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 (Louise is in the kitchen staring at the sink.  There’s water on the floor.  Charles enters)



 CHARLES:  Honey, I’m home!.



 LOUISE:  Look!.



 CHARLES:  What’s wrong?.



 LOUISE:  I think it’s time to change the sink.  There’s a leak.  There’s water everywhere, and I’ve been mopping all day!.



 (Charles bends down to look under the sink) 



 CHARLES:  Mmm, it’s the washer.  Could you please bring me my tools?.



 LOUISE:  Sure, and  I’m glad it’s only the washer!.



 (Louise leaves.  Charles keeps on checking the pipe)



 CHARLES:  It’s not the washer.  (touching the pipe) There’s something wrong with the drain pipe.  (the pipe lossens up and Charles reaches in to examine the pipe)  This is strange, it seems to be futher in than I remember. I’ll have to crawl inside the cabinet.  (Charles crawls inside the cabinet but can’t reach the pipe.  He keeps crawling in stretching his arms)  Wow!.  This looks like a tunnel!.  What’s that over there?.  I see light. (he comes out on the other side of the cabinet.  He stands)  This cabinet has a secret door to the other side of the kitchen!.  (he looks around) This is not my kitchen, well it is, but the furniture is different.  Everything looks brand new.



 (Charles – from the future enters)



 CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  (surprised)  Who are you?. How did you enter?.



CHARLES:  (pointing to the sink cabinet)  I…I entered through the cabinet.



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  (looks inside the cabinet) That’s the worst lie I have ever heard!.  I’ll call the police!.



CHARLES:  Please wait, I’m telling you the truth!.  I was in my kitchen, there was water on the floor, there was a leak, and when I bend over to fix the pipe, I came out here.



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  Yeah, sure!.  



CHARLES:  (desperate) Please, you have to believe me!.



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  (looks at Charles closely) I think I’ve seen you before.  But where?.



CHARLES:  Mmm, I was thinking the same thing.



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  What’s your name?.



CHARLES:  Charles.



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE): What a coincidence.  My name is Charles also.



CHARLES:  I’m Charles Village



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):   It can’t be true!.  I’m also Charles Village.



CHARLES:  (looks around) This is so weird.  This is my kitchen, but everything looks different, and then you come in, and you tell me your name, which is the same as mine. I think we even look alike.



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  It’s true!.  I need to sit down.



(Charles and Charles from the Future sit at the table) 



CHARLES:  (looking at Charles from the future) I see that you have a scar on your forehead.  What happened?.



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  When I was little I fell out of bed and hit my head on my night table.  



CHARLES:  The same happened to me.  I have that same scar.



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  I still think it is a coincidence. 



CHARLES:  My first grade teacher was…



(Charles – from the future – interrupts Charles)



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  Mary Ann.  Right?.



CHARLES:  That’s right.  And my best friend from the university is now…



(Charles – from the future – interrupts Charles)



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  Your business partner.  



CHARLES:  Charles, what I’m thinking is incredible, but I need another proof.



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  What else do you need to know?.



CHARLES:  Tell me what happened when I was going on vacations after I got out from elementary school.



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  You got chicken pox and your parents had to cancelled the trip. 



CHARLES:  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?.



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  Yes.  I am you, and you are me.  We are the same person!.



CHARLES: What year is it?.



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  Two thousand fifty-two.



CHARLES: How old are you?.



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  Seventy-two years old.  How old are you?.



CHARLES:  I’m thirty-two.  I have traveled forty years into the future!.  Time holes really exist! 



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  Now you don’t have anything to worry about.  We will be fine.  



CHARLES:  I can see that.  (he takes out his mobile phone from his pocket) Come on, let’s take of picture of us, it will be the only proof I’ll have that I traveled to the year 2052.



(Charles takes a picture, then he places his mobile phone in his pocket)



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  You have to go back.



CHARLES:  Yes, now I know that everything will be fine.



(They hug)



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE):  I’m happy to see myself young once again.  In fact, you…well I…look very good!.



CHARLES:  You don’t look that bad, either!.



(They laugh)



CHARLES (FROM THE FUTURE): Good-bye. (Charles gets inside the sink cabinet, and waves good-bye.  He gets out on the other side of the cabinet.  He stands, and Louise enters)  



LOUISE:  I couldn’t find your tools!.



CHARLES:  (takes out his Mobile phone from his pocket)  Let’s g oto the living room. I have something to tell you!.



LOUISE:  What about the leak?.



CHARLES:  This is more important!.  And you won’t believe it!.



LOUISE:  Just promise me that you will fix that pipe.



CHARLES:  That pipe will get fixed in the future!.



(They leave)






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