be there too, or MAYBE NOT.


(Martha stands)


LUCILLE:  Where are you going?.


MARTHA:  I’ve decided I prefer to laugh in her face, and not wait till tomorrow.


LUCILLE:  Wait!. It’s not worth it!.


MARTHA:  (stands up)  There’s no one in this world who hasn’t told a lie.  And I’m going to tell her that in front of her dear friends.  (Walks to the table followed by Lucille)


LUCILLE:  (takes Martha’s arm trying to stop her)  No, don’t do it!.  


MARTHA:  (angry)  Let me go!. (Stands in front of the table)


MARTHA:  (to James and Lewis) Theresa has lied to you. 


LEWIS: What are you talking about?.


THERESA:  (to James and Lewis)  Ok, look, she’s my friend Martha.


MARTHA:  (to Theresa)  Forget the introductions!.


JAMES:  (to Theresa)  It seems that your FRIEND is not in a good mood. 


LEWIS:  Tell us.  How did she lie?.


MARTHA:  She told you that tonight at eight I WILL see you at Starbucks on Veterans Blvd., and…..


JAMES:  Well you’re wrong.


LEWIS:   She told us that MAYBE you will see us tonight at eight at Starbucks on Veterans Blvd., or  MAYBE NOT.


JAMES:  She also told us that MAYBE she will be there too, or MAYBE NOT.


LEWIS:  How about that?.  As you can see, she didn’t lie to us.


MARTHA:  (to Theresa) Mmm, I can see that.   Now I know that what they say about you, is true.  Please forgive me… you never lie, and I have seen it with my own eyes.


LUCILLE:  May we sit with you?.


JAMES, LEWIS, AND THERESA:  Please join us!


(Martha and Lucille sit at the table and start a conversation)




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