Everybody Can Cook a Stone Soup

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NARRATOR: Many years ago there were four travelers who arrived to a small village.  Their names were Ivana, Benisha, Irina, and Miolka.  They were  tired and hungry because they had traveled for many, many days. They were happy when they saw the village, and they only thought about eating and resting from their long walk.


(The Villagers are outside their homes talking to each other. Woman 1 looks at the travelers as they enter the village)


WOMAN 1:  (yelling) Here come some travelers. Travelers are always hungry… but we have so little for ourselves.  Get inside your homes, lock the doors, and hide your food!.


(The Villagers get inside their house)


IVANA, BENISHA, IRINA, AND MIOLKA:  (yelling to the villagers) No!.  Come back.  Please, don’t go!.


NARRATOR:  But the villagers did not listen, and locked their doors.


IVANA: (to Benisha, Irina, and Miolka) My dear friends, I am sure that the people in town will share their food with us if we tell them how much we have walked.


BENISHA: I feel good!   I’m happy that we are here, but I’m so hungry that I feel like I have a hole in my stomach!.


IRINA:  How I would like a good dinner tonight , and a bed to sleep in.  But that is impossible!.


NARRATOR: Ivana knocked at the door of an old woman.


OLD WOMAN 1: Who is it?.  What do you want?.


IVANA: We are four travelers.  We are on our way home.  Would you like to share your food with us, kind woman?.


OLD WOMAN 1: Food?.  No, I can´t.  I have nothing to share with you.




NARRATOR: Ivana knocked at another door.


IVANA: Good afternoon.


MAN 1:  What do you want?.


IRINA:  Good people… we are very hungry travelers in a strange land.  Can you give us some food?.


IVANA: We would like something to eat.  We are travelers on our way home, and we lost all our money.  We have walked a long distance and we are very hungry.


MAN 1: (looking through the window) I have nothing to give you.  Go away, and don’t come back.


NARRATOR: Ivana knocked at another door, but he received the same answer.  Nobody opened the door to give them some food.


BENISHA: These people are so selfish!.


MIOLKA: They don´t like to share with others!.  I think we should leave this village.


IRINA:  What are we going to do?.


IVANA: Let´s give them a lesson.  We will teach them how to cook a stone soup!.


BENISHA, IRINA, AND MIOLKA: That´s a good idea.


NARRATOR: Some villagers were looking through their windows waiting for them to leave the village.


MAN 2: What are they waiting for?.  They should leave!.


WOMAN 2: We don´t want strangers in our town!.


WOMAN 1:  That’s right!.  We don’t want strangers!.


NARRATOR:  Meanwhile the four travelers put a fire in the middle of the street.  Then they took a big iron pot they found somewhere.


WOMAN 1:  (looking through the window) What are they doing?.


BENISHA: Let´s go to the river to get some water.


IVANA: (yelling) Yes, and don´t forget to bring some stones for the soup… but choose the best… round and tasty!


NARRATOR: Later, Benisha, Irina, and Miolka came back with the stones and put them inside the pot.


IVANA, BENISHA, IRINA, AND MIOLKA: This soup will taste good!.


NARRATOR: The people from town who were watching them all the time, came out from their houses and went near the fire.


WOMAN 1: What are you doing?.


BENISHA: Oh, we are doing a stone soup.


MAN 3: Stone soup?.  I never heard of that kind of soup, but I like the idea!.


NARRATOR:  A man that was in the crowd, went to see what was inside the pot.


IVANA: You have never tasted the stone soup?.  Ah, then join us to have dinner so you can taste it.  Friends!.  Today we have a special guest for dinner.  We should put more stones to the soup.


BENISHA: Very well.  Excuse me, kind man.  Do you have a spoon?.  We need it to make the soup.


MAN 4: Yes, Yes.  Let me go get it.


MIOLKA: You are very generous.


NARRATOR: Then a woman went near to see what was happening.


WOMAN 3: What are you doing?.


BENISHA: We are making a stone soup.


WOMAN 4: And…did you take the stones from our river?.


BENISHA: Yes, we did.  And this soup smells good!.


WOMAN 4: I don´t smell anything.  But to tell you the truth, I am very hungry.


NARRATOR: Then the man with the spoon came back, and also brought his plate.  Benisha tasted the soup, and said.


BENISHA: Mmmm, it´s so delicious!.  It only needs an onion.


WOMAN 5: I have an onion at home, let me go get it.


MIOLKA: Very good!.  The soup will taste better.  And also bring your plate and have dinner with us.


NARRATOR: The woman left running, and soon came back with some onions.  After a while, Benisha tasted the soup.


BENISHA: Mmm it´s so delicious!.  I think we also need some carrots.


NARRATOR: Another man that was also in the crowd watching said.


MAN 5: I will bring some carrots.


NARRATOR: Then the man came with the carrots.  Benisha put the carrots in the pot and tasted it again.


BENISHA: Mmm this soup is getting better.  Now it is time to put some potatoes.


NARRATOR: Another man that was in the crowd watching said.


MAN 6: I have some potatoes!.  I’ll be back in a minute.


NARRATOR: When the man came back, Benisha put the potatoes inside the pot.


IVANA:  (yelling)  No!.  that´s too many potatoes, the soup will not taste good!.


BENISHA: We can still fix it.  How about if we add some meat?.


WOMAN 6: I have some meat at home!.  I will go and get it.


OLD WOMAN 2:  I’ll bring some salt!.


OLD MAN 1:  And I’ll bring some pepper!.


NARRATOR: When the people brought the meat, salt and pepper, Ivana put it inside the pot.  While the soup was cooking, some people from the village asked the four travelers if everybody could cook the stone soup.


MAN 4:  Can everybody cook the soup?.


IVANA: Sure!.  It only needs some water, stones, and a little bit of hunger.


IRINA:  The soup is ready. I want to taste it!.


NARRATOR: After a while the soup started to smell really delicious.


IVANA: The stones in your village are so delicious!.  This soup will taste really good.  Bring your plate so we can all share this soup.


IRINA:  I never tasted such delicious soup, and all made from stones!.


NARRATOR: And everybody in the village enjoyed a wonderful dinner.


WOMAN 1:  Thank you very much for teaching us how to make a soup from stones!.


IVANA:  You’re welcome!.




Author:  Unknown


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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