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Robot, Android

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(RX2035 is cleaning the living room. RX2015 enters)


RX2015:  How quiet is here, when the family is on vacations.


RX2035:  There’s not a lot of work.  Have you charged your batteries?.


RX2015:  No, RX2035, my check up will be until next Friday.


RX2035:  But today is Saturday.  Tell me what day is today, and what time is it.


RX2015:  Today is Thursday, and it’s a quarter to ten a.m.


RX2035:  No, Unit RX2015, you’re wrong!.  Today is Saturday, and it’s four o’clock in the afternoon.  There’s something wrong with your memory.  I’m going to call Maintenance Service to see if they can come tomorrow to check you up.  I don’t think it’s something to worry about, but it must be done.


RX2015:  Please call them now, I need to be working at a hundred percent rate, before our owners get back home!.


RX2035:  Yeah, otherwise, they will get one of those fancy new units.  Now, it’s time to clean up the library.


(They leave)




(There’s a knock at the door, and RX2035 hurries to open it)


RX2035:  Good morning.  How may I help you?.


TECHNICIAN:  (he’s carrying a small suitcase) I come  from  Robot Maintenance Service.  I was informed about an issue in Unit RX2015.


RX2035:  Oh, yes, please come in. (they walk to the living room where  RX2015 is sitting on a sofa) RX2015, the technician is her to check you up.


TECHNICIAN:  (open his suitcase, takes out some cables , a device with many buttons on it, approaches  RX2015 , and places the cables on its head.  He uses the device to run some tests).  Don’t move, and please don’t talk , this will take only a few seconds.


RX2035:  Is everything fine?.


TECHNICIAN:  I think I know what the problem is.  I’ll have to run some more tests to see if her memory is working fine.  This model still runs on gigabytes.  Maybe it only needs a memory with more terabytes, and if that’s the case , I will be able to fix it in a few minutes.


RX2035: I hope it’s nothing serious.


TECHNICIAN:  (removing the cables from RX2015) I have finished.


RX2015:  What is the problem?.


TECHNICIAN:  The problem is that with so many years of service, your memory is full.  As I told you before, I have to install a new memory with more terabytes (he opens his suitcase and takes out a new memory, and places it behind RX2015 head).  Ready!.  You’re just like new!.  How’s your operative system?.


RX2015:  I feel just like when I came out from the assembly line.


TECHNICIAN:  Perfect!.  From now on, you have to call us each year so we can perform a routine maintenance.


RX2015:  Sure!.   I have saved the date in my memory!.


RX2035:  Thank you very much for coming.  We’ll walk you to the door.


(The Technician closes his suitcase, and they leave)




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