The Conceited Princess

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Props: Vanity mirror and stool, silver hand mirror, makeup, comb, hair brush, bed, school desks, books, pencils, exam papers, dining table and chairs, plates, tableware, glasses, food)






(Setting:  Princess Emerald is in her bedroom. She is applying her makeup and combing her hair in front of her vanity mirror.  Her mother, the Queen, enters and sits on the bed)


QUEEN: My dear daughter… people are complaining about you, that’s why I have decided to come and talk to you.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  It’s too early, mother.   Besides, what are they complaining about?.  I don’t do anything.


QUEEN:  People say you are conceited and vain.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  I like to look petty.  You know I never go out without any makeup.   


QUEEN:  I know, and that’s what worries me.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  (she stands up and approaches the queen)  Are you worried about my beauty?.  About my beautiful red hair?.  About my emerald green eyes?.  About my sweet, but strong temper?.  About my soft skin?.  I don’t understand.   Why, mother?.  You should be proud of me!.


QUEEN: (She stands up angrily)  That’s enough!.  Your father and I have done wrong in having you here locked up in this palace without any company, only with your mirror!.  You had a lot of nannies and tutors.  What for?.  You’re so superficial!. 


PRINCESS EMERALD: (She sadly puts her hands over the Queen’s shoulders) Don’t say that.  I love you.


QUEEN:  (She sits on the bed) I still remember the day you were born.


PRINCESS EMERALD: (She sits beside the Queen) Yes, you have told me the same story many, many times.  That day the sky was brighten in such a spectacular way.


QUEEN:  Yes.   The sky changed its color.  It turned emerald green.  Your father and I, saw that as a sign, which only happens every 500 years.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  That’s why you named me Emerald.


QUEEN:  That’s right.  My dear child,  you’re beautiful, and no one in this kingdom is as beautiful as you.  I know that everybody tells you that, and I also know that they admire you.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  And I smile to them.  Don’t you see mother?.  I’m not a bad person.  Well, only with the girls who envy me.  They know I can have everything I want!.


QUEEN: (She stands up and takes the silver hand mirror from the vanity mirror)  You are conceited and impulsive,  and a princess shouldn’t be like that.  Why do you always carry this silver hand mirror?.  Do you have to be looking at yourself every single minute of the day?. Listen to me Emerald, your father and I have decided that it’s time for you to socialize and have friends.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  (she stands up)  What do you mean?.


QUEEN:  I know you’re not going to like it, but you’re going to the Royal Rosben Academy.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  (She takes a hair brush from the vanity mirror and slams it to the floor)  I don’t want to.  You should have asked me first!. 


QUEEN:  It’s our decision.  Tomorrow will be your first day of school.


PRINCESS EMERALD: (She picks up the hair brush) Well, maybe after all it’s not a bad idea.


QUEEN:  I’m glad you accept it. I’ll meet you in the dining room.  Please, don’t take too long.


(The Queen leaves.  Princess Emerald sits on the stool and keeps applying her makeup)


PRINCESS EMERALD: (laughing)  After all…I think I’ll have fun!. 





(Setting:  In the classroom.  Emerald and all the students are seated in their school desks.  They have a book closed.  Miss Lulu is standing beside her desk)


MISS LULU:  Good morning everybody!.


STUDENTS:  Good morning, Miss Lulu!.


MISS LULU:  Today is a special day for all of us.  It is really an honor to have among us a very special student… Princess Emerald.  ( the Students start talking) Silence!.  ( the Students stop talking).  Please, make her feel comfortable and help her in everything you can.


STUDENTS:  Welcome to our school, Princess Emerald!.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  (She stands up) Thank you very much.


MISS LULU: Please, tell us more about you.


PRINCESS EMERALD: (smiling)  Sure!.  As you all know, I have lived in the palace all my life, and I have received special classes given by the best tutors in the kingdom.  But, now my parents decided that it’s time for me to socialize, that’s why I’m here.


MISS LULU:  It was a wise decision! (Sophy raises her hand ). Yes, Sophy.


SOPHY:  (She stands up)  I would like to ask her a question.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  (to Sophy) You can call me Emerald.


MISS LULU: Go on, Sophy.


SOPHY:  Fine.   Tell me Emerald… do you feel intimidated by this Academy?.


MISS LULU:  (to Princess Emerald) Before you answer, you should know that Sophy is the Chairwoman of the Royal Student Council.  She has received many awards and recognitions, mostly due because she is the best student in school.  We are proud of her!.


PRINCESS EMERALD: Mmm, well, no Sophy.  I’m beautiful, and charming, I have a great personality,  and I always get what I want.


(The Students start talking)


SOPHY:  A great personality and beauty is not all there is.


MISS LULU:  Sophy, don’t be disrespectful!.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  (to Miss Lulu)  Don’t worry.  (to Sophy in an arrogant manner) That’s what ugly people always say.



(The Students start talking)


MISS LULU:  Silence!.  We are not in a debate forum.  Thanks, you can both sit down.  (Sophy and Princess Emerald sit).  It’s time for our class, and remember, tomorrow you have an exam.  Open your books on page thirty-two (the students open their books.  The school bell rings)  Oh well, I’ll see you all tomorrow.  And study!.


(The Students leave.  Sophy stays seated looking at Princess Emerald, who is looking at herself in the silver hand mirror.  Sophy stands up and approaches her)


PRINCESS EMERALD:  What do you want, Sophy?.  Don’t make me waste my time.  Don’t you see I’m busy?.


SOPHY: Yes, I can see that.  Why do you look in the mirror so much?.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  I need to see if my makeup is alright.


SOPHY:  What for?.   You’re in school.


PRINCESS EMERALD: People admire me.


SOPHY: You should concentrate in other things.  People don’t have a good opinion about you.


PRINCESS EMERALD: I don’t care what people say or think about me.  You’re just jealous.  You are not as beautiful as me.  You don’t even know how to apply makeup.  You don’t know how to look perfect.


SOPHY: Maybe you are the most beautiful girl here, but I’m more intelligent than you.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  Are you saying that I’m dumb?.


SOPHY:  You said it, not me.  I advise you to spend your time wisely.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  And what should I do?.


SOPHY:  You should study for tomorrow’s exam.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  Thank you, but what I do with my time is my business, not yours!.


SOPHY: You’re right.  It’s a shame you had all those tutors.  See you later little princess.


(Sophy leaves.  Emerald keeps looking in the mirror)




(Setting: At Princess’ Emerald bedroom. She is combing her hair in front of the the vanity mirror.  Her mother, the Queen, enters the room)


QUEEN: Emerald, you have been combing your hair for about an hour.  Did you study for tomorrow’s test?.




QUEEN: Are you sure?.  Since you came from school, all you have been doing is looking at yourself in the mirror.  My dear daughter, beauty is not all there is.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  Mmm, I have heard those words before.


QUEEN:  You also have to study.  Please, pay attention in school.  Do it for me.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  Mother, I am a princess.  People do everything for me.


QUEEN:  What are you going to do when your father and I are not around anymore?. How will you take care of this kingdom, if you don’t study…if you don’t think?.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  Mother, you’re insulting me!.


QUEEN: Forgive me.  It’s just that…


PRINCESS EMERALD:  Fine.  I’ll read again all those pages.


QUEEN:  Thank you.  (She kisses Princess Emerald in the forehead) Sweet dreams.  See you tomorrow, darling.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  See you tomorrow, mother.  (The Queen leaves.  Princess Emerald keeps looking at herself in the mirror) Mmm, how would I look with this eyeshadow, and that pink blouse.  I think I’ll look great!. The girls at school will envy me.  Well, they always have!.





(Setting: In the Classroom.  The Students are seated in their school desks.  Miss Lulu walks through the room handing out the exams)


MISS LULU:  I hope you studied for your test.


SOPHY:  Did you study?.


PRINCESS EMERALD: Yes, just a little.   


SOPHY:  I imagined you studied what eyeshadow looks better with your uniform.


PRINCESS EMERALD: You’re right.  How do I look?.


SOPHY: Forget it!.


MISS LULU:  Silence!.


(The Students start to answer the exam.  Princess Emerald doesn’t answer the exam.  She tries to talk to Sophy)


PRINCESS EMERALD:  Psst… psst… Sophy… tell me the answer to number four.


MISS LULU: Emerald, if I hear you talking once again, you will have to give me your exam.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  Yes, teacher.  (talking to herself)  Oh my God, I don’t know the answer. What should I do?.


MISS LULU: (after a few minutes)  Time’s up.  Please give me your exams, and you may leave the classroom.


(The Students stand up.  They give the exams to miss Lulu, and leave. Princess Emerald stays seated.  Sophy approaches her)


SOPHY:  Call me if you need me.  I will gladly help you.


PRINCESS EMERALD: I don’t think I’ll ever need your help, but thanks, anyway.


MISS LULU: Sophy,  please leave us alone.


SOPHY:  See you tomorrow.



(Sophy leaves)


MISS LULU: (to Princess Emerald) I don’t think you will pass the test.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  Why?.  I studied a lot!.


MISS LULU:  I don’t believe you.  When you’re in my class, you’re only looking  at yourself in the mirror instead of paying attention.


PRINCESS EMERALD: I’m sorry.  You’re right.  I have always been like this.  I don’t know how to change.


MISS LULU: I will call your parents.  I need to talk to them.


PRINCESS EMERALD: (crying)  No, please, don’t do it!.


MISS LULU: I’m sorry, you may leave now. 


(Princess Emerald leaves crying.  Miss Lulus sits and starts checking the exams)




(Setting:  In the dining room.  The King, Queen, and Princess Emerald are eating.  Emerald has her silver hand mirror beside her)


KING: Emerald, I can’t believe my daughter heiress to the throne, failed an exam!.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  I’m sorry, father.


KING:  Sorry is not enough.  How many times have we told you that there are more important things than physical appearance!.


PRINCES EMERALD:  What can be more important than that?.


KING:  Intelligence.  You have to study… or do you only want to be a pretty dumb girl?.


PRINCESS EMERALD: You too, father!.  


KING:  How can I make you understand?.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  I want to be pretty, but not dumb.  That word makes me feel bad.


KING: Beauty…


PRINCESS EMERALD:  Is not all there is.  You were going to say that, right?.


KING: That’s right. I want you to give me that silver hand mirror.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  But, father!.  You gave it to me.  It belonged to my grandmother.


QUEEN:  Emerald …give it to him.


(Princess Emerald takes the silver hand mirror and gives it to the King)


KING:   From now on, there will be no mirrors in this palace… and not a single makeup.  You will only have notebooks and books.   You have to become more responsible.  One day, this Kingdom will be yours and it will need a wise and strong leader.  Oh, and one day I will give you back your mirror.


PRINCES EMERALD:  Fine, father.  I’ll change.  I promise you I will study and you will be proud of me.  I was wrong.  Please, forgive me.


QUEEN:  Go to your bedroom.  Sophy is waiting for you.


PRINCESS EMERALD:  Sophy is here?.


QUEEN:  Yes, I talked to her and she is willing to help you study.  They gave you another opportunity to take the test.



(Princess Emerald stands up)


PRINCESS EMERALD:  (She kisses the King and Queen) Oh, thank you.  I will not disappoint you!.   I’ have to go. I have  a lot of things to do.


(Princess Emerald leaves.  The King and Queen keep eating)


KING:  I hope that in this case, and from now on, beauty and intelligence go hand by hand.




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