Let’s Be Thankful

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GIRL PILGRIM  (daughter of woman and man pilgrim 1)



BOY PILGRIM (son of woman and man pilgrim 2)









PROPS:  Cardboard ship, berries, seeds, herb/plant, corn seeds, basket of fruit, basket of vegetables, arrows and bows, cooked or plastic turkey, long table, chairs. 



The table is on the center of stage.  The basket of fruit and the basket of vegetables are on the floor near the table







(Boy 1 and 2 enter the stage talking.  They stand in the center of the stage)



BOY 1: What are you going to do for Thanksgiving?.



BOY 2: I don’t know.                                                           



BOY 1: Why don’t you and your family come over and eat turkey with us?.



BOY 2: That would be great!  What time do you want us to come?.



BOY 1: About 1:00.



BOY 2: Okay, I will see you then.



(Boy 2 starts to walk and waves goodbye)



BOY 1:  Hey. Wait!.



BOY 2: (turns around) What’s up?.



BOY 1:  Do you know the story of thanksgiving?.



BOY 2:  Sort of.



BOY 1:  Do you want me to tell you the story?.        



BOY 2:  Yeah!.



BOY 1:  (they start walking and leave the stage)  Many, many years ago…..



NARRATOR: The Pilgrims that were living in England were unhappy because there was religious persecution.



(Woman Pilgrim 2, Man Pilgrim 2, and Boy Pilgrim enter and stand in the right side of the stage.  Woman Pilgrim 1, Man Pilgrim 1, and Girl Pilgrim enter the stage talking)



WOMAN PILGRIM 1: We can`t go on like this anymore.



MAN PILGRIM 1: I know, we don`t have religious freedom, but  we have to do what our King James said.



WOMAN PILGRIM 1: I still don`t understand why he doesn`t allow us to attend the church of our choice.



MAN PILGRIM 1: I think we should leave England and find a place where we can worship God in our own way.



WOMAN PILGRIM 1: I agree with you.  We have to talk to other people and see who wants to join us.



(They approach Woman Pilgrim 2, Man Pilgrim 2, and Boy Pilgrim)



MAN PILGRIM 1:  We want to break away from the Church of England.   It is too controlling!. 



MAN PILGRIM 2:  How can we do it?.



MAN PILGRIM 1: Let’s gather some people to sail across the Atlantic to settle in a New World.



MAN PILGRIM 2:  But we don’t have any money!.



MAN PILGRIM 1:  Some merchants will fund our trip.



WOMAN PILGRIM 2:  Yes, for the sake of our children and for the gospel, we need to immigrate to America.



(They get inside the cardboard ship and walk around the stage)



NARRATOR: So the pilgrims left England in September, 1620 in a a ship called the Mayflower with 102 people aboard and came to America.



GIRL PILGRIM: (to Woman Pilgrim 1) Mom, I am hungry, we only eat salted meat and dry bisquits.



WOMAN PILGRIM 1: I know sweety, we have been in this boat for almost  two months!.



WOMAN PILGRIM 2: I am sure we will soon get off this ship.



MAN PILGRIM 1: Look over there, I can see land!.



WOMAN PILGRIM 2: I told you, we are almost  there.






(They get out of the ship and walk around the stage.  Berries and seeds are on the floor)



NARRATOR: When they landed, the Pilgrims needed food to eat.



MAN PILGRIM 1 AND 2: Come everybody!.  We have to look for fresh food.



MAN PILGRIM 2: Let´s get separated to find the food.



WOMAN PILGRIM 2: Yes, I will go this way, and you go that way.



(they walk around the stage looking down for food)



GIRL PILGRIM:  (picks up the berries) Hey, look!  I have some berries.



BOY PILGRIM:  (picks up the seeds) And I found some seeds.



GIRL AND BOY PILGRIM:  Mother!  Father!  Look what we found!



ALL PILGRIMS:  (holding hands and looking up) Thank you God for your blessings!.



NARRATOR: The first winter in America was long and hard.



MAN PILGRIM 2: It´s cold. Everybody put on your heavy clothes.



WOMAN PILGRIM 2: Let´s protect our children.



NARRATOR:  Some pilgrims became ill.



BOY PILGRIM: (to pilgrim woman 2)  I feel sick, mother. (lies on the floor)



WOMAN PILGRIM 2: (kneels down) Somebody help me!.  My son is sick.



WOMAN PILGRIM 1: (gives a herbal plant to woman pilgrim 2) Give him this plant.  It will cure his disease  and he will feel much better.



WOMAN PILGRIM 2:  (gives the herbal plant to the boy) Thank you!.  



(Boy Pilgrim eats the plant and stands)



NARRATOR: Then Spring came and everybody was joyful.



GIRL AND BOY PILGRIM:  (dancing together)  What a beautiful day!  Let´s dance and play.



(The Pilgrims stand in the middle of the stage and sing)



THE PILGRIMS SING:  (Sung to:  “It’s a Beautiful Day”)  

See the sun,

Shinning in the window,

Time to start a new day.

Can’t you hear the song bird singing?

Anouncing a loud day.

And it’s a beautiful day,

for running in the sun,

A beautiful day has just begun,

A beautiful day to do what I want to do-o-o-o.


And it’s a beautiful day,

Just to be alive,

A beautiful day so glad that I’ve got,

A beautiful day,

And I’d like to share it with you.



NARRATOR: One day some indians came to the village.



(All the Indians enters the stage)



CHIEF INDIAN: Hello People.  We want to offer you our help.



MAN PILGRIM 1: Welcome to our village.  We appreciate your help.



INDIAN 1, 2, 3, 4: We can show you how to grow your own food.



MAN PILGRIM 2: Please, tell us how.



INDIAN 1: (shows them the seeds) These are corn seeds.  (kneels down and puts the seeds on the floor) This is how you should plant them.



(Man Pilgrim 1 and 2 kneel down)



NARRATOR: And the Indians showed the pilgrims how to plant corn, and wheat, and other vegetables.  One of  the Indians was called Squanto.



(Indian 1, Man Pilgrim 1 and 2 stand)



SQUANTO: I want to be your friend. 



INDIAN 2: We also want to teach you how to hunt and fish.



INDIAN 3: We will hunt quail and turkey. 



INDIAN 4:  Come let´s go to the forest.



NARRATOR: Then they went to the forest  to hunt wild animals. 



(They walk around the stage pretending to hunt.  The Indians stand in the middle of the stage and sing)



INDIANS SING:  I’m a Little Indian   (Sung to: “I’m a Little Teapot”)  

I’m a little Indian on the go,

Here is my arrow and here is my bow.

When I go out hunting, hear me shout-

Bear and Buffalo better watch out.



(when the finish singing the Indians leave the stage except Squanto)



NARRATOR: And when summer ended they wanted to have a feast.



MAN PILGRIM 1: Now that we have plenty of food, and many new friends, let´s celebrate.



WOMAN PILGRIM 1: Yes, let´s give thanks for all the wonderful things we have, for our food, and for our friends.



MAN PILGRIM 1: (to Squanto) Tell your people to come with us to join us in a big feast of Thanksgiving.



SQUANTO: Yes, it will be a very special holiday.  My people will bring a wild turkey and fish.



WOMAN PILGRIM 2: Let´s set the table.



 (The Indians enter the stage and approach the table carrying the turkey and put it on the table) 



GIRL PILGRIM: ( picks up the basket of fruit and puts it on the table) I will put a basket full of fruit.



BOY PILGRIM: (picks up the basket of vegetables and puts it on the table) And these are the vegetables.



MAN PILGRIM 2: Everybody, come and sit down.



(Pilgrims and Indians sit)



WOMEN PILGRIM 1 AND 2 :  (holding hands) We give thanks for our food and for our friends.



MAN PILGRIM 1 AND 2: And for our many blessings.






(The Indians and the pilgrims stand in the center of the stage and sing to the tune of  “Twinkle, Twinkle”)


Let’s be thankful for this day,

For our friends and for our play.

Let’s be thankful; let’s be glad,

For the food and things we have.

Let’s give thanks for you and me,

And our home and family.


PILGRIMS, INDIANS:  (they bow)  Thank You!.



The End



Author:  K I D S I N C O



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