Don’t Stop Believing

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(Christine is lying in bed.  The Nurse is taking her blood pressure.  Mother, Father and Sister enter.  Mother stands beside Christine)


MOTHER:  Oh, Christine!  Sweety!.


CHRISTINE:  (in a low voice)  Mom.


MOTHER:  We came as soon as they told us.  What happened?.


FATHER:  (to the doctor)  Can we talk to you, please?.  (Doctor and Mother approach father)  Why is my daughter here?.


DOCTOR:  She has suffered severe burns in her feet.


FATHER:   (in disbelief) What?.  Why?.  (he approaches Christine)  We need an explanation.  What happened?.


(Sister approaches Christine)


SISTER:  Oh, sis.  You’re in big trouble!.


FATHER:  Let her talk!.


(Doctor approaches Christine)


DOCTOR:  Sir…your daughter is still in delicate condition.


FATHER:  Yes, we know that, but she has to tell us what happened.  


SISTER:  I told her, dad, but she didn’t listen!.


FATHER:  What do you know?.  Where did they burn her feet like that Mexican Emperor Cuauhtemoc?.


MOTHER:  (to Father in a low and sweet voice)  Please, dear.  Christine is not feeling well.  Look at her, she’s suffering!.  Don’t be angry at her.  Now more than ever she needs your support!.


DOCTOR:  (To Nurse) Please, bring the pain relief foot cream.   


NURSE:  Yes, right away, doctor.


(The Nurse leaves)


DOCTOR:  I’ll be back in a minute.


(The Doctor leaves)


FATHER:  (to Christine) Good, now that we’re all alone, tell us your story.


CHRISTINE:  Oh, dad, I feel so weak.  (to her Sister) Please, you tell them. 


SISTER:  What?.  You make mistakes and you want me to fix them.  How convenient of you!.


FATHER:  (impatiently)  We’re waiting.


SISTER:  (to Father and Mother) Well, as you know…dad…mom…Christine has been depressed since her boyfriend left her for another girl.


CHRISTINE:  They don’t need to know the details!


SISTER: Well, the thing is that she has been very sad, lately.




SISTER:  She decided  to attend an event hosted by a well known motivational speaker.


MOTHER:  (to Christine) Oh, sweety, you should have told me. I would have taken you to see our parish priest. 


FATHER: (to Sister)  Who is he?.  What does he do?.


SISTER: His name is Mike O’Donell, and he’s a life coach.  Haven’t you heard of him?.


MOTHER:  A life coach?.  What’s that?.  And NO, I haven’t heard of him.


SISTER:  Well, he trains people to unleash their personal power.


FATHER:  What does that mean?.


SISTER:  Dad, he’s kind of a psychologist.  He helps people who need a deep and possitive change in their lives.


FATHER:  And what does that have to do with her burnt feet?.


SISTER:  At the end of the first day of the seminar, the participants walk barefoot over hot coals. (to Christine) Ups, I finally said it, sis.


MOTHER:  Oh, my God!.


FATHER:  (to Christine) Why did you do that?.


CHRISTINE:  I made it to understand that there’s absolutely nothing I CAN NOT overcome.


FATHER:  Well, except second and third degree burns!.


MOTHER:  You preferred to torture yourself, than forgiving your boyfriend!.


CHRISTINE:  Please, stop it!.


FATHER:  I still don’t understand.


SISTER:  Look dad, the intention of the event is to get your focus and your attention away from situations or circumstances which harm you, and look into the power within yourself and focus on just walking on the fire.


FATHER:  How do you know that?.


SISTER:  Because it’s all over the internet.  Everybody knows who Mike O’Donell is!  (in a low voice) Well, except you.


FATHER:  (To Christine) And how much did you pay to get your feet burnt?.  I wish you had told me, and pay me to light some coals for you in the backyard.




(Cousin enters.  She’s holding a newspaper)


COUSIN:  Hi…uncle…aunt.   I heard about Christine.  Look, it’s in the newspaper!.


(Cousin gives Mother the newspaper)


MOTHER:  (reading the newspaper) Mm, out of two thousand attendees of the event, only ten suffered burns while firewalking.  


FATHER:  After one thousand ninety people that didn’t get burned walking across them, they discovered that they had forgotten to light the coals, and then they said…please the rest of you just wait a few minutes for the coals to get to their full potential of burning your feet, DUMMIES!.




FATHER:  Dad…that’s all you can say!.


COUSIN:  So after the first person got burnt, the other nine just kept walking?.


SISTER:  What number were you?.


CHRISTINE:  The fourth one.


FATHER:  For God’s sake Christine!.  If three people got burnt before you…why did you try it, too?.


SISTER:  Yeah, if they were screaming in pain, why did you join them?.


MOTHER:  Leave her alone!.


CHRISTINE:  (crying) I just wanted to feel motivated.   


COUSIN:  Why weren’t you motivated to get off the coals?.


(Doctor and Nurse enter.  Nurse is holding a cream, and starts to rub it on Christine’s feet)


FATHER:  I’m sure that LIFE COACH also developed that foot cream.


SISTER:  That goes on sale today.


DOCTOR:  (to family members)  I’m sorry, but visiting hours are over, and your daughter needs to rest. 


MOTHER:  Yes doctor, we’ll come tomorrow morning to see how she’s doing.


(Mother kisses Christine on the cheek)


CHRISTINE:  See you tomorrow, mom.  Thanks for everything.


MOTHER:  Bye, baby.  See you tomorrow.


COUSIN:  Next time just remember that hot coals are hot, and will burn skin on contact.


CHRISTINE:  Get out of here!.


(Sister, Cousin, and Nurse leave)


FATHER:  (to Christine) If you did it just to understand that there’s absolutely nothing you can’t overcome…we’ll see how Mike O’Donell overcomes my team of lawyers that will soon be punding on his door.




FATHER: Oh dad…oh dad!.


(Father and Mother leave.  The Doctor remains by Christine’s side)




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