Close Encounters of Friendly Kind

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(James, Alexa, Mike, Elizabeth, Thomas and Nandini are dancing in the middle of the stage.  Bruce and Enki enter and stand at the door)


ENKI:  It was a mistake to come here.  Why did I listen to you?.


BRUCE:  It’s just a party!.  Come on, let’s get something to drink.


(They enter and walk through the dancing floor.  The Crowd look at them.  Enki and Bruce get a soda from a table, and sit)


ENKI:  They are staring at me, like I’m some sort of monster!.


BRUCE: You’re not a monster!.


(James and Alexa stop dancing and approach Enki and Bruce)


JAMES:  (to Bruce)  Those seats are taken, so will you please find another table for you and your….(coughing) friend.




ENKI: (stands up)  Let’s go Bruce.


BRUCE:  (to Enki)  No, and you better sit down.  We got here first!.


ALEXA:  (To Enki)  Who are you?.


ENKI:  I’m Enki.


JAMES:  (to Bruce)  Did you know that we don’t like GREENS around us?.


BRUCE:  Then leave.


(Mike and Elizabeth stop dancing and approach them)


MIKE:  Is there a problem?.


JAMES:  Yes, we have a BIG  GREEN problem!.


MIKE:  (looks at Enki) I can see that.  (to Enki) I don’t recall inviting you.


BRUCE:  I invited him.


ELIZABETH:  (to Bruce) Who in the world is he?.


BRUCE: He’s my neighbor, and my friend.


ELIZABETH:  Since when do you have alien friends?.


MIKE:  You know how I feel about people or whatever he is coming from another planet.


ELIZABETH:  (to Enki) My mom says races should stay with races.  You shouldn’t have come to earth.


MIKE:  She’s right.  If you have your own planet, then stay there!.


ALEXA:  Aliens are always moving to earth.  Do you ever see humans move into their planets?.


BRUCE:  (to Elizabeth) The universe and the earth belong to everybody.  His RACE, as you call it,  can come and go whenever they want to, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  Got it?.


MIKE:  There are laws, you know.


ELIZABETH:  My dad is a lawyer and he said more aliens are attending public schools here on earth, and that taxpayers pay the costs.


ALEXA:  And they also take jobs away from humans!.


ENKI:  We are legal aliens.


(Thomas and Nandini stop dancing and approach them.  Nandini kisses Enki on the cheek and sits)


ALEXA: (to Elizabeth) That’s disgusting!.


ELIZABETH:  Agh, gross!.


NANDINI:  (To Enki)  I didn’t know you were coming!.


ENKI:  Bruce insisted.  He wanted me to meet some friends.


THOMAS:  And, have you met them yet?.


ENKI:  I don’t think so.


MIKE:  Sorry, no hearty welcome for you.


NANDINI:  Why are you treating him like that?.


MIKE:  Because he’s different.


THOMAS:  Just because of the color of his skin?.


MIKE:  Yes.


ENKI:  And because I am from an extraterrestrial civilization.


ELIZABETH:  (to Enki) You are some disgusting creatures to look at!.


NANDINI:  (to Elizabeth)  I’m so disappointed of you. I also come from another planet, now I know how you feel about me, too!.  You are a racist!.


ELIZABETH:  You look like a human, and he doesn’t.


NANDINI:  Flowers are not the same color or the same shape.  Not every one dresses the same either! Everyone is different. No matter if it is by the color of their skin, their hair, or their eyes, even their personality is different. No two are EXACTLY the same. Not even identical twins. If everyone on the planet learns to embrace our differences without judgment, we’d stop hurting each other just because we are different!


THOMAS:  Imagine there is only one race and color on this planet. It’d be boring!.


NANDINI:  It amazes me to just contemplate the beauty of skin color diversity.  We’re green, black, white, pink, blue or yellow with red polka dots.  Our world is like a big beautiful rainbow!.  (to Mike) Accept others for who they are.  We should be overjoyed to interact with other beings, other worlds, other cultures, other civilizations, and form a mutually beneficial relationship.


THOMAS:  So, hooray for difference!.


(Enki stands and starts to leave)


MIKE:  Don’t go!.


ENKI:   I don’t belong here.


MIKE:  I’m sorry.  Please stay.


JAMES:  Then I’ll leave.


MIKE:  If any of you wants to leave, go ahead.


JAMES:  (to Mike)  She brainwashed you!.


MIKE:  No, and you know she’s right.


NANDINI: (kisses Mike on the cheek)  Thanks!.


JAMES: (to Alexa and Elizabeth) Are you coming with me?.


ELIZABETH:  I think I’ll stay.


ALEXA:  Me too.


JAMES:  Fine.


(James leaves the room/scene)


BRUCE:  (To Enki) I want you to meet my friends!.


ENKI:  Nice to meet you all!.


ALEXA:  Tell us about your planet!


ELIZABETH:  How far is it?.


THOMAS:  Do you like living here?.


ENKI:  Yeah!.  This is the most beautiful place I have ever been, and let me tell you, I have traveled to many different worlds and there’s no other planet like Earth!.




BRUCE: Aren’t you hungry?.


THOMAS:  I’m starving!.


BRUCE:  Let’s go some place to have dinner.


NANDINI:  How about pizza?.


ALEXA:  That sounds great.


(They stand and start to leave)


ELIZABETH:  (to Enki)  So, how far is your planet?.


ENKI:  It’s about….


(They leave the stage)




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