Money Mistake

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(Paul enters the bank and goes straight to the Bank Teller)


BANK TELLER:  Good morning, sir.  How may I help you today?.


PAUL:  Good morning.  I would like to make a deposit to my savings account.


BANK TELLER:  May I please have your savings card.


PAUL:  (gives him/her the card).  Here it is.


BANK TELLER:  How much will you be depositing today?.


PAUL:  (gives her/him the money)  Seventy nine dollars and fifty cents.


BANK TELLER:  (takes the money) One moment, please ( he/she types something in the computer, and gives him a receipt).  Anything else?.


PAUL:  No, that’s all.  Thank you.


BANK TELLER:  Have a nice day, sir.


PAUL:  Thanks, you too.


(Paul leaves)




(Paul is in the living room on a sofa with his laptop.  He has the bank security token in his hands.  He types something in his computer)


PAUL:  (surprised) Wow!. Seventy nine thousand, five hundred dollars!.  That’s impossible!.  How did all that money ended in my savings account?.   Mmmm  (he stands up)  I have to go to the bank and talk to the manager…the teller made a mistake. (walks to the door.  He hears the Devil calling him)


DEVIL:  Pst, pst wait!.  Paul, come here!.


(Paul turns around and sees the Devil sitting on the sofa)


PAUL:  (covering his mouth with his hand) Oh my…


(The Devil interrupts him)


DEVIL:  Don’t say His name, please!.


PAUL:  You’re a devil from hell!.


DEVIL:   Where else could I be from?.  Please, don’t  be scared.


PAUL:  (scared) What do you want from me?


DEVIL:  I heard you have a problem, and I’m here to help you.  Come, sit here by my side, we need to talk.


PAUL: (he sits)  I haven’t done anything wrong.  I swear!.


DEVIL:  I know.  That’s why I’m here.


PAUL:  I beg your pardon?.


DEVIL:  Never mind.  One of my associates told me something about a money mistake in your savings account.  Am I correct?.


PAUL:  Yes!.  The bank mistakenly put a lot of money into my account.


DEVIL:  Do you really think the bank made a mistake?.


PAUL:  Yes.


DEVIL:  No, Paul. You deserve that money, they gave it to you.


PAUL:  I don’t think so.


DEVIL:  You have to trust me.  It was a gift from the bank for being a loyal customer.


PAUL:  So, all that money belongs to me?.


DEVIL:  Yes, it does!.


PAUL:  What should I do with it?.


DEVIL:  Spend it all!.  That’s what money is for!.


PAUL:  (scratching his head)  I don’t know.  I have to think about it.


DEVIL:  Just close your eyes  (Paul closes his eyes) and imagine all the wonderful things you could have.  I know you’ve always wanted a new car, designer clothes, and expensive jewelry.  I’m sure you can feel the money in your hands.  You can even smell it, and count it if you want to.  Now, imagine yourself  taking a trip around the world, meeting famous people, artists and singers, eating at expensive restaurants…


ANGEL:  No!.


(Paul opens his eyes. They turn around and see an Angel behind them.  The Angel sits on the sofa)


PAUL:  (looking at the Angel) Oh, my God!.  You’re an angel from Heaven!.


ANGEL:  Where else could I be from?.  I heard you have a problem, and I’m here to help you. Paul, don’t  listen to the devil.  You know he’s lying.  The bank teller made a mistake, and if you don’t return the money, she will have to pay it all, and she might even lose her job.


DEVIL:  Well, that’s HER problem, not Paul’s.


ANGEL:  What would you do if  the mistake was the other way around?.  If you were the one who lost all that money.  I’m sure he (pointing to the Devil) would be by their side trying to convince them not to give you back your money.


PAUL:  Mmmm, I don’t know.


DEVIL:  (to Paul) It’s the bank’s mistake. The money should belong to the person who receives it.  It’s just like Monopoly, that when there is a bank error in your favor, you get to keep the money.  The money is yours to do with what you want. The bank is giving you money, and there is no card that will make you give it back.


ANGEL:  (to Paul) You’re not playing Monopoly, and you know it.  This is serious.  When you take something that is not yours, that is stealing. 


PAUL:  I know.  I’ve known that since I was a kid.


ANGEL:  You have always been an honest and decent person.


DEVIL:  You mean he has always been stup….


(Paul interrupts the devil)


PAUL:  Stop it you both!.  And do you know what, I’m calling my mother.  She has always given me good advice. (he picks up the telephone and dials a number) Hi mom, I need to talk to you.  Can you please come over?.  Thanks, bye.  (hangs up the phone)


DEVIL:  (ironically) Ha, ha, ha, the kid had to call her mommy!.  You should be ashamed!.


ANGEL:  He should be ashamed of stealing!.


DEVIL:  I have to go.  There’s nothing I can do now.  (he leaves)


ANGEL:  Well done, Paul!.   (pointing up)  They will be proud of you up there in heaven!.  (he leaves)


(There’s a knock at the door.  He reaches to the door)


PAUL:  That must be mother.




Author:  K I D S I N C O


Moral Value:  Honesty


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