Perfect French Fries

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(Karen knocks at the door. Jazmin opens it, and Karen enters in a hurry)



KAREN:  Oh, I’m glad you’re home.  I need to talk to you!.



JAZMIN:  What’s wrong?.



KAREN:  I entered a food and recipe contest.



JAZMIN:  Do you know how to cook?.



KAREN:  O course not!.  But you do.



JAZMIN:  Oh, I get it, so I’m the one who’s going to cook!.



KAREN:  You just tell me the recipe, and I’ll do the rest.



JAZMIN:   Why did you enter the contest, on the first place?.



KAREN:  I want to win an all-expense-paid vacation to Cancun, Mexico, for two, and a thousand dollars in cash.



JAZMIN:  Wow!.  And if you win, will I go with you?.



KAREN:  Sure, you’re my best friend.  Please, help me win the contest!.



JAZMIN: Ok, what recipe do you have in mind?.



KAREN:  They told me I have to do French Fries. 



JAZMIN:  Ha, ha, ha, ha, French Fries?.  I’ll tell you the easiest way to make them!.



KAREN:  Really?.



JAZMIN:   Yeah!.  Let’s go o the kitchen.



KAREN:  (Hugs Jazmin)  Thank you!.  I knew I could count on you. (She and Jazmin go to the kitchen.  Marcia is sitting at the kitchen table, watching t.v) Hi, Marcia.



MARCIA:  Hello, Karen.



(Jazmin puts a frying pan over the stove, then she puts a cutting board and a knife over the table.  She takes two potatoes from the refrigerator and gives them to Karen along with a potato peeler)



KAREN:  What should I do with them?.



JAZMIN:  Sit down and peel them off.  And now, I want you to pay close attention to what I’m going to tell you, because I’m going to show you the easiest and most delicious way to make french fries.



MARCIA:  I’m getting hungry!.


(Jazmin sits)



KAREN:  (peeling off the potatoes) I’m listening.



JAZMIN:  To achieve golden-brown perfection, you have to fry them twice: first at a low temperature, to poach them; then at a high heat, to crisp them up.



KAREN:  (given Jazmin the potatoes) I know what you mean. 



JAZMIN:   (takes the potatoes and starts to cut them up) First,  you peel the potatoes.  Then, you cut them into long french-fry sticks.  Next, you rinse them, and shake off water.  Finally, you place them in a a pot of cold oil over medium heat, and you cook them for fifteen minutes.



MARCIA:  That’s a lot of time, just go to a fast food place.   Besides, cooking fries in cold oil equals really greasy fries.



(Jeff enters.  He opens the refrigerator, and takes out a can of soda.  He sits at the table)



JAZMIN:  At a fast food restaurant they serve you pre-cooked and frozen fries, not fresh potatoes.



JEFF:  What are you talking about?.



MARCIA:  How to cook French fries.



JEFF:  How do you cook them?.



JAZMIN:  (to Karen) Continue cooking, occasionally loosening potatoes from the bottom of the pot with a heatproof spatula.



KAREN:  For how long?.



JAZMIN:  Twenty-five to thirty minutes more.



MARCIA: That’s nonsense!.  First, you said fifteen minutes, then twenty-five to thirty minutes.  She’ll be cooking fries for forty-five minutes!.



JEFF:  Ha, ha, ha, ha, by the time it takes to make these fries you’ve eaten everything else in the house while waiting.



MARCIA:  (to Karen) please, go buy them to a fast food restaurant.



JAZMIN:  I’m not finished!.



JEFF AND MARCIA:  You must be kidding!.



JAZMIN:  No, I’m not!.   (to Karen) Now, you should increase heat to medium-high and cook until golden and crisp, about 15 minutes longer.



MARCIA:  Looks like it would take forever!.



JEFF:  Ha, ha, ha, that would be one hour of frying potatoes.  That cannot work,  they’d be burnt!.



JAZMIN:  (to Marcia) They’re not just plain and simple potatoes, it’s the recipe of a famous French chef.   



MARCIA:  Way too many steps and too much grease.  (to Karen)  You’ll have a heart attack before you’re thirty.



JEFF:  So, cook for fifteen minutes, then twenty-five to thirty minutes, finally, increase heat to med-high for roughly another fifteen minutes. What a waste of time, oil, and gas!.



MARCIA:  Definitely!.  Who has one hour to cook french fries nowadays?.



JEFF:  It takes me roughly five minutes to drive to a fast food restaurant.,



KAREN:  (to Jazmin)  What’s next?.



JAZMIN:  I don’t know!.   I forgot the recipe with all their negative comments.



JEFF:  Oh, come on!.



KAREN:  You can’t do this to me Jazmin.  You have to give me the complete recipe!.



JAZMIN:  (opens the refrigerator, takes out a bag of frozen French fries, and puts it on the table)  Marcia and Jeff are right.   I’ll tell you the easiest way to cook French fries.  Look.  Open the bag, cook the potatoes in oil for about ten minutes,  remove from pan, drain on paper towel, and add a little bit of salt.  That’s it!.



JEFF:  (to Karen) They’ll taste even better if you use coconut oil, the flavor is amazing. Oh, and sprinkle with sea salt!.



MARCIA:  ( to Karen) You can also put them in the toaster oven on broil. They cook fairly quickly and come out brown and crispy.



KAREN:  Mmmm, forget it.  It’s too much work.  Come on, I’ll buy you some French fries from the restaurant on the corner. 



JEFF: Great, I’m so hungry!.



MARCIA:  Come on Jazmin.



JAZMIN:  (to Karen)  Wait, what about the contest, and the recipe, and the trip?.



KAREN:  If there’s no recipe, there’s no trip, at least not for you!.



(They all laugh except Jazmin. They leave)






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