The Boogeyman

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(Mrs. Conner  is in the sofa talking on the phone.  The Babysitter knocks at the door)


MRS. CONNER:  I have to hung up. I’ll call you later (she hangs up the phone, stands up and opens the door).


BABYSITTER:  Good evening.


MRS. CONNER:  Hi, you must Sophie. I’m Mrs. Conner, please come in.


(The Babysitter enters)


BABYSITTER:  (looks around)  Wow, you have a beautiful house!.


MRS. CONNER:  Please, sit down.  (they sit)  My friends told me so many beautiful things about you, so I decided to call you to take care of Matt.  It will only be for a couple of hours.


BABYSITTER:  Oh, thank you so much!.   I’ll be glad to help you.


MRS. CONNER:  Do you like kids?.


BABYSITTER:  Yes, I do. I like them a lot, that’s why I want to become a teacher.  Oh, and kids love me, too.


MRS. CONNER:  Matt won’t give you any problem.  But you should know he has trouble falling asleep.  I don’t know what to do to get him go to bed at the same time every night!  When he’s already in bed, he gets thirsty, so goes to the kitchen and drinks water, then he goes to the bathroom, and he even turns on the television!.


BABYSITTER: I can assure you, he won’t do that anymore.  Not after tonight.


MRS. CONNER:  (looks at her watch and stands up) Oh, it’s getting late. I have to go now.


BABYSITTER:  (stands up and with a sweet voice) Don’t you worry.  When you come home, he will be sleeping just like a little angel.


MRS. CONNER:  I really hope so!  (she gives her a piece of paper).  That’s my cell phone number, call me if you need anything.


BABYSITTER:   (she takes the piece of paper)  Sure, but there’s nothing to worry about.


MRS. CONNER:  Let’s go to Matt’s room.  He must be in bed right now.


(They leave the stage)




(Matt is in bed.  MRS. CONNER and the Babysitter enter)


MRS. CONNER:  Matt, here’s Sophie, she’s the babysitter.  Don’t misbehave and go to sleep early.  I’ll be back in a couple of hours.


MATT:  Yes, mom.


MRS. CONNER:  (to the Babysitter) Please, take good care of him.


BABYSITTER:  He will be fine. 


(Mrs. Conner kisses Matt on the cheek and leaves.  The Babysitter sits on a chair beside the bed) 


MATT:  I’m not sleepy.


BABYSITTER:  (in a soft and sweet voice)  I’ll sing a lullaby song for you. You’ll fall asleep really fast.


MATT:  If you say so.


BABYSITTER:  Close your eyes and just relax (Matt closes his eyes, and she starts to sing).  Sleep little boy, sleep fast and soon, or the man with the sack will COME and eat YOU!


MATT:  (opens his eyes) Who’s the man with the sack?.


BABYSITTER:  The man with the sack…is the boogeyman!.


MATT:  (scared) If…if  I don’t fall asleep the boogeyman is going to come and eat me?.


BABYSITTER:  That’s right.


MATT:  And who’s the boogeyman?.


BABYSITTER:  You don’t know who the boogeyman is?.


MATT:  (surprised)  Noooo.


BABYSITTER:  The man who lives under your bed. 


MATT:  What!?.


BABYSITTER:  Your mother didn’t tell you?.


MATT:   Of course not!.  That’s not true!.


BABYSITTER:  Yes it is.  You have to believe me!.  When kids don’t go to bed early, or they misbehave, or when they don’t eat all the soup…the boogeyman comes out from under the bed and takes them to a horrible place…sometimes…a place of no return.


MATT: (scared) I didn’t know that.


BABYSITTER:  Do you want to know why he lives under the bed?.


MATT:  (scared)  Why?.


BABYSITTER:  Because it’s dark. The boogeyman hides in dark places. Some boogeymen hide inside the closet, others hide in the forest …but yours is hiding under the bed!.


(Matt sees the boogeyman’s hand coming out from under the bed.  The hand stays still beside his pillow, then it hides again)


MATT:  (scared with a trembling voice) How do you know?.


BABYSITTER:  Have you seen  your closet lights flickering on and off?.


MATT:  Yeah, sometimes.


(The closet lights flicker on and off)


BABYSITTER:  Have you heard scratching sounds coming from inside the locked closet?.



(Noises come from inside the closet)


MATT:  Yeah, sometimes.


BABYSITTER:  Mm…then the boogeyman must be inside your closet, too.


MATT:  You’re scaring me. I want to go with my mother.


BABYSITTER:  What for, if HE wanders through EVERY room in the house.  Besides, this is your room.  You sleep here. Here’s where you do your homework. You can not escape from him because he is with you…ALWAYS.


MATT:  I can go to my sister’s room!.


BABYSITTER:  Matt, the boogeyman lives under YOUR BED.  That is, any bed where you sleep. 


MATT:  Ups!.


BABYSITTER: Unless you want to sleep standing up, but you don’t want to…right?.


MATT:   No.  And what does he do with the kids?.


BABYSITTER:  First, he puts them inside a sack, (the boogeyman comes out from under the bed.  He has a sack in his hands and shows it to Matt.  Then he gets under the bed)  and then he takes them to a dark cavern he has under the bed.  Sometimes he eats them, or he sells them to some witches.


MATT:  What do the witches do with the children?.


BABYSITTER:  As punishment, they make them work really hard. 


MATT:  What if he doesn’t eat them or sell them? .


BABYSITTER:  Well, he just locks them up, and sets them free when they promise to be good and behave.  (Matt sees the boogeyman’s hand coming out from under the bed with a big key.  The hand  stays still besides Matt’s pillow,  then it hides again under the bed).  That’s why you have to sleep early, it’s the only way to keep him from coming out!.  Every child  should sleep all night long without getting out of bed.  


MATT:  Not even to drink water?.


BABYSITTER:  Not even to drink water.


MATT:  If that’s the only way, from now on I will always fall asleep early.  Good night (he closes his eyes).


BABYSITTER:   Good night, Matt!.


(Mrs. Conner enters)


BABYSITTER:  (In a low voice) Shhh, he’s sleeping.


MRS. CONNER:  I can’t believe it!.  He’s sleeping like an angel, just like you said.  How did you do it?.


BABYSITTER:  I just sang a lullaby song ,that’s all.


MRS. CONNER:  You have to tell me which one, so I can sing it every night!.


BABYSITTER:  (in as soft and sweet voice) Oh, it’s any lullaby song.  Kids love them!.


MRS. CONNER:  Good, I’ll do that when he has trouble falling asleep!.


BABYSITTER:  Mrs. Conner, I don’t think he’ll ever have trouble falling asleep.


MRS. CONNER:  I hope so!.


BABYSITTER:  (stands up) I have to go, Mrs. William is expecting me.  She wants me to take care of Susie.


MRS. CONNER: Oh, she’s such a sweet little girl!.  Thanks for everything, Sophie.  I’ll call you if I need you again.  Come on, I’ll take you to the door.


BABYSITTER: (blows a kiss to Matt – in a sweet voice) Bye, Matt.


(They leave.  The closet lights flicker on and off)




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