Inappropriate Call

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 call 911, police

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 (Danielle is in her bedroom watching t.v.  Mother enters)


MOTHER:  Sweety, turn off the t.v.


DANIELLE: I don’t want to!.  I’m watching One Direction!.


(Mother turns off the t.v.)


DANIELLE:  (crying)  You are a bad mother!.  I don’ t want to go to bed!.


MOTHER:  You have school tomorrow.  You must go to bed early.  Do you understand?.


DANIELLE:  (angry) Alright!.  Good night, then.


(Danielle goes to bed.  Her Mother kisses her, turns off the light, and leaves.  Danielle leaves the bed, turns on the light, takes the telephone, and dials  911)


911 DISPATCHER:  You’re calling 911.  What is the emergency?.


DANIELLE:  Help me, please!. I want to report my mother because she won’t let me watch One Direction on t.v.  She wants me to go to bed and turn off the television.  I think that’s a crime!.


911 DISPATCHER:   What is your name, and how old are you?.


DANIELLE:  My name is Danielle, and I am ten years old.  I want to talk to the police!.


911 DISPATCHER:  We have traced your call, so we are sending someone directly to your location.  Danielle, please  hang up the phone, and in a few minutes you will be able to talk to the police.


 DANIELLE:  Thank you so much!.


 (Danielle hangs up the phone, and sits on the bed.  After a few minutes, her mother enters)


MOTHER:  (angry) Danielle, someone came to see you.  He’s waiting for you in the living room.


DANIELLE: (Stands up quickly) Yes, mom.



(They walk to the living room)


DANIELLE:  Who is it, mom?.


MOTHER:  It’s the police, I believe you called them.


DANIELLE: Wow, they came really fast!.


(Danielle and Mother enter the living room.  The Policeman is standing waiting for them)


MOTHER:  (to the Policeman)  Please, sit down.   


(Mother and Danielle sit)


POLICEMAN:  Hello, Danielle.  A few minutes ago, you called 911 telling the dispatcher you didn’t want to go to bed.  Is that true?.




POLICEMAN:  Well, I came to tell you that your call was inappropriate, because it was not an emergency.   


DANIELLE:  Why not?.


POLICEMAN:  Because calls to 911 are for emergencies that require immediate help from the police, fire department or ambulance.


DANIELLE:  But I needed immediate help!.


POLICEMAN:  What I mean, is when there’s a fire, a crime, when someone is trying to break into your house, or is scaring or threatening a child.  Also, when there’s a car crash, especially if someone is injured, or for medical emergencies, such as someone is unconscious and requires immediate medical attention.   People should not call if they have a lost pet, to insult us, as a joke, to report a stolen bicycle, when there’s a lot of traffic, or if your mom wants you to go to bed early, and for many reasons that are not a true emergency.


DANIELLE:  Then, my call was unnecessary.


POLICEMAN:  That’s right, young lady.


MOTHER:  Do you realize that  when an unnecessary call is made to 911 , it can delay response to someone who really needs it?.


DANIELLE:  (ashamed)  I am very, very sorry.  I promise it won’t happen again.  (She stands, hugs, and kisses her mother).  I am sorry, mom.


MOTHER:  (to the policeman)  Thank you for coming, and for teaching my daughter when it’s appropriate and inappropriate to call 911, and for not filing charges.


POLICEMAN:  (stands)  It is very important that you remember this information, and that you only call when there is a real emergency. 


DANIELLE:  Yes, sir, and thank you very much.


POLICEMAN:  (walks to the door)  Good-night.


MOTHER: Good-night officer.


(The Policeman leaves)


MOTHER:  Now, let’s go to bed.  Oh, and you’ll be grounded for two weeks.


DANIELLE:  (sad) Yes, Mom, today I learned a great lesson.  


(They leave)




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