The Princess Who Couldn’t Dance

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PRINCESS MIRIAM – the princess who couldn’t dance


4 FAIRY DANCERS – may add additional non speaking fairy dancers


PRINCES – optional, to accompany the princesses






(Opening with Queen standing infront of the princesses)



QUEEN: The next part of the dance goes as follows. (Note: They may dance with each other or have princes dance with them if desired. She demonstrates, and then the princesses follow. Miriam makes a wrong turn and crashes into the other princesses, who make a loud noise. Queen continues to face the audience). Miriam, how many times have I’ve told you; when you want to go in one direction, go in the opposite?.



(Miriam begins to speak but the other princesses interrupt her).



ANNA: She stepped on my toe!.



LEILA: Miriam tore my dress!.



CLAUDIA: Is my nose bleeding?.



ANNA, LEILA, CLAUDIA (improv): I’m hurt more!.  No, you’re not, etc.



QUEEN: I have no choice, Miriam, but I will not tolerate any more interruptions. You are dismissed.



MIRIAM: (sadly) Yes, mother.



(A beat, after Miriam leaves):



CLAUDIA: Can we finish the dance now, mother? I want to be the best dancer at the ball.



LEILA: No, I will be. Everyone will call “Twinkle Toes.”



ANNA: No!.  I will be the best dancer. They will say I dance like I am floating on air.


(Scene 2)


(Miriam is alone)



MIRIAM:  I wish I could learn how to dance properly. I can see the stars through the skylight. Maybe I should make a wish. Star light, star bright, The first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight. I wish I would be the best dancer at the ball. And I can dance properly. And maybe Prince John will dance with me.



(Fairy Godmother and Fairy Dancers enter)



FAIRY GODMOTHER: You will be able to do all those things. But since I am not a dancer fairy, my friends will show you how.



(A Fairy dancer steps up, blows “fairy dust” on Miriam)



FAIRY DANCER 1: This will help you at the ball and every time you need to dance.



FAIRY DANCER 2: You will be light on your toes and float as is if you are air.



ALL FAIRY DANCERS: Follow us and by this time tomorrow you’ll know all the dances.



FAIRY DANCER 3: Backwards-



FAIRY DANCER 4: And Forwards!.



(All start dancing off stage)



(Scene 3)



(Prince is on stage left. Queen and all princesses enter Stage Right.)



QUEEN: Remember, girls, what I’ve taught you. Especially you, Miriam.



PRINCESSES: Yes, Mother.



QUEEN: Let’s get to our places. Maybe the prince will dance with one of you.



MIRIAM: Mother, let me stand in front this time.



QUEEN: No, everyone would be looking at how you trip over yourself and-



MIRIAM: Trust me mother.



(Music starts playing. Miriam does very well with the Prince, Queen, Anna, Claudia and Leila staring at her in surprise. Prince joins her in dancing. The others soon follow.)



The End



Author:  Theater Studio’s Fairy Tale Puppet


Theater Studio:  A Confidence Theater





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