Don’t Keep Quiet

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MISS CAROLINE – School Principal



ROSE – Bullier

JULIE – Bullier




ANDREW – Bullying Victim (new kid in school, well dressed, short, wears glasses)

JONAS –  Bullier (tall, big, strong, self-confident, agressive)



Promps: Blackboard, markers, eraser, desks, notebooks, pencils, Miss Kendra’s desk and chair.





(The Children are in the classroom. They have a notebook and a pencil on their desks.  Miss Kendra is writing on the board.  Miss Caroline enters with Andrew. They stand in front of the class. Andrew has a notebook and a pencil.  The Children  stand to greet Miss Caroline)


CHILDREN:  Good Morning Miss Caroline!.


MISS CAROLINE:  Good morning kids.  Please sit down.


CHILDREN:  Thank you!. (they sit)


MISS CAROLINE:  Today you have a new classmate.  His name is Andrew, and he is very happy to be in our school.


MISS KENDRA:  Hello Andrew. I’m Miss Kendra.  We are all very happy to have you here.  (pointing to a chair) Please, go and sit over there.


(Andrew sits)


MISS CAROLINE:  (walking to the door) I have to go kids.  Please continue with your class.



CHILDREN:  (they stand) Have a nice day!.


MISS CAROLINE:  Thank you.  You may sit down.


(Miss Caroline leaves.  The Children sit)


MISS KENDRA:  (to Andrew) Please, stand in front of the class and introduce yourself.   



(Andrew stands in front of the class)


ANDREW:  Hello everybody.  I am Andrew Caves, and I come from …



(Rose interrupts Andrew)


ROSE:  Really?  You’re from the caves where cavemen lived?.


CHILDREN:  Ha, ha, ha, ha.


MISS KENDRA:  (to the class) Quiet!.  (to Rose)  Next time you will go to the Principal’s office.


ROSE:  (lowers he head) Yes, Miss Kendra.


(There is a knock at the door)


MISS KENDRA:  Come in, please.



(The  Boy enters)


BOY:  Excuse me, Miss Kendra, you have an urgent telephone call in the office.


MISS KENDRA:  Thanks, I’ll be there in a minute.  (The boy leaves –  (to Andrew) Andrew, please sit down, we’ll continue when I come back.  (Andrew sits)(to the children)  Now, you will write a short essay on The Boston Tea Party.  (the Children open their notebooks and take their pencil)  Nobody has permission to talk, and you can not stand up.  Do you understand?.


CHILDREN:  Yes, Miss Kendra!.


(Miss Kendra leaves)


JULIE:  (Stands up, walks to where Andrew is seated and hits him on the head.  Andrew hits his head on the desk)  Get to work new kid!.  (then she sits over Miss Kendra’s desk)


ANDREW:  (to Julie)  Mi name is not NEW KID!.  My name is Andrew.


JULIE:  Who cares what your name is!.  Duh!.


GISELLE:  Leave him alone Julie.  This is his first day of school. 


ROSE:  I hope the NEW KID doesn’t start crying!.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.


JULIE:  Yeah!.  Cry babies aren’t allowed in our classroom! (to Rose) Go and stand near the window so you can tell us when the teacher comes.


ROSE:  (runs to the window)  You’re right!.


(Jonas stands in front of the class)


JONAS:  (to Giselle)  He must know what to expect from day one!.   (To Andrew) And to begin with…you should comb your hair differently, you look like a girl with all that hair gel you have on.


JULIE:  Let’s call her Andrea!.


JONAS:  (to Andrew)  What did you say your name was?.  Oh, yeah,  Andrew.  What an ugly name you have!.


JENNY:  (She stands, goes to Andrew’s place, and throws his notebook to the floor) Oh sorry, it was an accident.  (She joins Julie and Jonas, and they make the high five hand signal, then she sits on the desk beside Julie)


RANDY:  The teacher said we were not supposed to talk or leave our seat.


JENNY: Soooooo?.


RANDY:  If she sees you sitting on her desk, we will all get punished.


JENNY:  Soooooo?.


JULIE, JONAS, JENNY:  (They make the high five hand signal) Ha, ha, ha, ha.


JENNY:  (She stands, goes to Randy’s place, and shakes his seat violently) Listen little Randy, nobody asked for your opinion.  Do you know why?.


RANDY:  (scared) No.


JENNY:  Because you’re nobody here!.  So shut up! Ha, ha, ha, ha.  (She covers her nose) Argh!.  You smell awful!  Didn’t you take a bath today?.


JULIE:  Let’s use an air freshener! ( She stands, open a drawer, takes out an air freshener, and sprays the room with it.  Some kids cover their eyes and start to complain.  Then she approaches Andrew).  How I wish it were insecticide to get rid of BUGS that crawl into our classroom!.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.  (She places the air freshener in the drawer)


GISELLE:  Stop it!.


JONAS:  (to Giselle) You STOP talking!.


GISELLE:  (She stands)  I’ll talk to the principal.  I’ll tell her everything you do and say to us when the teacher is not here, and what you do during recess and at the cafeteria.


JONAS:  Sit down Gigi!.


GISELLE:  Don’t call me Gigi.  My name is GISELLE!.


JONAS:  (Approaches Giselle)  Look at me!.  I am the tallest and the strongest… and you and everybody else will do as I say!.  If you or someone here in the classroom tells anything to Miss Kendra or the Principal, you will regret it.  (looking at Randy, and Rose) The only law in this classroom is SILENCE!  Do you get it?.


GISELLE, RANDY, ROSE:  (scared)  Yes, Jonas.


JONAS:  Louder, I can not hear you!.




JONAS: That’s better.  Don’t forget what happened to Arthur…oh, that poor kid…he had to be taken in an ambulance to the hospital after that terrible “ACCIDENT” while playing soccer.


JENNY:  So it was YOU who hit him with the ball!.


JONAS:  Sure, it was me!.


ANDREW:  (stands) I will not keep quiet! I will tell the teacher, the principal, and my parents.


JULIE:  (to Jonas)  Are you listening to what the NEW KID is saying?.


JONATHAN:  My name is not NEW KID!.


JENNY:  Well, well, well…the four eyed boy insists in having a name!.


ANDREW:  (to Jonas) I’m not afraid of you, and I’m not going to fight with you either.  I know that my teacher and my parents will listen to me, and they will believe everything I tell them.


ROSE:  (yells and runs to sit) The teacher is coming!.


(Julie, Jenny, and Jonas run to their sets.  They take a pencil and start to write. The teacher enters) 


MISS KENDRA:   (walks to the front of the classroom) I’m sorry kids it took me so long to come back.  Let’s continue with our class.


ANDREW:  (he stands and approaches Miss Kendra)  Miss Kendra, I want to tell you something. 


MISS KENDRA:  What is it Andrew?.


ANDREW:  When you left, some kids were bothering me.  They called me nicknames, they hit me, threatened me, made fun of me, (pointing to Randy and Giselle), and were picking on them.  


MISS KENDRA:  Can you tell me who did all those terrible things to you, Randy, and Giselle? .


ANDREW:  (Pointing to Jonas, Julie, Jenny, and Rose) It was them.


MISS KENDRA:  (to Andrew)  Thank you, Andrew.  You have been very brave for telling me, and I want you to know that I will not leave you alone, you have all my support, and I will take care of this problem.  Now, please go to your seat (Andrew sits).  (To the class) It’s a shame this happened in our classroom.  You know very well that this school does not tolerate aggressive behavior.  Bullying is unacceptable!. (to Jonas, Julie, Jenny, and Rose) and  what you did will have serious consequences.  Now come with me, a long talk with the principal, your parents, and a bullying and suspension report is waiting for you at the office.


(Julie, Jenny, Jonas and Rose stand and leave with Miss Kendra.  Andrew stands in front of the stage and talks to the audience)


ANDREW:  Remember:  If you are being bothered, intimidated, threatened, humiliated, or hurt in  your school, it is very important that you tell an adult.  Find someone you trust, and tell him or her what is happening.  Don’t feel embarrassed or afraid because you do not deserve to be bullied. You deserve to be treated with respect. Your parents, the principal, and teachers can help you stop bullying in school or in the classroom.  Don’t keep quiet!.




Author:  K I D S I N C O


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