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(Mother is watching TV.  Father is reading the newspaper. Son is coloring a book.  He shows the page to his mother)


SON: Look, mom, do you like it?.


MOTHER:  Why did you color everything green?.


SON: Why not?.


MOTHER: Because not everything you see is green.  Just look at the rainbow.  All the different colors make it look so beautiful!.


 SON: Wow!.  You’re right.  Mom, why do dolphins make so many sounds?.


 MOTHER: Because that’s the way they communicate.


 SON: With whom?.


 MOTHER: With other sea animals.


 SON: Dad, why does rain fall from the sky?.


 FATHER: Well, rain falls from the clouds, not from the sky.


 SON: How?.


FATHER: The clouds have the water in the form of water vapour, which condenses due to low temperature in the atmosphere and come to earth as rain.


SON: Oh,you’re right.  The teacher explained that to us in science class.  Mom, what if…


MOTHER: You are asking too many questions, dear.


SON: My teacher said it’s good to be curious.


MOTHER: She’s right, it is good to be  curious. (she stands up and goes to a bookcase in the living room) Come here. I want to show you something special.


SON:  (stands up) What is it?.


MOTHER: Do you see all these books?.


SON: Yes.


 MOTHER: This set of books is yours.  It’s called an encyclopedia.


 SON: An encyclopedia?.  What’s that?.


 (Father stands up and takes one of the books)


FATHER: An encyclopedia is a book or books that have information about many subjects.  With these books you can learn about many things.


SON: Like what?.


FATHER: You can learn about the human body, history, weather, music, inventions, insects…


SON: Wow!.  Let me see it, dad. (Father gives Son a book)  I like it.  It has many pictures!.


FATHER: Yes, it does.


SON: Can I learn about dinosaurs in here?.




SON: Can I learn about airplanes in here?.


FATHER: Why don’t we look?.


SON: Yeah!.


(Father and Son sit and read the book)


MOTHER: Great!.  I’ll bring you some lemonade.


(Mother leaves the stage)


SON: Look dad!  What kind of airplane is this?


FATHER: Let’s read the information.  Hmmm, it says it’s an….




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