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Watch, mother

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Props:  Wrist watch inside a small box, ID card, piece of paper, pen, big computer screen made out of cardboard, keyboard, wrist watch for Woman Inside Computer Screen, keys and cellular phone inside a hand bag, plunger.



Setting:  Living room.  The hand bag is over the sofa. The computer screen and keyboard are over the table. The UPS delivery man carries a small package, a piece of paper, and a pen.  He knocks at the door.  Denisse enters stage and walks to open the door.






UPS DELIVERY MAN:  Good afternoon. 



DENISSE:  How can I help you?



UPS DELIVERY MAN:  I have a package for Mrs. Rose Turner.



DENISSE:  Oh yes, wait a minute.  (turns around and yells)  Mom!  Mom! There’s a package for you!



ROSE:  (Yells off stage) I’m coming!  (she enters walking rapidly on stage.  She has an id card in her hand, then she walks to the door)  Oh, I’m so happy!  That must be my WATCH!  (she  walks up to the UPS delivery man, and gives him her id card. The UPS delivery man looks at the id card and writes something in the piece of paper.  Then she gives the piece of paper and pen to Rose)   



UPS DELIVERY MAN:  Sign here, please.



ROSE:  (takes the pen and signs the paper).  Sure.  (she gives back the pen and paper.  The UPS delivery man hands her the package) Thanks, and have a good day!  (she closes the door)



(Rose and Denisse sit on the sofa)



ROSE:  (gives the package to Denisse) Open it.  



DENISSE: (takes the package and starts to open it) This is the first time we buy on eBay. 



ROSE:  I know, I hope it is in good condition.



DENISSE:  (opening the package) And I hope it is not fake.  My friend Xui has bought many items on eBay that are sold as authentic, and they turned out to be replicas.  (finishes opening the package) Done!



ROSE:  Let me open the box.  (Denisse  gives her the watch box, and she opens it very carefully) It’s gorgeous!  I saw it so many times until I decided to buy it.  (she shows it to Denisse)  Look at it!  I love the metallic blue hands,  with Roman numeral hour markers, and the bezel covered in diamonds.   I don’t know how I’m going to pay my credit card, but it’s worth it!  



DENISSE:  Mom, you said you got a really good deal. 



ROSE:  And I did!



DENISSE:  Let me help you put it on (Rose gives her the watch, Denisse opens it, places it on Rose’s arm, and closes it).



ROSE: How does it look?



DENISSE:  Very beautiful.  Why don’t you give it to me!



ROSE:  Of course not!  Besides, it’s not your type.



DENISSE:  It’s true,  I don’t know how to interpret Roman numerals.



ROSE:  You should be ashamed, but never mind, show me how to open it and close it.  (Denisse opens and closes the watch rapidly)  Wait, do it slowly! 



DENISSE: (opens and closes the watch)  It’s very easy, you just pull up, and the clasp opens. See?  Are you going to leave it on?



ROSE:  (takes off the watch) No, I’ll put it on later.  But please, put it on time.



(Rose gives the watch to Denisse, she takes it and puts it on time, then she gives it back to Rose)



DENISSE:  I’m going to work, don’t forget to pick me up at seven.  



ROSE:  No, I won’t.  I’ll send you a Whatsapp as soon as I leave home.



DENISSE:  Okey-dokey!



(Denisse leaves stage.  Hugo enters carrying a plunger)



HUGO:  Aunt Rose, your urgent plumbing issue has been fixed.  The toilet is unclogged!



ROSE:  Thank you!   (gives the watch to Hugo) Look what I bought on eBay.



HUGO:  (puts the plunger on the floor, takes the watch and looks at it very closely) It’s pretty… but  I can’t figure out what numbers they represent.



ROSE:  They don’t teach them in school anymore?  Or you didn’t pay attention?



HUGO:  Ha, ha, ha, ha  Yes, I was never good at math.  Why don’t you put it on?



ROSE:  It’s just that I don’t know how to close it, or open it.  



HUGO:  I’ll put it on for you (he puts the watch on Rose’s arm)  Done!  Well, I have to go now.



ROSE:  Fine, thanks for everything. 



HUGO:  You’re welcome!  Call me if you keep having problems with the sink pipe.



ROSE:  Sure… and say hi to your parents.



HUGO:  Yes, I will.  (takes the plunger and leaves stage)



(ROSE looks at her watch and notices that Hugo placed the watch upside- down) 



ROSE:  He put it upside-down!  I can’t believe it! (she tries to take it off but can’t open the clasp)  I can’t open it!  And I have to go and pick up Denisse, and people will look at me while I’m driving and they are gonna laugh at me, and they’ll think I’m crazy cause I’m wearing my watch upside-down!  And then they’ll say “how can she look at the time if her watch is upside-down”.   (she tries to open it) Now, what am I going to do?  Oh, I have an idea!  There must a video on YouTube showing how to open a clasp on a watch.  (she turns on the computer and types something on the keyboard talking out loud)  “How to open a clasp on a watch”.  (she presses enter, and a woman appears holding a watch in her hand).



WOMAN INSIDE COMPUTER SCREEN:  (showing an open watch)  Hi, this is how to open a butterfly clasp or a hidden deployment clasp on a watch.  So, this is the watch open, I’m going to close it (she closes the watch), here it’s closed.  It looks very nice cause you can’t see the clasp. (she puts on the watch).  So to get it open, once you have it on your hand, you slide your hand  up underneath here, in between the butterfly clasp and the watch band, and you pull up.  It’s very easy!



ROSE:  ¡Pause, pause, pause! (she puts pause on the video and the Woman Inside the Computer stops moving and stays quiet)  I didn’t understand, but I’ll try to open it.  (she tries to open the clasp, but she can’t)  I’m getting a bit frustrated and mad!.  Well… I’ll keep watching the video.  (she presses play on the video and the Woman Inside the Computer starts moving and keeps talking). 



WOMAN INSIDE COMPUTER SCREEN:  So, once again (she opens the clasp) I close it, and to open it I slide my finger in between the clasp and the wrist bracelet, and lift up.  (video is over, she doesn’t move)



ROSE:  (She does what the woman says, and the watch opens)  I did it! Thanks, thanks, thanks YouTube!. (She kisses the woman on the cheek) Thanks, you’re a life saver! ( the woman rubs her cheek with her hand, and doesn’t move. Rose takes off the watch and puts it on correctly, then she stretches her arm and looks at the watch) I love it!  Oh, no, it’s time to pick up Denisse!  (she stands and takes her purse).  I’ll tell her I had to watch a video on YouTube to learn how to open  it, and I’m sure I am not the only one having this problem.  Ash, I forgot to send her a message (she takes out her cell phone from her purse and starts typing talking out loud)  “I’m on my way”.  (she places the phone inside her purse, takes out the keys, and walks to the door stretching her arm).  World, here I come…get ready to see my brand new watch!. (she leaves stage)



WOMAN INSIDE COMPUTER SCREEN:  (yelling)  Hey, lady, you left the computer on.  Do you want me to show you how to turn it off?  



The End



Author:  K I D S I N C O



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