Victory of Ants

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The following story was written and sent to Kidsinco by Jamal Butt, and is copyrighted.  This story or parts of this story may not be republished in any other website,  blog, or forum.  Please read our Terms of Use.




Once upon a time there was living a group of Ants in a jungle. They were hard working and always try to pick any kind of food and took it to their home place, where they store whole the food. They were also brave and believe in helping the others.


One day some Ants come and tell the queen as there is a boy who is throwing Ants in fire and enjoying it. Queen orders the Ants to teach that boy a lesson. She says that they will fight against that boy. She orders the Ants to attack the feet of that boy and bite him. Hundreds of Ants go and attack the feet of that boy they bite on his feet and when boy feels some pain on his feet and looks down, he notices that a lot of Ants are coming towards him. He become frightened and runs away hurriedly from the spot, but while running he falls down after colliding with a tree. Now boy is fainted. Ants want to bite whole the body of that boy but Queen Aunt stops to do this and says that they only wanted to teach the boy a lesson that everyone in this world who is alive, whether he is human or animal has right to live freely and nobody has right to tease anybody. So Queen orders the Ants to fetch water and throw on the face of the boy. Ants go and throw water on the boy. The boy opens his eyes and stand up. Now he feels guilty as those Ants whom he was throwing in fire saved his life. He apologizes to Ants and goes away.


One day Ants were doing their routine work as an aunt comes and inform the Queen that a huge snake is coming towards there home. That snake is too big and it will destroy them. But Queen says that we will not accept retreat. We will fight. As you know union is strength. Whole the Ants agree to this and asks the queen as what should they do? Queen orders the Ants to attack the snake. On this call hundreds of Ants attack the snake.They come closer to the snake and bit it on its body hard. First of all snake resist and beat the Ants badly. A lot of Ants were killed. But Queen says that attack the snake rapidly until victory. Then again bundles of Ants go and attack the snake. At this time snake receives some injuries as Ants cover whole its body and bite it hard. Now snake is seen shaky, then again another bulk of Ants go on attack and bite the snake on its head. Now they witness that snake is badly injured and in the next moment they notice that snake is killed.


The Ants become happy and they raise slogans in favor of Queen. They won the battle. Now they pick that big snake to their home as they will eat it in whole the winter season. It was like a prize of their victory and they come to know as if you are united, you can win any kind of battle in life.


Author:  Jamal Butt

Country:  Lahore, Pakistan


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